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gift hampers in singapore

11 Places To Get Hampers In Singapore Under $100 As Gifts To Clients, Friends & Family

Where to buy hampers in Singapore

Hands up if you get gift-giving anxiety – there are tonnes of factors to consider when getting your loved ones the perfect present, such as personality and budget. But don’t worry, you’re not alone. If there are any upcoming birthdays or milestones, we’re here to offer you a simple yet effective solution – gift hampers

Toss out your generic gift cards – these hampers will be your new BFF. Each package can be customised to suit your giftee’s preferences, and the best part is that they cost under $100. From healthy options to those with addictive salted egg snacks, here are 11 places to get gift hampers in Singapore:

1. – Healthy freeze dried fruits

gift hampers - pluckedsg
Image credit:

PSA to all you snack monsters: has freeze dried fruits that let you snack all day errday without feeling any guilt. If you’re gift-hunting for a friend or relative who’s always munchin’, do them a favour and get the gift boxes from $28.80/box

gift hampers - pluckedsg

Think of these bite-sized snacks as legit fruits but with a satisfying crunch. They’re free of any added sugar and preservatives, and contain no gluten and soy. Vegans can enjoy them too. There are 3 delectable flavours to choose from: durian, strawberry, and banana. Each gift box contains 9 packets, and you can choose to mix and match the flavours too.

2. Hello Chocolate – Customisable craft chocolate hampers

Known for their ethically produced craft chocolates, Hello Chocolate carries packets of unique flavours such as Crystallized Ginger with Matcha Green and Pecans with Maple Cinnamon. 

gift hampers hello chocolate
Bamboo gift basket.
Image credit: @hellochocolateasia via Instagram

The best part is that you can pick any of the products from their chocolate collection, and add on a Bamboo Gift Basket ($10) to get a customised hamper made to your liking. A bar of chocolate on their site is priced from $10 onwards, and each basket can fit about 5-10 bars. If you’re only planning to grab a few bars, there’s also the option of a Japanese-style Linen Furoshiki ($5) to wrap them in daintily.

gift hampers hello chocolate
Mustard yellow Japanese-style Linen Furoshiki.
Image credit: @hellochocolateasia via Instagram

Delivery fee: $8. Free standard delivery over $65

3. Bloomdale – Bath & body items

These days, hampers are not just confined to food products, but bath and beauty ones as well. Complete with an array of shower gels, body lotions and perfumes, Bloomdale’s range of bath and body hampers like Alluring Senses ($85) are a sure-fire way to show your appreciation to your mom, sister or boo. 

gift hampers bloomdale
Magnolia Dream.
Image adapted from: Bloomdale

If you’ve got the budget to spare, opt for one of their more extravagant bouquet bath and body hampers like Magnolia Dreams ($200).

Delivery fee: $6.50. Same day delivery available.

4. Noel Gifts – Organic snacks for health nuts

gift hampers noel gifts
Comprises 7 different organic treats including Bruneus Organic Dried Apricots and 180 Degree crunch bars.
Image credit: @superlativefoods via Instagram

We all have that one friend who’ll say no to booze or chips but dive right into healthy snacks like the ones in Noel Gifts’ Organic Treat hamper ($69.55). Organic snacks can be hard to find in your regular supermarkets, so this is a fuss-free way to get a set like this together.

gift hampers noel gifts
Baby care packages are also available from $64.20.
Image credit: Noel Gifts

Delivery fee: $6.96. Same day delivery available. 

5. Tarte – Sweet treats like tarts & cookies

gift hampers tarte
Image credit:@tartebycherylkoh via Instagram

Tarte will be no stranger to any devout dessert lover with their array of sweet treats like tarts, cookies and cakes. They have an array of options to choose from, including the Hope hamper ($80) which includes a Pecan Maple or Caramel Fruit & Nut tart, flower tea, gingerbread cookies and pate de fruit – which is a sweet French dessert. Chef’s kiss.

*Tarte does not offer delivery services but you can get their regular menu items via Deliveroo.

