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Baby Boy Names Trending In Singapore

25 Most Popular Baby Boy Names & Trends To Inspire Singaporean Parents Welcoming A Son

Baby boy names in Singapore  

Whether you’re planning ahead for future offspring or have a bundle of joy fast arriving, these popular baby boy names will hopefully give you a burst of inspiration. 

We’ve sorted through a variety of name databases to collate chart-topping new-age names, age-old classics, as well as naming trends to kick-start your brainstorming process. If you’re having a daughter instead, check out our list of baby girl names.

Note: Stats have been adapted from Top Names Info and Mom Junction.

– Unique boy names –

It’s one thing to try and set your child apart from others, but some attempts at a unique name can border on cringey. Here are some unconventional, yet meaningful and stylish names that will prevent your son from having the same name as a handful of other dudes in school or at work.

1. Alwin/Elwin

As spin-offs of the names Alvin or Elvin, both Alwin and Elwin are wildly popular choices among Singaporean parents. The auspicious twist means your child will always have “win” in their title, setting them up for success and championship in life.

2. Xavier/Zavier

Baby Boy Names - Xavier Professor X X-Men
Image credit:

Names beginning with the last few letters of the alphabet have always been favoured for having an exotic factor. The ‘X’ in Professor X of the X-Men series stands for Xavier, a name of Spanish origin which means “bright and splendid”.

3. Axel

A short and sweet but hard-hitting name, the name Axel has both Hebrew and Scandinavian origins. It is said to carry the biblical meaning, “my father is peace”. In other words, giving divine recognition for one’s creator.

4. Ezekiel

Baby Boy Names - Ezekiel ProphetImage credit: Wikipedia

A name which sounds naturally cool and hard-hitting especially with the presence of ‘Z’ and the less common occurrence of having 3 syllables, Ezekiel is a biblical name meaning “strength of God”. Fun fact: Ezekiel is acknowledged as a Hebrew prophet not just in the Christian bible, but in Judaism and Islam as well.

5. Jayden

This name is such a crowd favourite that it’ll likely make the roll call of hundreds of primary school classes in a few years to come. Give it an edgy spin by switching it to Zayden, and if you have more sons down the line, you could give them matching names with options like Ayden and Hayden.

6. Levi

Baby Boy Names - Levi Attack On Titan
Image credit:
Attack On Titan Wiki

Beyond denim lovers and their prized Levi’s jeans, the name Levi has also skyrocketed in popularity thanks to the smash hit anime series, Attack On Titan, in which a charismatic character named Levi Ackerman has captured the hearts of many.

7. Everett

A name similar to Everest, denoting aspirations and achievements as lofty as the famed mountain. Everett can be paired with the name Eve for catchy brother-and-sister name duos. It also means “brave as a wild boar”, so it would fit extra well if your son’s zodiac sign is the Pig. 

8. Augustus 

Baby Boy Names - Augustus Roman Emperor
Image credit:

Besides Augustus Gloop from Charlie And The Chocolate Factory, Augustus was also the name of a former Roman emperor lauded for restoring peace and prosperity to the masses. While females can have names like April, May, and June, Augustus is a masculine option to pay homage to one’s birth month.

9. Theodore

Theodore is one of those names that sound just old-timey enough to be classy and regal, without being pretentious and eye roll-inducing. Plus, it opens up the prospect of nicknaming your boy “Teddy” – which is utterly adorable.

10. Ash

Baby Boy Names - Ash Ketchum Pikachu Pokemon
Image credit: @anipokefandom
via Twitter

Although Ashley is mostly regarded as a female name in Singapore, the name is very much unisex. That said, the short-form Ash carries a more boyish feel, no doubt influenced by Ash Ketchum AKA lead Pokémon trainer. Other derivatives include Asher and Ashton.

– Classic boy names –

These classics have stood the test of time, for good reason. When it comes to popular baby names for boys in Singapore, there are a handful which consistently rank the highest because sometimes, there’s just no substitute for tradition.

11. Michael


The name of many legends throughout history from the King of Pop to slam dunk extraordinaire, Michael Jordan, Michael was also one of the archangels in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. Most youngsters veer towards being called Mike as the long form name sounds more formal and mature.

12. Alex

Short for Alexander, which can also be broken down into Xander. Many parents favour names starting with ‘A’ so their child can be at the front of roll calls and other important sequencing. This charming Greek name means “man’s warrior or defender”.

13. Samuel

Those with the name Samuel usually go by Sam – super short, effortless to pronounce, and pleasant to say. This name also holds the deep and meaningful Hebrew translation of “God has heard”.

