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9 Funny Office Gifts To Give Your Colleague For Birthdays Or To Troll Them “Just Because”

Funny office gifts

Ah, colleagues. Possibly some of the most interesting people we will ever meet. Whether you have a team that’s like a tight-knit familia or know an angsty co-worker who exudes bad vibes, getting your colleagues a gift that they can proudly display on their desk is a great way to lighten the mood in your workplace. 

From a much-needed “brainstorm beanie” to the perfect WFH companion, here are nine funny office gifts that will have your colleagues laughing and saying Zuo mo ni jiang bad de” (T/N: “Why are you so bad?”).

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1. Brain beanie – for all your ‘brainstorming sessions’

Funny office gifts - brain beanieImage credit: Lazada 

Ideating sessions get awkward and boring when everyone is just sitting around in silence, with no one turning the gears in their head to churn out suggestions and ideas. With this knitted crochet brain beanie, your crowned colleague could be the chosen one whose visible cranium can get the ball rolling, and the conversation flowing. 

This would also be perfect for that colleague who always complains about the meeting room being so cold that it freezes their brains off. What’s your excuse now, huh?

Price: $15.20

Get the brain beanie.

2. Burrito blanket – for that colleague who always camps out at nap pods

Funny office gifts - burrito blanketImage credit: Shopee 

Some of us have the luxury of nap pods in our office, and that means having that one colleague who is perpetually sleep-deprived and would gladly sacrifice lunchtime just to catch a few winks.

With the burrito blanket, you can make them a burr…i mean, make them into a burrito as they drift off into dreamland. The tortilla-patterned material is extra soft, and you can get the blanket in three different sizes.

Price: $16.10-$25.20

Get the burrito blanket

3. Finger yoga set – for the one whose keyboard typing sounds you can hear all day

Funny office gifts - finger yoga setImage credit: Book Depository 

We all have that one colleague whose keyboard screams “I’m hard at work!” every time they get clacking. Whether you consider it ASMR to spur you to be equally productive or wish to discreetly swap their keyboard to the most silent one on the market, you have to acknowledge that the impeccable typing speed they possess is very impressive.

To show your concern for said colleague, why not help them rejuvenate those overworked finger muscles? The finger yoga set will keep their digits healthy with a full set of miniature equipment – yoga pants, a yoga mat, two yoga blocks, and a 32-page illustrated book replete with finger yoga poses they can perform right at their desk.

Price: $11.74

Get the finger yoga set

4. Desktop punching bag – for the one who always rages at clients

Funny office gifts - desktop punching bag
Image credit: CoolGift 

Dealing with an unreasonable client may be something that rings a bell for many of us – some hitting a raw nerve more than others. If you’re one the receiving end of countless rants from that angsty colleague who has fury coursing through their veins, the desktop punching bag may be the gift you’re looking for.

You’ll no longer have to bear the brunt of their verbal explosions because they can now relieve their pent-up frustration physically – on a handy punching bag perched right within fists’ reach. Made of faux leather and a durable spring rod with four body designs to choose from, this gift will be able to withstand many a rage-fuelled sucker punch from your colleague.

Price: $13.60

Get the desktop punching bag

5. Toilet bowl mug – for the one that spends ages in the toilet

Funny office gifts - toilet bowl mugImage credit: Lazada 

To poke fun at your co-workers who’re always MIA because they’re camping out in the restroom, get them a toilet bowl mug to playfully tease them about their restroom shenanigans, and their likely belief in the saying: “Boss makes a dollar, I make a dime. That’s why I poop…on company time”.

This product even has a groovy cistern handle for better grip, and will be sure to bring out the laughs even when your colleague is innocently consuming their daily caffeine dose.

Price: $10.80

Get the toilet bowl mug.

6. Bread slippers – so your colleague can “get this bread”

Funny office gifts - bread slippersImage adapted from: Lazada

Bosses can now get the perfect little perk-me-up to encourage your employees to bring their A-game to the daily grind. These bread slippers will remind office-dwellers to work hard and maybe improve their KPI, all while keeping their feet warm from the chilly air-conditioned surroundings. 

Of course, ulterior motives aside, you can always just get this for a bread-loving colleague. The slippers come in three designs – glazed buns, toasted bread, and even a design reminiscent of sticks of baguettes.

Price: $10.33

Get the bread slippers

7. Waving inflatable tube guy – for your colleague in marketing

Waving inflatable tube guy
Image credit: Target 

Some of us would remember staring out of the car window in awe of the waving inflatable tube guy flailing by gas stations or outside car showrooms. Harnessing its signature captivating marketing prowess, there’s now a miniature version which you can get for your colleague – especially those in the marketing department!

The fan-powered inflated display is sure to bring cheer to your colleague’s desk, complete with a 32-page mini book that delves into the origins of this iconic advertisement method. The recipient might be distracted from work by its funny antics and want to stare at this flailing guy all day instead of getting things done, though…so gift it with utmost discretion.

Price: $15.24

Get waving inflatable tube guy

8. The Daily Mood Desk Flipchart – for the colleague who always has mood swings

Daily mood desk flipchart
Image credit: Amazon 

Have you ever casually gone up to your colleague to shoot the breeze just to sense exasperation seething beneath their seemingly calm demeanor, causing you to have to siam before it’s too late? Avoid such close shaves by gifting your colleague the Daily Mood Desk Flipchart.

With 47 moods to choose from, your colleague can indicate their mood at each moment, whether they’re feeling cranky or ~fabulous~ and ready for a gossip sesh. This helps you avoid potential pitfalls and taking the heat just because they’re not feeling it.

Price: $22.37

Get The Daily Mood desk flipchart

9. Pyjama set – for the colleague who doesn’t dress their bottom when WFH

Pyjamas set
Image credit: SHEIN 

With many of us on WFH arrangements, our workplace fashion has also evolved for Zoom, and we know deep down in our hearts that that colleague is probably not wearing proper bottoms during online meetings. So why not show your support for their endeavour for comfort with a cushy pyjama set?

With French fry patterns reminiscent of those from McDonald’s dotted around the pyjama pants, your colleague would be feeling super comfy while also being decked out in their favourite fast food side. The set also comes with a long sleeved pyjama shirt for times when they simply don’t want to hide their laid-back style (or love for French fries) on camera.

Price: $18

Get pyjamas set

Funny office gifts in Singapore for your colleague

No office is complete without the motley crew that is your colleagues. So whether you’re searching for a workplace birthday gift or someone popped into your mind while reading this article, show your appreciation by getting a gift for your co-workers. 

From burrito blankets to a daily mood desk flipchart, bestowing an unexpected gift to your colleagues can seriously brighten up their day and show that you notice the little things that they do – no matter how troll your gift actually is.

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Image adapted from (L-R): Amazon, CoolGift, Lazada