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Chinese Zodiac Animals & Birth Years

Guide To Chinese Zodiac Animals & Birth Years: What Is The “Best” Year To Have A Baby? 

Chinese zodiac animals & birth years

Many Singaporeans love to seek clarity and guidance from ancient Chinese geomancy and astrology. Just look at the way we consult feng shui masters to calculate everything from our Ba Zi fortune to auspicious dates for milestones in life, and pore over Chinese zodiac predictions year after year. 

You can only imagine how much importance gets placed on the zodiac of a prospective child, when the time comes for couples to plan a family. Whether you’re the traditional sort who’s all about planning your conception around the lunar calendar, or are just curious about what your future kiddo’s zodiac sign means, here’s a guide to Chinese zodiac animals and birth years.

Dragon – Most auspicious zodiac animal, highly ambitious

Chinese Zodiac Animals - Auspicious Dragon
Image credit: LEGO


The Dragon is widely regarded as the most auspicious zodiac sign in the entire list of 12, so you can rest easy knowing that your child will have a good head on his or her shoulders. This sign is known for possessing an air of confidence and self-assuredness. Dragon kids also tend to be very ambitious, with a fire lit within them to always strive to accomplish great things in life.


Their strong-willed nature and dedication to excellence may cause them to come off brash and aggressive at times. Plus, because it’s such a popular zodiac, birth rates usually boom in Dragon years. As a result, your child may face stiff competition when it comes to getting into choice schools, bell curves for exams, and even during their job search in future.

Upcoming birth year: 10th February 2024 to 28th January 2025

Snake – Charismatic with a strong sense of foresight

Chinese Zodiac Animals - Charismatic Snake
Image credit: Pexels


The Snake sign is known to be ultra charismatic, able to draw people in with their magnetism and outgoing personality. In terms of your child’s prospects, you can take heart in knowing that this zodiac also tends to have a strong sense of foresight and is able to chart their path and work towards a bright future.


While the Snake zodiac is good at protecting their best interests, they can sometimes slip into a more selfish nature  – making them one of the less popular signs for others to form a romantic relationship or do business with. They can also be materialistic, pinning too much meaning on monetary or fancy possessions when it comes to measures of success and happiness.

Upcoming birth year: 29th January 2025 to 16th February 2026

Horse – Quick-witted & full of wisdom since young

Chinese Zodiac Animals - Quick-Witted Horse


Like a majestic Horse bursting forth in the fields, folks belonging to this sign are known to be agile and quick-witted. Other strengths include being wise and sagely, so don’t worry about your child being the gullible sort. This zodiac is also revered for being cautious when it matters most, making decisions with prudence to ensure the best chances for success.


The Horse is the companion zodiac of the Ox, foretold to slog endlessly in true “做牛做马” (zuò niú zuò mǎ) fashion – a phrase which translates to “be an ox, be a horse”. In line with this proverb, Horse signs may slip into phases of unfulfillment where they grow dissatisfied with what they have already accomplished, and do not feel content till the next milestone is hit.

Upcoming birth year: 17th February 2026 to 5th February 2027

Goat – Intelligent & able to work well with others

Kid Colouring Activity With Parents


The Goat symbolises hard work and intelligence, a winning combination that gives this zodiac the nickname,  “the scholar’s sign”. They are also cooperative in nature, able to work harmoniously in groups to strive for success as one. Well, that’s one less thing for you to worry about when your kid advances to his or her schooling years!


The downside to Goat signs is that they can be timid and allow opportunities to be snatched up by others, being left with inferior options. When presented with overwhelming choices or paths in life, they can also get trapped in a state of indecision and end up being stuck in limbo while others progress ahead.

Upcoming birth year: 6th February 2027 to 25th January 2028

Monkey – Exuberant nature with great problem-solving skill

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Tending to be carefree and bubbly, the Monkey zodiac is as playful as you’d imagine a chimp swinging around in the jungle to be. Despite their exuberant nature, they’re able to focus well when the time comes, and are sharp in their thinking. Possessing the strengths of both logic and creativity also allows them to problem-solve well.


Because they are used to gaining satisfaction in life without relying much on others, Monkey signs may come off as aloof. Their tendency to operate as a lone wolf may thus present challenges when forging friendships and romantic relationships. Plus, when they’re set on something, it’s tough to get them to change their mind, even if it’s not the most ideal choice.

Upcoming birth year: 26 January 2028 to 12th February 2029

Rooster – Independent & diligently strives for excellence

Chinese Zodiac Animals - Independent Rooster
Image credit: Pexels


Rooster folks are independent souls who find great meaning in pushing themselves to continually improve – a win in any parent’s books. This zodiac is also known to be more meticulous and diligent than others, willing to put in extra time and effort needed to achieve excellence.


Amidst all the ravishing traits of the Rooster, their ego is often their downfall. Being so used to success and accomplishments of their own accord, people of this sign can be too arrogant to admit that they need help, or to accept when they are wrong.