Address: 1 Scotts Road, #02-12 Shaw Centre, Singapore 228208
Opening hours: 10am-10pm, Daily
Contact: 6235 3225

6. A Better Florist – Care packages with tea, fruit, & flowers

gift hampers a better florist
Image credit:
A Better Florist

If you find typical bouquets too generic, how about a hamper with tea, candles, fresh fruit and a floral arrangement? The Me Time hamper ($85) from A Better Florist is a calming care package that bae – or any stressed-out nine-to-fiver for that matter – will love.

Other types of hampers available from this store include baby hampers and fruit baskets.

Delivery fee: Free. Same day delivery available.

7. Hediard – Customisable packages with gourmet wine, tea, & spreads

gift hampers hediard
Image credit: @hiediardsingapore via Instagram

The perfect pre-made hamper could be hard to come by for those with a finer taste, but fret not as online delicatessen store Hediard has a section on their site where you can customise your own. 

You’ll be able to choose both the design of the box (from $28) and its contents ($3.90-$107). Fill your box to the brim with items like chocolate, spreads, wine, and even accessories like tin containers for tea leaves.

Delivery: $14. Free delivery above $180. Same day delivery available for $24.

8. Far East Flora – Floral wine hampers

gift hampers far east flora
Mcwilliams fruitwood Wine Gift Set ($79.90).
Image credit: Far East Flora

Can’t decide between flowers or wine? Pick both with the floral wine hampers from Far East Flora. Unlike the usual basket, the items here are packed in rustic-looking crates, with a bouquet that matches the packaging of the bottle. 

gift hampers far east flora
Rosy Presents.
Image credit: @farearfloracomsg via Instagram

If you add on a couple dollars to the budget, more elegant designs will be unlocked including Rosy Presents ($104.90) which comes in a chic golden cage-like gift box.

Delivery fee: $7. Same day delivery available.

9. Simply Hamper – For all occasions 

Everyone has different preferences but you’ll be able to find something suitable for your loved one at Simply Hamper, where there’s a wide variety of options from food hampers to baskets prepared for baby showers.

gift hampers simply hamper
Image credit:
Simply Hamper

Chocolate can never really go wrong as a gift – so if you’re getting something for a sweet-toothed buddy, go for Chocolatey ($96.30) which is packed with gourmet chocolate from Europe such as Bourbon Rasucre Chocolate and Bisquini Chocolate Cookie.

Delivery fee: Free. Same day delivery available.

10. Windflower Florist – Salted egg chips & beer

gift hampers windflower florist
Image credit:

The word “hamper” usually brings to mind cans of abalone and chicken essence. But at Windflower Florist we millennials will be able to find something that’s a little more enticing with their Chill Out ($75) hamper, which comes with salted egg chips and beer. 

Delivery fee: Free.

11. Humming – Alcohol & snacks 

Come festive seasons, birthdays and housewarming, wine is a go-to gift for a loved one or business partner. But why give a plain bottle of wine when you can zest it up in a gorgeous hamper that’s sure to impress? 

gift hampers humming
Vine Splendour ($85.60).
Image credit: Humming

Humming has simple wine hampers decorated with gerberas from $69.55, to extravagant $1,070 ones completed with premium selections including Martell Cordon Bleu Cognac, Chateau Bellevue d’Espy Red Wine and Baileys Chocolate.

gift hampers humming premium collection
Premium Collection – enough to feed an entire office department for a good while.
Image credit: Humming

Delivery fee: $6.50 onwards. Same day delivery available.

Gift ideas in Singapore

Packed with practical items that people will actually eat, drink or use, hampers are a failsafe gift that you don’t have to worry about your recipient regifting. Regardless of whether you’re looking for a gift for a colleague, friend or family member, there are plenty of reasonably priced hampers out there suitable for everyone – including those who seem to have everything they already need.

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Cover image adapted from: Windflower
Article originally published on 12th Dec 2019 by Kezia Tan. Last updated by Joycelyn Yeow on 18th April 2023.