14. Ryan

Baby Boy Names - Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling
Two famous Ryans: Reynolds and Gosling
Image credit: Hello Canada

A short and straightforward name which leaves no room for confusion when it comes to pronunciation or spelling, Ryan stems from Irish origins and holds the meaning of “little king”. A fitting name for precious sons who will no doubt be doted on and given the royal treatment!

15. David

The name David is said to originate from the Israel region, and it possesses the simple yet beautiful meaning of “beloved”. 

On a semi-related note, some parents from other parts of the world have christened their child “Covid” to commemorate the pandemic conditions under which their baby was conceived. We’ll stick to David for “-vid” names … thank you very much. 

16. Nicholas

Santa Claus Saint Nicholas
Image credit:
Amazing Belgium

The full form is quite a mouthful, so chances are that your son will be referred to simply as Nick or Nic. Nicholas is a Greek name which translates to “victory of the people”. Big fans of Christmas joy would also be familiar with Saint Nicholas, AKA the original basis for Santa Claus.

17. Lucas

In Latin, the name Lucas translates to “man from Lucania”, whereby Lucania is a region in Italy so-named to mean “bright and shining”. Commonly shortened to Luke, some have also dropped the ‘S’ for a trendy and refreshing variation: Luca. 

18. Daniel

You may have noticed a pattern, which is that names that can be broken into short forms are exceptionally popular. Daniel can be simplified into Dan or Danny, and carries the inspirational and uplifting meaning of “God is my judge”.

19. Justin

Baby Boy Names - Justin Bieber
Image credit:
uDiscover Music

The millennials grew up with NSYNC heartthrob, Timberlake, and the Gen Z-ers have Bieber. These famous Justins likely helped boost the popularity of the name, derived from the Latin word “Justus” which means “fair and righteous”.

20. Joshua

While the name is highly common among locals, some Singaporeans still pronounce Joshua as “Joe-shwa” instead of “Josh-wa”. When in doubt, just remember that the emphasis should be on the Josh element, which is also the popular short form. Another biblically symbolic name, it means “God is salvation” in Hebrew.

– Popular boy name trends in Singapore –

On top of statistically popular names, we’ve identified some creative naming trends that might resonate with you and your baby-making partner. These are great for parents who want specific meanings and influences based on what’s important in their lives, or matching themes for the entire sibling set.

21. Beloved celebrities & characters

Baby Boy Names - PewDiePie Felix, Jackson Got7
Image adapted from: Lovin Malta, E Online

Perhaps you want your son to grow up embodying the same traits as these famous figures, or achieve the same level of success and stardom. Inspiration can come from all forms of media, from the Nick Jr. cartoon series, Go, Diego, Go!, to #1 YouTuber Felix – more commonly known as PewDiePie.

Other notable men, both real and fictional, who have spurred naming trends include Kylo from Star Wars, Jackson from K-pop boy band – GOT7, and Zayn or Zane – the ex-One Direction member.

22. Nature-inspired

River, Body Of Water
Image credit:

Names derived from nature and geology always come attached with pleasant symbolism, as if bringing your child closer to Mother Earth. To signify the calm yet unwavering nature of bodies of water, consider the names River, Nile, or Caspian – as in Caspian sea.

If you’re in search of a name representing strength and magnificence akin to precious gems and minerals, Flint, Cobalt, and Onyx are powerful options.

23. Royal influences

Baby Boy Names - British Royal Family
Image credit: @clarencehouse via Twitter

The British royal family has been swirling in international news over the years, from the union of Harry and Meghan to the passing of Queen Elizabeth II and subsequent ascendance of King Charles III.

Hence, it’s hardly surprising that these names have been a choice pick even for local parents, with other baby boy name options inspired by Prince William, and his sons George and Louis.

24. Food influences

Singaporeans don’t mess around when it comes to our burning passion for food, so what better way to show love to our kids than to name them after something delicious. Creative food-influenced names include Basil or Baz for short, Colby as in the cheese, Dijon as in mustard, and Bran – which can also be short for Brandon.

Alternatively, you can even plan for brothers named Jack and Daniel as a nod to your love for whiskey.

25. Location-based

Sydney Opera House, Australia Harbour
Image credit: Klook

Location-based names are a clever way to pay homage to you and your spouse’s favourite travel location, or even the place where your baby was conceived. Take a leaf out of Money Heist’s book and consider city names like Rio and Denver.

Other options include Austin, Colton, Dallas, and Sydney.

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Whether you plan on venturing down the route of tradition or wish to experiment with something on the unconventional side, these trends and ideas should get the ball rolling. 

A child’s name is a grand decision, leading to one of the most crucial aspects of their identity. Choose wisely, but don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the process as well.

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Cover image adapted from: @Ash_Ketchum_ via Twitter, Taras Vyshnya via Shutterstock, Polygon
Article originally published on 29th Jan 2021. Last updated on 23rd June 2023.