Eccellente by HAO mart at Taste Orchard

Shopping is a national sport at this point, and Orchard Road is indisputably the shopping hub of Singapore. While most may associate shopping sprees in town to comprise fancy branded goods and chic fashion, the newly opened Eccellente by HAO mart at Taste Orchard offers retail therapy of a different kind. 

It takes over the space of the OG Orchard Point department store, so you know they’ve got a large expanse to fill. Spread across 3 floors, there’s a hefty selection of international cuisine, household goods from aesthetic bed sheets to baby cots and strollers, and foolproof gifts such as dainty Japanese sweets and affordable bouquets. Here are the highlights:

International foods from across SEA, Korea, China & Taiwan

Strolling through the aisles of supermarkets and grocery stores is an adventure in itself. But when there are international goodies to be found, the thrill suddenly soars. It’s as if you’re going on a globetrotting snack hunt!

Within the walls of HAO Mart, you can find snacks, instant meals, and culinary staples – such as seasoning packets and spice blends – from all around Asia. 

Korean Snacks
All the Korean instant noodles and snacks you could ever wish for. Plus, authentic sauces so you can whip up some bomb marinades and stews yourself.

China Snacks
Treat yourself to China’s range of wacky potato chip flavours, and endless options for spicy tidbits from konjac sticks to freeze-dried squid.

Taiwan Snacks
Taiwan is famed for their mochi and pastries. Now you can savour them without flying all the way there or begging your friends who travel there to bring them back as souvenirs.

ASEAN Southeast Asian Snacks

Get a dose of nostalgia with their old-school Southeast Asian snacks, from keropok to fishball crackers. Meanwhile, ASEAN imports such as Thai seafood sauce and green curry paste as well as Filipino canned paksiw – AKA fish simmered in garlic and vinegar – have expats’ stamps of approval.

Gifts such as fancy Japanese souvenirs & affordable bouquets

Japanese Souvenirs Snacks Omiyage

Speaking of international food, there’s a section dedicated to Japanese products that would make great gifts. Think high quality matcha, dainty desserts in atas packaging, and one of the most quintessential Japanese gift options that you might have also seen in Don Don Donki: expensive fruits.

HAO Mart Orchard Point - Gifts Snacks

Don’t worry, save for the few exorbitantly priced items that are for those who want to flex their baller status, most of the gift options actually come with reasonable price tags – for instance, organic matcha powder for under 10 bucks.

HAO Mart Orchard Point - Kinokuniya Supermarket Tote Bags
Their roomy and sturdy shopping bags and totes are a cult favourite.

There’s also a mini Kinokuniya zone selling rare merch and groceries that you won’t be able to find elsewhere. Nope, this isn’t the bookstore, but the famous supermarket chain from Japan. You might remember it from the Kinokuniya supermarket pop-up that was held in Isetan a couple of years back, where Nihon groceries flew off the shelves.

HAO Mart Orchard Point - Flowers Bouquets

To complete your gift, why not grab a bouquet of fresh blooms as well. It’s no secret that bouquets usually cost a small fortune, especially during peak demand occasions such as Valentine’s and Mother’s Day. Over at HAO Mart, you can get a fuss-free bouquet from as little as $5, and the flowers are nonetheless beautiful.

Household essentials such as cookware, bedding & toiletries

HAO Mart Orchard Point - Bedding

HAO Mart is, after all, a grocery slash department store. So you can expect to find a sea of household essentials such as toiletries, cleaning supplies, and cosmetics. They’ve also got a tonne of homeware staples, including a staged display area for bedding and linens. 

HAO Mart Orchard Point - Household Items
All the home essentials you need for both functionality and a touch of pizzazz.

HAO Mart Orchard Point - Cookware
One of the key things new homeowners need to stock up on: decent cookware basics.

Toiletries Cleaning Supplies
Hygiene and cleaning essentials to keep yourself and your living spaces fresh.

Luggage Suitcases
In the market for some new luggage? They have sturdy suitcases priced from $59 for a 24-inch model.

Family needs such as toys, strollers, pet gear & healthcare accessories

HAO Mart Orchard Point - Backpacks Kids

When we say the 3 floors of HAO Mart are a bao kah liao affair, we really do mean it. Groceries and home essentials aside, they even stock more niche items that you’d usually have to go to specialised stores to find.

HAO Mart Orchard Point - Children's Books Toys

Whether you’re a parent or are shopping for a kid-appropriate gift, the many aisles of toys, children’s books, and kiddy essentials such as lunchboxes, backpacks, and stationery will give you a myriad of choices. 

HAO Mart Orchard Point - Baby Items

For babies, there are numerous cots and cribs, strollers, walkers, and prams to have them set till toddlerhood. Settling your own newborn baby checklist or shopping for someone’s baby shower? You can get it done and dusted all under one roof here. 

HAO Mart Orchard Point - Pet Clothes

Paw-rents aren’t left out of the fun, either. Sift through their range of pet accessories, food, and little furkid outfits that are too cute to handle.

HAO Mart Orchard Point - Wheelchairs

HAO Mart’s offerings are so all-encompassing that they even have a section for healthcare and medical goods. This includes walking aids, wheelchairs, and hospice beds. 

HAO Mart Orchard Point - Hospice Beds

Getting the right tools to better take care of a loved one in need can be tricky, but the area is staffed with helpful and friendly experts who will take the stress and uncertainty out of the situation.

Check out the new Eccellente by HAO mart at Taste Orchard

Next time you and your pals or SO are in town and looking for a post-dinner jalan spot, you know where to go. Not only will you be clocking some major steps browsing through the aisles of HAO Mart, you’ll likely discover some treasure finds to fill your cart with.

Taste Orchard Point

While Orchard and affordable are pretty much antonymous – which you can tell by seeing how much prices are marked up at convenience stores in town – Eccellente by HAO mart at Taste Orchard preserves the same value-for-money pricing model at this branch, as at their neighbourhood outlets.

You’ll be able to find solid discounts too, so you won’t have to worry about getting fleeced just because you’re shopping with the convenience of its central location. And convenient it is, located right opposite Somerset MRT station. 

Find out more about Eccellente by HAO mart at Taste Orchard

Eccellente by HAO mart (TASTE Orchard)
160 Orchard Rd, Singapore 238842
Opening Hours: Tuesday 08:00 a.m - 10:00 p.m  Show More Timings 


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Photography by Renae Cheng.

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