Grocery shopping promo codes for May 2021

Last year’s embarrassing Supermarket Dash right before the Circuit Breaker taught us this: stockpiling food only leads to unnecessary panic and food waste. After all, fresh food can only be kept for so long, unless you have one of those horror-movie-type deep freezers in your house.

And if you’re one of the enlightened ones who waited out the madness this time around, here’s a list of 12 online grocery shopping promo codes for you to utilise this May to tide you through the mini “lockdown” and grant you more savings along the way.

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1. Shopee Supermarket – up to 50% cashback on first 3 orders

Our pre-Covid selves would’ve raised a quizzical brow at yet another online supermarket, but our restricted 2021 selves are rejoicing. From being our one-stop shop for all things on the cheap, Shopee now brings us Shopee Supermarket – chock-full of fresh food and everyday necessities at real bargain prices. 

The good news begins with this deal: 50% cashback on your first three orders with no minimum spend – a deal that’s valid all the way till 31st December 2021. Shipping comes free with orders above $40, and if not, you’ll only have to pay a sweet discounted fee of $1.99 (U.P. $4) for delivery in the month of May.

Pro-tip: Look out for stackable vouchers to bump up your savings and mark your weekly calendars for that grocery run on Wednesday and the weekends – we hear that’s when prices hit an all-time low.

Promo code: None. Vouchers are claimable on their website.
Valid till: Redeemed

Find the full list of Shopee Supermarket vouchers here

Shop Shopee Supermarket

2. Redmart – Up to 20% off Unilever brands

When it comes to buying groceries online, it’s always the fresh foods that give us a serious case of “hover finger”. I mean, who can blame us when we can’t exactly touch and feel the goods the same way we do in our neighbourhood supermarkets IRL.

Thankfully, Redmart offers us reassurance in the form of its product reviews where everything edible from broccoli to ribeye steak comes with a quality marker.

redmart promotions
Image adapted from: RedMart

The month of May comes with its fair share of buy-2-get-1-free deals and discounts, but shop the Redmart x Unilever sale and you’ll be able get $6 and $12 off a minimum spend of $40 and $60 respectively with the following codes: SAVEUL6 and SAVEUL12.

Parents of toddlers can also take $6 off $60 on Merries diapers with the promo code “6OFFKAO” the next time you’re stocking up the nursery.

Promo codes: 

    • SAVEUL6 – $6 off minimum spend of $40
    • SAVEUL12 – $12 off minimum spend of $60
    • 6OFFKAO – $6 off minimum spend of $60 (Merries diapers)

Valid till: End May

Shop RedMart

3. Cold Storage – $10 off Deliveroo orders

Some of us ain’t got the time to camp for a delivery slot when binge-watching Vincenzo is on the agenda and you’re snack-less. If you find yourself in that sitch, Deliveroo and Cold Storage will come to the rescue to give you $10 off your snack haul with the promo code “FRESH&FAST“.

Promo code: FRESH&FAST – $10 off Deliveroo orders
Valid till: 28th May 2021

Shop Cold Storage

4. – $15 off first order

Perhaps the biggest draw of Amazon Fresh is its free 2-hour same-day delivery and opening hours of 7AM-12AM. Two hours isn’t a lot of time to prep and deliver an online order, but Amazon Fresh manages this well thanks to its well organised – and not to mention massive – fulfillment centre over in Toh Guan

Amazon Fresh - Behind The Scenes Of An Online Grocery Store

Test the 2-hour delivery promise for yourself the next time you run out of eggs for your spur-of-the-moment instant noodle break with the following promo code that’ll take $15 off your first order above $60.

Promo code: FRESH15 – $15 off orders above $60
Valid till: Further notice


5. iHerb – 25% off your first order & 20% off when you shop in-app

iHerb doesn’t typically fit into the mould of an online supermarket, but we love it for its range of exotic and healthy snacks, spreads, supplements, and personal care items. Only for the month of May, get 25% off your virgin iHerb order and 20% off your subsequent order with the promo codes “NEWCN25” and “SHOPAPP“, respectively. 

The latter runs till 31st May and cannot be combined with other running promotions. 

Promo code: 

  • NEWCN25 – 25% off for new users
  • SHOPAPP – 20% off when you shop in-app

Valid till: 

  • NEWCN25 – Limited time only
  • SHOPAPP – 31st May 2021

Shop iHerb

6. Ben Mart – $10 off one-time promo code

Wholesale bargain hunters might’ve been to Ben Mart‘s physical store on Fishery Port road, but if travel is too much of a hassle in these turbulent times, then you’ll still be able to pick up your groceries in bulk on the Ben Mart online store where new and existing users are privy to a one-time promotion that gives you 10% off a minimum order of $120 (non-promotional items) with the code “BM1t$10”.

Promo codes:

  • BM1t$10 – $10 off minimum spend of $120
  • GIMMEFOCPLS – free 3-pack Cowhead chocolate milk
  • GIMMEFOCTQ – 3 x 3-pack Cowhead chocolate milk and 10 S&W pineapple sticks

Valid till: Further notice, while stocks last.

