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Kay Siang Bunkers Cover

Guide To Kay Siang Bunkers – Abandoned WW2 Bunkers In Queenstown Just 15 Mins From Redhill MRT

Kay Siang Bunkers

Queenstown today boasts towering HDBs adorned with rooftop gardens, a pretty Queensway McDonald’s outlet, and an Alice in Wonderland-themed playground. The modern and charming urban landscape stands in harmony with the lush greenery and “hidden” remnants of history that can still be found in the neighbourhood – namely, the Kay Siang Bunkers.

These bunkers offer an adventurous opportunity to explore a piece of history from the WW2 era. Here’s what you can expect:

Former storerooms for British military equipment & ammunition

Kay Siang Bunkers Queenstown BTO
The look of Queenstown today.

Constructed sometime in the 1940s, the Kay Siang Bunkers are one of among the few remaining secret WW2 landmarks in Singapore. These bunkers were built close to Buller Camp, a former British military camp and were once used to safeguard British military equipment and ammunition. 

Built with soundproofed, double-layered walls, these bunkers could tong bombs. As WW2 ended in 1945, the Kay Siang Bunkers were utilised for only a short period of time before they were gradually forgotten and left untouched.

Getting to the bunkers

Kay Siang Bunkers Map

As their name suggests, the bunkers are situated along Kay Siang Road, approximately 15 minutes away from Redhill MRT station by foot. Alternatively, you can take buses 32 or 122 from the MRT station and alight at ‘Aft Margaret Dr’ bus stop.

Kay Siang Bunkers entrance

The entrance to the bunkers is located just opposite SkyParc@Dawson HDB. Keep a keen eye as finding the entry point through the forested area can be a bit tricky. Look for paths that show evidence of footsteps or frequent usage. 

At one of the entrances, you may notice a rope tied to a tree trunk, which you can use to help pull yourself up the steep slope and access the starting point. 

Kay Siang Bunker 1

Kay Siang Bunkers Bunker 1

As you approach the first bunker, you’ll be greeted by a sight straight out of Jurassic Park. The forgotten ruins lay silently in the dense forest, engulfed by nature and overgrown lush vegetation. 

The bunkers were initially designed to be camouflaged from potential enemies, but they are now truly hidden in plain sight due to the layers of moss and vines snaking their way up the decaying walls.

Do exercise caution when exploring this bunker as the roof has collapsed and the remaining structure seems pretty wonky.

Kay Siang Bunker 2

Further down on the right, just a stone’s throw away, you’ll spot the second bunker. This one looks sturdier, with the double-layered wall still intact at the entrance.

Kay Siang Bunkers Bunker 2

With no windows to let in natural light, it’s pitch black inside even during the day. The tightly closed interior creates an eerie silence, and the echo within the bunker adds a touch of mystery.  

As you walk into the unknown and explore the bunker, you could even belt out the introduction of the song from Frozen 2, with the echoes carrying your voice through the darkness. 

You might want to stand further away from the walls as there are lizards that might be taking shelter in the darkness – don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Kay Siang Bunker 3

Kay Siang Bunkers Bunker 3 entrance
Image credit: @its.elvin via Instagram 

The third bunker is a hidden gem that many may overlook. For nature enthusiasts who want to be lost in the lush greenery, you can venture through the forest to discover this bunker. 

But for those who prefer a more straightforward route, you can exit the forest and walk along the road to find the entrance, which is located opposite the SIA-MINDS Employment Development Centre.

Kay Siang Bunkers Bunker 3 double layered walls
Double layered wall at the entrance
Image credit: @sgwalking via Instagram

Similar to the second bunker, the third one boasts a sturdy construction with a double-layered wall at the entrance. However, like the first bunker, it has a broken roof, adding a touch of intrigue to its history. Inside, you’ll find two distinct rooms that give off the vibe of an old office.

The doors of the bunkers were pretty narrow as well – likely designed to restrict easy access and deter potential intruders from entering.

Explore Kay Siang Bunkers

Kay Siang Bunkers Hike

If you’re not quite feeling like an adrenaline junkie but still want a taste of adventure, a trip to the Kay Siang Bunkers is a great start. It’s a short and manageable excursion that doesn’t require you to be a fitness guru. However, it’s best to avoid going during the rainy season, as the terrain can get muddy and slippery, making the trek more challenging.

Before setting off, make sure to slather on some sunscreen and insect repellent to ward off any pesky bugs. Dress in comfy clothes that will allow you to ninja your way through the dense vegetation of the forest, with some fallen trees along the path. If you want to protect yourself from sharp thorns, make sure your legs are covered as well. 

Address: Kay Siang Road

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Cover image adapted from: @its.elvin via Instagram