Upcoming birth year: 13th February 2029 to 2nd February 2030

Dog – Loyal, honest & compassionate

Chinese Zodiac Animals - Compassionate Dog
Image credit: Pexels


Loyal as man’s best friend can be, the Dog zodiac is who you can expect to stick up for weaker members of the pack. In this case, it means that your child will be one for justice, and will look out for the underdogs in society. Another strength is that this sign tends to be honest and straightforward. They’re not afraid to speak up for the truth, even if it is the unpopular opinion.


On the other hand, this sign is known to be ruled by his or her emotions, and to have a more gullible mindset. Not only do they tend to open themselves up to vulnerability where they might be taken advantage of, hardened Dog signs may have trust issues and put up emotional walls as a result of past unsavoury experiences.

Upcoming birth year: 3rd February 2030 to 22nd January 2031

Pig – Sociable & able to see the good in everything

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Image credit: Pexels


People born under the Pig zodiac are known to be very sociable, and find it a breeze to forge meaningful relationships with people around them. This allows them to easily connect with potential benefactors. They also possess a positive mindset by default and are able to see the good in all kinds of situations and people.


As you may have guessed, the stereotypical laziness rings true. Many Pig zodiacs are so content with life that it may end up hindering their opportunities for growth and greater success. This could spell scenarios of unfulfilled potential, or difficulties in finding romantic matches if a single Pig sign grows too comfortable living life without a mate.

Upcoming birth year: 23rd January 2031 to 10th February 2032

Rat – Jovial & lively with a good future in business

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Image credit: Unsplash


One of the more popular signs for parents who want a bubbly and energetic child, the Rat sign is often jovial and lively. They’re also adaptable to situations, and are not deterred by unexpected changes in circumstances. A strength that will prove especially beneficial later in life is that this zodiac is known to be shrewd in business dealings.


The Rat sign has a bad rap for being impatient at times, especially when those around them are not working according to their ideals. This may rub people the wrong way, especially when they feel pressured to have higher levels of speed and urgency that they are used to. This zodiac also has the tendency to lapse into periods of moodiness, where they shut people out.

Upcoming birth year: 11th February 2032 to 30th January 2033

Ox – Hardworking & determined to accomplish goals

Chinese Zodiac Animals - Hardworking Ox
Image credit: Pexels


If your child is born in the year of the Ox, take heart that he or she will be hardworking, persistent, and able to hunker down and get things done. This zodiac animal represents true grit and determination, and people under this sign pride themselves on putting in the necessary effort to achieve what they want – no shortcuts or excuses.


Like what we mentioned above for the Horse sign, Ox signs are said to live a life of hardship and slogging it out, in line with the Chinese saying “做牛做马” (zuò niú zuò mǎ). On top of that, one characteristic that stands out for this sign is that they’re highly stubborn.

Upcoming birth year: 31st January 2033 to 18th February 2034

Tiger – Trustworthy & fearless in the face of hardship

Chinese Zodiac Animals - Trustworthy Tiger


The ultimate win for kids born under the Tiger zodiac is that they’ll be ferocious and fearless in the face of adversity. They’re also known to be trustworthy and reliable. So if they say they’re going to do something, you can be sure that you have their word.


If you have relatives who are more traditional, you may be advised to abstain from having a kid in the Tiger year. This is because the zodiac is said to have an extraordinarily strong aura which may be overpowering even for his or her parents, especially if they are the more docile signs like Rat, Rabbit, and Pig. They may also have short tempers and be prone to rash decisions.

Upcoming birth year: 19 February 2034 to 7th February 2035

Rabbit – Easy-going & empathetic with a caring heart

Chinese Zodiac Animals -Empathetic Rabbit


Yet another hot favourite for parents planning the birth year of their child, the Rabbit sign is known to be mild-tempered and find it a breeze to get along with everyone they cross paths with. Folks belonging to this zodiac animal are also known to be understanding and empathetic, with a caring heart by nature.


Some aspects which may be a cause for concern for parents are that this zodiac can be too trusting and naive, and opens themselves up to swindlers and people with malicious intent. Rabbit signs may also go through life operating too cautiously, missing out on potential greatness due to paranoia.

Upcoming birth year: 8th February 2035 to 27th January 2036

What your child’s zodiac animal & birth year says about them

Chinese Zodiac Animals Predictions

If you’re in the baby-making phase of life, you may be on the receiving end of tips when it comes to optimal zodiac birth years. It’s common for elders with more traditional beliefs to advise gunning for specific years to bless your offspring with maximum huat levels, or avoid certain zodiacs which are associated with less favourable traits.

But at the end of the day, your child’s future is definitely not going to be chalked up to just the zodiac animal that they were born under. So long as you don’t place too much emphasis on them and make the negative predictions a self-fulfilling prophecy, it all makes for some fun insights into what your little one’s character might look like.

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Cover image adapted from: LEGO, Pexels