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Cute Baby Clothes in Singapore

8 Cute Baby Clothes Parents Can Get For Quirky Childhood Photos To Chuckle At In 10 Years

Cute baby clothes in Singapore

There are a million and one reasons why having a baby is a joyous occasion. Seeing parts of yourself and your partner combined in a tiny human, getting to nurture them as they grow, and celebrating their milestones, big and small – the list goes on. On the more frivolous but nonetheless delightful side, getting to dress them in adorable outfits is a big plus as well.

Baby clothing is cute by default. I mean, the sheer size of their little socks, mittens, and booties are squeal-worthy. If you’re looking to up the ante, whether for a photoshoot, special occasion, or just to max out your baby’s cuteness level while they’re still small, here are 8 cute baby clothes in Singapore for quirky parents to buy.

1. Bubble tea romper with matching shirts for parents & siblings

Bubble Tea Romper Singapore Cute Baby Clothes
Image adapted from: Toddley Thoughts, @toddleythoughts

Singaporeans love bubble tea, so it only makes sense for Singaporean couples to transform their tiny tot into a living, breathing cup of pearl milk tea. As part of an official collaboration with Gong Cha, this collection also includes t-shirts in kid and adult sizes featuring more understated “bubble tee” designs.

Get the Milk Tea Pocket Kid Tee or Milk Tea Pocket Adult Tee for a functional breast pocket designed to look like a cute cup of BBT, complete with a lil straw poking out. The shirts are also available in a taro flavour design.

Fits ages: 0-18 months old

Price: $28

Buy the bubble tea romper on Toddley Thoughts.

2. Fuzzy avocado onesie with leaf hoodie

Avocado Onesie - Cute Baby Clothes
Image credit: Shopee

Avocado motifs have exploded in popularity in recent years, from plushies and stationery to accessories from top to toe. If the whole fam is going for an avocado dressing theme, let your baby take centre stage as a human avocado.

This onesie has a big round avocado “seed” where your baby’s belly is, and the hoodie comes complete with a stem and leaf. It’s also made of soft and fluffy velvet polyester material, for the comfiest avo-cuddles.

Fits ages: 0 months to 2 years old

Price: $9.90

Buy the fuzzy avocado onesie on Shopee.

3. Dragon Ball Z Goku baby costume

Dragon Ball Z Goku Baby Costume
Image adapted from: @seanso

This one’s a must for parents who are anime fans; bonus points if you spike your baby’s little tufts of hair à la Goku. Just be careful that you don’t activate Super Saiyan mode when your toddler is cranky.

The long-sleeved romper with faux layering comes in sizes for newborns all the way to 18 months old, proving that it’s never too early to get into cosplay. If you want to keep your baby cool in Singapore’s sweltering weather, there’s also an option without the blue inner sleeves.

Fits ages: 0-18 months old

Price: $7.90-$10.20, depending on size and sleeve type.

Buy the Dragon Ball Goku Baby Costume on Shopee.

4. 3-piece McDonald’s French fry overalls

McDonald's French Fries - Cute Baby Clothes
Image credit: Shopee

For your little princess who can’t get enough of French fries, you can snag this unofficial merch to pair with your McDonald’s crossbody bags. The set comes with a yellow undershirt that can be worn on its own for simpler outfits, puffy French fry overalls, and a red beret to top it all off.

The overalls also come with button clasps, so you can have nappy changes without removing the whole ensemble.

Fits ages: 0 months to 2 years old

Price: $17.90

Buy the McDonald’s French fry overalls on Shopee.

5. Totoro onesie with matching hat

Totoro Baby Onesie
Image adapted from: @miss_mhaggie92, Lazada

As arguably the most iconic character in the film franchise, this Totoro onesie is ideal for parents who are going to bring their kids up on Studio Ghibli movies. For the ultimate cherry on top, dress your little one in this get-up and bring them out to Singapore places with Studio Ghibli vibes for a photoshoot adventure.

There’s also a pink Totoro onesie set ($11.20) available on Lazada if you’d like something that’s not as traditional, and with a more feminine touch.

Fits ages: 0-12 months old

Price: $25.60-$26.40, depending on size. 

Buy the Totoro onesie set on Amazon.

6. Cup noodles jumpsuit

Cup Noodles Onesie - Cute Baby Clothes
Image adapted from: Shopee

Paying tribute to everyone’s instant supper fave, this jumpsuit is emblazoned with the iconic Nissin cup noodle design – except it says “cute noodles”. Ingenious parents have also DIY-ed matching hats for the perfect photoshoot outfit or party costume.

Simply glue a purposely tangled mess of light, noodle-coloured yarn onto a beanie. For extra details and accuracy, you can also toss in small coloured bits of felt to simulate noodle toppings like veggies, eggs, and the quintessential fish cake.

Fits ages: 3-18 months old

Price: $4.90

Buy the cup noodles jumpsuit on Shopee.

7. Snorlax onesie with toilet-friendly zip

Snorlax Onesie For Babies
Image credit: Pinterest

Snorlax is known for being able to sleep super soundly, anywhere and anytime. To all the new parents out there, we wish the same for your baby when it comes to bedtime and napping sessions. Hopefully this cosy onesie will help manifest quality snoozes!

It also has double zips and a zip track which extends all the way to the butt, for quick and convenient toilet time as well as easy wearing and removal.

Fits ages: 1 month to 3 years old

Price: $14.50

Buy the Snorlax onesie on Shopee.

8. Snowman onesie with sizes up to 3 years old

Snowman Onesie For Kids
Image credit: Lazada

Celebrate your baby’s first Christmas with a cuddly little snowman costume. Complete with printed eyes, smile, and carrot nose, the onesie also has pom-pom “buttons” lining the front. Your kid will be extra delighted if they’re into Frozen, and own a set of Olaf toys.

There are sizes fitting from 0 months to 3 years old, so your newborn will be able to match with their kor kor or jie jie for the cutest Christmas photos of all time.

Fits ages: 0 months to 3 years old

Price: $19

Buy the Totoro onesie set on Amazon.

Dress your baby up in cute & quirky clothes

Babies are cute and cuddly enough as they are, now imagine multiplying that tenfold when they don an adorably quirky onesie. It’s sure to be a conversation starter, be it when your friends and family come visit, or even from strangers when you’re out and about.

After all, who can resist the charm of a mini Snorlax or a waddling cup of bubble tea – complete with pearls?

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Cover image adapted from: Toddley Thoughts, Pinterest, Shopee