Hong Kong junk boat experience

We’re no strangers to complaining about how hot Singapore is. But look on the bright side – we have glorious summer all year round to take advantage of. For those looking for something holiday-esque to do under the sun, you can now hop aboard a Hong Kong junk boat for a day out at sea with your friends or family.

Sail to Lazarus Island, have an outdoor barbecue, and indulge in watersports, all from the comfort of a traditional junk boat. Here’s what to expect:

Spend the day out at sea on a Hong Kong junk boat

HK Junk Boat - deck

Though we can’t travel to Hong Kong just yet, you’ll have a novel experience on a Hong Kong junk boat with this day trip package. Allowing up to five guests on board, the package comprises a 5-hour sail trip to Lazarus Island where you can bask in the sun and enjoy a fun-filled day of water activities. 

The package is suitable for groups and families with kids. You can even bring along your pets, but keep in mind that they need to be on a leash and should be comfortable around others and the water. 

Hong Kong Junk Boat Singapore

At $750 for a group of five ($150/person), you can enjoy a boatload of activities from water sports to island ventures. The boat even comes with modern comforts such as a bathroom, sleeping amenities and a portable grill. On top of that, an experienced stand-up paddleboard instructor is included, plus complimentary water sports equipment. 

Note: The boat allows a maximum of two pets at a rate of $50 per pet. A bundle deal is available at $80 for two pets.

Have a 1D1N sailcation aboard

HK Junk Boat - HK Junk Boat experience

If you can’t get enough out of a 5-hour day trip, you can have a 1D1N sailcation starting from $1,500 on the boat instead. This will also give you the flexibility of tailoring the trip to your own preference. 

The boat will dock at Lazarus Island for the night where you can enjoy a late-night campfire on the island set up by the boat captain himself. After roasting some marshmallows and sharing scary tales, you’ll be able to end the day watching your favourite movie using the on-deck projector.

HK Junk Boat - on the deck enjoying the view

The boat may look small, but trust that there is enough space for everyone to cosy up and sleep comfortably inside the air-conditioned cabin. The cabin comes with necessities such as a mini kitchen and bathroom. But for some fresh air and a view of the stars, you can opt to sleep on safari beds on the upper deck of the boat.

HK Junk Boat - cabin The cabin can fit up to seven guests and comes with complimentary sleeping bags for those who want more privacy.
Image credit: Seek Sophie

Note: For the 1D1N package, you will need to show proof that you are fully vaccinated or have taken a valid PET test. 

Go paddleboarding and try water sports

Watersports enthusiasts and avid adventurers will be sure to get a kick out of this part. Once the boat docks, those itching to cool off can take part in some water sports such as stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) and snorkelling

HK Junk Boat - SUP intructorThere are eight paddleboards available so there’s more than enough to go around

If you feel like a fish out of water and are worried your paddle boarding skills are not up to par, you’ll be in good hands with the onboard SUP instructor. She taught us how to properly climb and position ourselves on the board, as well as balance ourselves while standing up. 

My teammate Josiah and I tried it out for ourselves, and as first-timers, I can vouch that paddleboarding isn’t as smooth sailing as it looks. It requires quite a bit of arm, core, and leg strength but I’m happy to report that it was worth the sore muscles. 

HK Junk Boat - paddle boardingThough we were close to tipping over, the board came with ankle leashes and carbon paddles to keep us supported and balanced.  

That’s not all, of course. With snorkelling equipment available on board, seas the day by exploring the waters and getting up close with the fishes. If you’re not afraid of the dark, night snorkelling is available if you opt for the 1D1N sailcation.

HK Junk Boat - snorkelling

If you want to sit back and relax – or if you have sore muscles to tend to – head straight for the aqua mat – a foam mat that floats on the water. These are perfect for lounging around and resting your aching muscles while catching the view of the sunset. 

HK Junk Boat - aqua matIt feels like a waterbed

Explore Lazarus Island and have an barbecue session

Begin your trip from Marina at Keppel Bay and sail to Lazarus Island where you and the gang can enjoy a little shore excursion. Stroll along the beach, build sandcastles, or bring along a volleyball for a friendly game to break a sweat. 

HK Junk Boat - barbeque

Don’t worry about munching on a cold packed sandwich as there is an electric grill, ice-box and mini-fridge on board for you to prepare your meals. All you’ll need to do is bring along your own drinks and food to grill. 

You can enjoy dinner on the boat with a tranquil view of the Southern Islands. If the boat’s rockiness is too much to handle, feel free to pack your meal up for a picnic on the island instead. 

HK Junk Boat - picnic on the island

Plan a trip and rent a private junk boat

HK Junk Boat - HK Junk Boat experienceImage credit: Seek Sophie

As we’re nearing the end of the year, a trip on the Hong Kong Junk Boat Experience will have you covered with water activities and island excursions for vacation vibes.

Get a head start and book a trip at Seek Sophie at just $750 to enjoy five hours worth of fun-filled water activities. With a friendly crew on board, make it a day to remember with your loved ones.

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Photography by Ian Sim and Huiwen Chan

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