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Online feng shui masters in Singapore

Growing up with the name “Jin Heok”, I’ve always been asked why it sounded neither Singaporean nor Korean. Turns out, my parents went to a feng shui master right before I was born to calculate my Bazi (date and time of birth) to choose an auspicious name for me. 

Aside from picking the perfect name to attract good luck or placing a potted plant in the toilet to improve your wealth – or when you run out of toilet paper – feng shui actually has many other applications. If you’re thinking of having your fortune analysed, check out these online feng shui consultants. 

Note: Most of these provide both onsite and offsite consultations.

1. Adelina Pang – Choose the best site for your future home

feng shui - masterImage credit: Adelina Pang

For couples having trouble deciding on a place to BTO, why not engage a third party to make this life-altering decision for you? Adelina Pang offers property selection readings where you’ll get to know if the current house or location you’re looking at is a good fit.

After all, the last thing you’d want to hear is that you need to spend thousands to knock down a wall that’s blocking good fortune after you’ve bought a house. Therefore, it’s important to canvas the property before committing to a purchase.

Price: Visit website to receive quotation

Adelina Pang Website

2. Master Tay – Determine the best time to make big life decisions

feng shui - practitionerImage credit: Fortune Resource Centre

Master Tay has rightfully earned the title of “master” in his name, with over three decades of experience in feng shui analysis and guiding clients through various problems. His life analysis service in particular focuses on helping clients plan ahead when making major decisions.

feng shui - qi men dun jia

The Qi Men Dun Jia was originally devised for military tactics during the Warring States period
Image credit: World Zen Art Center

Utilising the Qi Men Dun Jia, a feng shui tool based on astronomical observations, he’ll be able to identify the best time and date for major life goals by interpreting the symbols on it. These goals can include business decisions, career moves, and even marriages.

Price: Visit website to receive quotation

Master Tay Website

3. Bazi Master Chan – Get advice on future career paths

feng shui - baziImage credit: Laurent Langlais

Do you want to be a doctor or a lawyer? This is a classic Asian parent move, often made before we even learn our ABCs. Now, using the popular formula for Chinese birth reading – BaziMaster Chan will be able to tell our parents that becoming a doctor and lawyer is truly out of our reach. Sorry, ma.

In all seriousness, if you’re undecided on a career path, perhaps going for a feng shui reading will give you some clarity. 

Master Chan will be able to determine the nature of the job best suited for you based on the unique numbers associated with your birth and how they interact with the Five Elements used in Chinese fortune telling: Fire, Water, Wood, Earth, and Air. The analysis will even include details such as the amount of job satisfaction and promotional prospects you’ll receive.

Price: Starts from $1,088 for a Bazi written report

Master Chan Website

4. Art of Feng Shui – Selection of auspicious names

feng shui - baby names
It’s finally time to break free from the “Wei Jies” in Singapore and choose a unique name for your child
Image credit: Babyment

In many Asian cultures, it’s believed that a person’s name can affect his or her destiny and even determine their fortune. This doesn’t just extend to a person’s name either, but the names of businesses as well. 

Art of Feng Shui provides online consultation for businesses, baby, and personal name selection – the latter for those looking to change their current name. Apart from that, you’ll be given three to six names to choose from, including a report on your suitable career path and auspicious locations to live in. This is calculated using Bazi for people and company data for commercial decisions. 

Price: Starts from $175 for name selection

Art of Feng Shui Website

5. Kevin Foong Consultancy – Determine your luck in investments

feng shui - investment
Image credit: Kevin Foong

Everyone’s talking about how to invest in crypto, but no one is asking if you should invest in crypto. Kevin Foong Consultancy will help you answer any burning questions about investments and other aspects such as wealth, health, and relationships in a 1-hour online consultation.

It also comes with a free 12-month Bazi forecast that guides you on the best timeline to take when making decisions, including overall strengths, weaknesses, and job prospects. People looking to get into investments can determine the right time to commit, based on the correlation of your date of birth and time.

Price: Starts from $2,188 for an online consultation with Master Kevin

Kevin Foong Consultancy Website

6. Feng Shui Audit – Select the best wedding date

feng shui - weddingImage credit: Knotties Frame

Amidst the stress of trying to book a wedding location, settling on the reception and sending out invitations, it’s easy to overlook one of the most important aspects of getting married: choosing the right date.

Using Bazi analysis, Feng Shui Audit can help couples choose an auspicious wedding date to ensure a smooth ceremony.

On top of giving you a lucky date, they’ll also provide useful information about the nuptial bed setting (a.k.a. how to decorate the bed), betrothal ceremony, and recommendations for wedding day procedures. 

Note: This is an online-only consultancy

Price: Starts from $88 for a wedding date report

Feng Shui Audit Website

7. House of Feng Shui – Improve your house’s prosperity

feng shui - home

As home is where we spend most of our time these days, House of Feng Shui will help you create a positive environment that attracts the right energies for good fortune. 

Based on feng shui calculations, the positioning of furniture and fittings and even the colour of walls will be taken into consideration when trying to achieve optimum balance. You can also get auspicious dates for renovation and moving in as part of the service. 

While no disaster is likely to happen if you chose the “wrong” date to move in or pick a “bad” wall colour – touch wood – it’s wise to utilise this service to maximise your luck and prosperity.

Price: Starts from $1,000 for a three-room HDB residential consultation

House of Feng Shui Website

8. GWF Feng Shui Consultancy – Feng shui for pets

feng shui - pets

You may have already heard of Bazi consultation for humans, but did you know your pets could up their fortunes too? At GWF Feng Shui Consultancy, you can learn more about your furry friend’s life based on feng shui as well.

Via an online consultation, the masters here will cover topics such as the characteristics and health of your pets and a review of their future. Based on these readings, you can make the appropriate changes to your pet’s lifestyle in order to enhance their wellbeing. 

Price: Visit website to receive quotation

GWF Feng Shui Consultancy Website

9. 8Treasures – Optimise your office space for good fortune

feng shui - office

8Treasures may sound like a dish you can find in a Chinese restaurant, but it’s actually a feng shui consultation that specialises in the “Eight Aspirations of Life”. This is based on the positioning and placement of items to help you to activate specific types of luck such as education, career, and fame. 

For those looking to have the luckiest office space, 8Treasures will use your lunar birth year and gender to calculate good and bad directions. Examples of directions include having your back facing a door – this bad juju could lead to you getting fired – or hanging a picture of a mountain behind you to increase luck.

Price: Starts from $488 for one office cubicle

8Treasures Website

Best online feng shui masters for you

Stubbing your toe on the corner of a sofa might not be bad furniture placement – as much as it feels like it. But if you do want to find out how you can incorporate feng shui into your day-to-day lives, perhaps you can consider some of the online feng shui masters we’ve listed above. 

For all you know, you’re just one flower pot shift away from striking TOTO.

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Cover images adapted from (L-R): Lazada, Knotties Frame, Laurent Langlais

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