Private driving instructors in SG with highest first-attempt passing rates

Best private driving instructors (1) - Patrick Ong

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When we turn 18, the first thing many of us strive for – apart from legally purchasing alcohol – is to get our driving licences, but finding a private driving instructor can be a daunting task when you’re not sure where to look.

To help in your search, we’ve narrowed down a list of top 3 private driving instructors with some of the highest passing rates* for each driving centre – complete with their contact numbers, as well as reviews** by past clients. Regardless of whether you’re seeking to pass in a manual or automatic car, we’ve got you covered:

*Statistics are taken from October 2016 to September 2017
**Some reviews have been edited for length and clarity

Bukit Batok Driving Centre

Best private driving instructors (2) - Bukit Batok Driving Centre

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Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC) is the go-to driving centre for West- and South-siders, conveniently located just a 10-minute walk away from Bukit Gombak MRT station. But if you’d rather skip the walking, the centre provides free shuttle buses to and from the MRT station every 30 minutes.

Address: 815 Bukit Batok West Avenue 5, Singapore 659085
Customer service operating hours: Mon – Fri 8:30AM – 7:30PM | Sat – Sun 8:30AM – 1PM
Telephone: 1800 666 8888 | 6561 1233

Class 3 (manual transmission)

1. Chua Im Hua: 57.5% pass rate
Candidates tested: 40
Candidates passed: 23
Telephone: 9699 8159
“Mr Chua is a good instructor if you can understand basic Mandarin. He is patient and not easily irritated. Emphasises a lot on safety and makes sure you get your fundamentals right.” – Nicholas

2. Khoo Choon Whatt: 45.16% pass rate
Candidates tested: 62
Candidates passed: 28
Telephone: 9797 5467

3. Tan Lian Watt: 43.9% pass rate
Candidates tested: 82
Candidates passed: 36
Telephone: 9841 2345

Class 3A (automatic transmission)

1. Ng Lai Huat: 59.09% pass rate
Candidates tested: 66
Candidates passed: 39
Telephone: 9670 3033
“Good instructor. He may be a bit naggy, but it helps me in remembering important details. He is very on time as well. Female learners can feel safe and comfortable when learning from him.” – Lim

2. Tan Kim Seong: 55% pass rate
Candidates tested: 80
Candidates passed: 44
Telephone: 8194 6933
“Mr Tan is a very busy man but he’s definitely worth the wait. He’s a very down-to-earth, attentive, punctual and patient man. Very fluent in English and always emphasises on safety as his top priority.” – G

3. Lim Soon Sim: 49.25% pass rate
Candidates tested: 67
Candidates passed: 33
Telephone: 9380 7599

ComfortDelGro Driving Centre

Best private driving instructors (3) - ComfortDelGro Driving Centre

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ComfortDelGro Driving Centre (CDC) is operated by the ComfortDelGro group, so you might just get to know some potential colleagues if you’re looking to moonlight as a taxi driver after obtaining your licence! It’s also where bus and taxi vocational licences are handed out, making it super convenient if you’re considering a career choice as a driver.

Address: 205 Ubi Avenue 4, Singapore 408805
Customer service operating hours: Mon – Fri 9AM – 7PM | Sat – Sun 8:30AM – 12:30PM
Telephone: 6841 8900

Class 3 (manual transmission)

1. Toh Ban Bee: 67.01% pass rate
Candidates tested: 97
Candidates passed: 65
Telephone: 9734 0310
“Nice friendly guy who’s really patient…passed on my first attempt.” – Babysaint

2. Teo Boo Koon: 66.67% pass rate
Candidates tested: 72
Candidates passed: 48
Telephone: 9009 0901
“He’s very good and patient. Highly recommended as he has lots of experience and a high passing rate. I passed within 4 months and with only 15 lessons” – +evenstar

3. Tay Lim Heng: 65.96% pass rate
Candidates tested: 47
Candidates passed: 31
Telephone: 9008 2882

Class 3A (automatic transmission)

1. Tan Cheng Kiat: 75% pass rate
Candidates tested: 104
Candidates passed: 78
Telephone: 9388 7679

2. Soh Guan Hong: 64.86% pass rate
Candidates tested: 74
Candidates passed: 48
Telephone: 9738 2550

3. Lim Kwok Ing: 63.1% pass rate
Candidates tested: 84
Candidates passed: 53
Telephone: 9745 1565

Singapore Safety Driving Centre

Best private driving instructors (4) - Singapore Safety Driving Centre

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Of the 3 driving centres, Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC) is the oldest yet most impressive, with a 3-storey driving circuit not unlike the old Escape Theme Park’s go-kart track. Of course, instead of unleashing your inner speed demon, you’ll need to be cautious and observe traffic rules here!

Address: 2 Woodlands Industrial Park E4, Singapore 757387
Customer service operating hours: Mon – Fri 8:30AM – 5PM | Sat 8:30AM – 12:30PM
Telephone: 6482 6060

Class 3 (manual transmission)

1. Ng Keng Hwa: 65.6% pass rate
Candidates tested: 125
Candidates passed: 82
Telephone: 9856 6210
Company: Daniel Ng Driving Centre

Note: Manual driving lessons are also available for those enrolled in BBDC, for which he currently holds the 2nd highest passing rate among private instructors.

2. Lai Sze Woo: 41.94% pass rate
Candidates tested: 62
Candidates passed: 26
Telephone: 9297 5318

3. Patrick Ong Chee Chye: 40.6% pass rate
Candidates tested: 234
Candidates passed: 95
Telephone: 9362 6671
“Patrick is an exceptional driving instructor. His patience, coupled with years of experience, has enabled me to pass my practical test pretty quick. T11 lessons was all it took. I highly recommend Patrick to anyone who wishes to take driving lessons.” – Muhammad Lutfi

Class 3A (automatic transmission)

1. Lim Pien Hong: 76.47% pass rate
Candidates tested: 17
Candidates passed: 13
Telephone: 8106 9269
“Mr Lim taught me the know-hows in the circuit and gives good tips on how to pass TP. Even though I failed on the first try, he reviewed my mistakes with me and I passed on the second try with his advice.” – Nigel Neo

2. Tan Swee Khuang: 72.73% pass rate
Candidates tested: 33
Candidates passed: 24
Telephone: 9823 4878

3. Kae Wen Fatt: 67.61% pass rate
Candidates tested: 71
Candidates passed: 48
Telephone: 9023 0313
“Polite and patient. Reliable and punctual for all lessons. I passed on first try under his good guidance. Highly recommended.” – Yap

Best driving instructors in Singapore to help you ace your driving test

Best private driving instructors (5) - Newly acquired driving licence

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Now that you’re ready to take up your driving lessons with any of the above instructors, it won’t be long before you’re zooming around with friends along the streets of Singapore with your newly acquired skill!