Shop Ben Mart

7. Giant – $5 off Deliveroo order

Free delivery for an instant order is pretty enticing, but throw in a $5 voucher off your next order from Giant (minimum spend $20), and consider us sold. Whether it’s milk or flour that your pantry is missing, you’ll be able to replenish it at Giant via the Deliveroo app to maximise your savings.

Promo code: FRESH&FAST5 – $5 off minimum $20 spend
Valid till: Limited to the first 3,000 redemptions.

Shop Giant

8. Yaya Papaya – 10% off first order & 15% Telegram group discount

Yaya Papaya - 10% off first order
Image credit: @rainbowiekiss82

The quality of fruits in the supermarket can sometimes be a hit or miss, but for that fresh fruit guarantee, place your order of Yaya Papaya. From jumbo Fuji apples and Madagascan lychee to Hass avocados and fresh figs, you’ll find all sorts of imported fruits and veggies on Yaya Papaya’s online store. 

If looks don’t matter, then order up their Defective Fruits Clearance Package which comprises 2.5KG of goodies for just $6.50! For your very first order, you’ll get 10% off the total bill. And here’s another way to score an extra 15% discount on your next order: join the Yaya Papaya Telegram group to get first dibs on their exclusive promotions, and you’ll find the discount code in the group description!

Promo code: NEW10 – 10% off first order
Valid till: Further notice

Shop Yaya Papaya

9. Sasha’s Fine Foods – 15% off first order

Sasha’s Fine Foods
Image credit: @sashasfinefoods

Kampung chicken, pork and yong tau foo are all good and great, but sometimes, we need a little atas food in our lives. If the sound of pork chipolatas wrapped in smoked streaky bacon and frozen black truffle and burrata-infused tortellini is making you salivate, then look no further than Sasha’s Fine Foods

Whether for date night or to celebrate a birthday at home, you’ll find fresh ingredients, ready-to-cook quality meats, and impossible meats that’ll elevate your cooking to MasterChef level. 

Promo code: WELCOME15 – 15% off first order
Valid till: Further notice

Shop Sasha’s Fine Foods

10. foodpanda – flat $12 off first order at pandamart & pandashops

foodpanda discount

If you’re already creating a mental directory of all the food delivery promos, add these foodpanda codes to the list. Take a flat $12 off your first order on both pandamart and foodpanda shop and get two additional $10 cashback vouchers for future use with the codes “TAPINTOMART” and “TAPINTOSHOPS“, respectively.

With the minimum spend at just $20, this is the opportune moment for you to add those salted egg yolk chips and Ben & Jerry’s pints to your cart!

Here are some other foodpanda shop and pandamart codes for both new and existing users: 

  • FESTIVEMART – Flat 20% off on all orders
  • FESTIVESHOPS – Flat 30% off on all orders
  • XLCART40 – Flat $6 off on orders above $40
  • XLCART100 – Flat $20 off on orders above $100

Promo code: 

  • TAPINTOMART – $12 off and 2 x $10 cashback vouchers 
  • TAPINTOSHOPS – $12 off and 2 x $10 cashback vouchers 

Valid till: All codes listed valid till 31st May 2021

Find the full list of foodpanda discounts here

Shop foodpanda

Mogu Shop – up to $15 off Japanese grocery orders above $120

Mogu Shop promotions
Image credit: @mogushopsg

It’s safe to say that our love for all things Japan is universal. And if a trip to Don Don Donki is not worth the risk, you can still shop all your Japanese kitchen essentials such as dashi soup stocks and condiments from Mogu Shop.

Image credit: @mogushopsg

More than just mirin, ponzu sauces and dashi soup bases, Mogu Shop also has a range of prefecture specialities such as Kurosawa soy sauce ice cream, Meismland Kanrakuya Specialty Cheesecake and chocolate daifuku mochi from Saitama. They also stock sashimi-grade raw seafood such as sweet shrimp and uni.

For first time purchases, get $8 off with a minimum spend of $80 with the code “TRYMOGU8” and $15 off minimum spend of $120 with the code “TRYMOGU15”.

Promo codes:

  • TRYMOGU8 – $8 off with a minimum spend of $80
  • TRYMOGU15 – $15 off minimum spend of $120

Valid till: Further notice

Shop Mogu Shop

The Meat Club – $50 off first order

The Meat ClubImage credit: @themeatclubsg

If “grain-fed”, “hormone-free” and “cage-free” are conditions you look out for when shopping for meat, then you’ll want to snap up the savings that come with the next promo code over at The Meat Club.

Their frozen meat bundles are perfect to tide you through the entire month with just a single order, and you can slash the total amount of your first order in half with the code “SNS50” at checkout as long as you rack up a minimum of $100 in your cart. They’ve even got an impressive variety of halal meats as well.

Promo code: SNS50 – $50 off first order with minimum $100 spend
Valid till: Further notice

Shop The Meat Club

Grocery shopping promos for May 2021

Staying home during this period is the safest and most responsible way to curb the spread of the virus, and with all these grocery shopping promo codes, there’s more reason for us to take our grocery runs online. Not only do you get to enjoy a greater variety of products both locally-sourced and imported, you’ll be racking up the savings and cashback as you shop your way through the mini Circuit Breaker.

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Cover image adapted from (L-R): @mogushopsg, @themeatclubsg

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