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Whether you’re busy at work, attending to chores or trying to catch a few winks in between, a baby monitor does wonders for peace of mind when you’re away from your little one. Letting you stay vigilant for cries, gurgles and other baby noises, some even resemble child-friendly CCTV security cameras but with extra features focussed on the wellbeing of your baby.

From built-in white noise playlists to sensors to monitor the comfort and safety of your baby,  baby monitors are also made to be reliable and secure. With a range of features and price points to fit your budget, here are 9 best baby monitors in Singapore:

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1. Lollipop Smart WiFi camera – compact and highly rated by parents

baby monitor singapore - the lollipop camera has a flexible tail that allows it to be mounted anywhere
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With its curly worm-like tail and cute bulbous head, the Lollipop Smart WiFi camera is an unassuming contender that punches far above its weight. Boasting a 4.8-star rating by over 50 reviewers on Shopee, this baby monitor’s bendy tail lets you stand it up on a desk, loop it around the bars of a crib or affix it to a wall with an add-on mount.

Weighing 1KG and measuring in at 30CM, its compact size and three adorable pastel colours belie its range of features, which include cry detection, lullaby playback and two-way audio. Its 720P camera also provides motion detection so you’ll be alerted when your baby stirs, and it can even see in the dark with included infrared night vision. 

Mobile app: Download Lollipop for iOS | Lollipop for Android

Price: $229
Extra plus points: You can purchase the add-on Lollipop Smart Baby Sensor to monitor temperature, humidity and air quality levels.
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2. iBaby Care M7 – with projector for a soothing light display

baby monitor singapore - ibaby care m7 rotating
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iBaby Labs

Sharing the same bulbous shape and adorable pivoting motions as the enthusiastic robot from Star Wars, this BB-8-shaped baby monitor provides a 360º view of your baby’s surroundings. That’s a useful feature for when they get older and begin clambering around the room. 

Just like the do-it-all sci-fi bot, the iBaby Care M7 also packs bedtime stories, lullabies, white noise and a projector for a dazzling light show to placate a fussy child. You’ll also get sensors for temperature, humidity and air quality, giving you alerts if it gets uncomfortable for your tot. 

Mobile app: Download iBaby for iOS | iBaby for Android

Price: $289
Extra plus points: Its 1080P Full HD camera is among the sharpest on this list.
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3. Kodak Cherish C225 – compact with battery for travel use

baby monitor singapore - kodak cherish 225 is portable and handheld
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When it comes to baby monitor features, the Kodak Cherish C225 might come the closest to checking all the boxes. The compact camera unit supports pan, tilt and zoom functions, while also packing temperature sensors, along with a speaker and microphone for two-way audio and lullaby playback. 

The camera allows you to view and control the camera via mobile app, but for those staying at home to be closer to your bundle of joy, the included parent unit lets you keep tabs without the fuss of mobile apps. In addition to the sharp 2.8” display on the unit, you’ll have an easy view of the remaining battery and one-touch access to camera controls and settings.

Mobile app: Download Kodak Smart Home for iOS | Kodak Smart Home for Android

Price: $189
Extra plus points: The camera unit has a four-hour battery, which can be monitored from an indicator on the parent unit.
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4. Philips Avent DECT – high-quality audio monitor with 18H battery

baby monitor singapore - Philips Avent DECT is an audio-only baby monitor
The audio baby monitor (L) and parent unit (R) of the Philips Avent DECT
Image credit: Philips

For amplifying cries and other sounds from a child’s room, baby monitors with high-quality audio and long battery life are a useful addition to a busy parent’s arsenal. The Philips Avent DECT checks both boxes as an effective audio baby monitor with an 18-hour battery, letting you leave it clipped to your waistband as you run errands around the house throughout the day.

High-quality microphones and speakers let you communicate naturally with your child, while a temperature display lets you keep tabs on his or her comfort. The monitoring unit of the Philips Avent DECT also has a large calming night light and the ability to play lullabies.

Price: $132
Extra plus points: The monitor uses DECT technology that’s commonly found in professional headsets, which provides a secure and clear connection with zero disruption.
Get Philips Avent DECT SCD710/05

5. Arlo Baby Monitor – view multiple camera feeds in-app at once

baby monitor singapore - arlo baby monitor
The Arlo Baby Monitor comes with silicone add-ons for a more baby-friendly look

Image credit: @arlosmarthome

Made by a brand well-known for their capable smart home security cameras, the Arlo Baby Monitor might be the priciest on this list but it boasts the most features. Topping it off is a high-resolution 1080P Full HD video feed that supports additional cameras viewed simultaneously for those with multiple toddlers to keep track of.

Within the easy-to-use mobile app, parents can set motion, noise and cry alerts to keep on top of the goings-on. Temperature, humidity and air quality alerts can also be enabled for a heads-up if cigarette smoke or haze wafts through the windows. It’ll even alert you if the belachan fumes emanating from your kitchen are a tad too potent!

The Arlo Baby Monitor also provides the most flexibility in audio features, letting parents remotely play lullabies, white noise and pre-recorded voice clips from the convenience of their smartphones.  

Mobile app: Download Arlo for iOS | Arlo for Android

Price: $356.85
Extra plus points: The Arlo Baby Monitor has batteries for portable use that last up to six hours, and parents can record their own personalised lullabies for playback.
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6. Xiaomi Mijia – 360º security camera with motion & cry detection

xiaomi mi mijia imilabs security camera
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Home security cameras might have several differences when compared to baby monitors, but they’ll still get the job done – often at a cheaper price. With a focus on security, the Xiaomi Mijia IMILAB gives accurate motion alerts along with a recorded snippet of the event that triggered it. You can even set alert boundaries, and it will notify you if your baby has clambered away.

At under $50, it makes for the ideal security camera on a budget, but it also does double duty with useful baby monitoring features like cry detection, two-way audio and a night vision mode that’s effective to 10M. 

Mobile app: Download Mi Home for iOS | Mi Home for Android

Price: $46.90
Extra plus points: The camera detects human figures, providing motion alerts that are 95% accurate.
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7. VAVA Baby Monitor – rotating mode that constantly scans the room

Image credit: @trekvue

We’ve all heard horror stories of kids getting into all sorts of precarious situations, and even after your toddler has graduated from the cot and playpen, it’s important to remain vigilant for hazards. The VAVA Baby Monitor comes with a large 5-inch display with a 12-hour battery, that is highly visible when placed on your work desk, kitchen counter, or bedside table. 

This, paired with an “auto-pilot” mode that constantly scans the surroundings, will keep you constantly updated on your child’s movements as he or she clambers about the room.

Mobile app: Download VAVA Home for iOS | Vava for Android

Price: $259
Extra plus points: The built-in monitor boasts an impressive 150M-350M range.
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8. Motorola Audio Baby Monitor – with night light and feeding timer

walkie talkie-shaped baby monitor
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It’s hard to keep track of your baby’s daily needs on top of your daily schedule, but the Motorola Audio Baby Monitor packs three timers to prompt you when it’s time to sleep, change nappies and to feed.

Both the parent and monitor units are highly portable and can easily clip onto a waistband or be set up on a flat surface. Like other baby monitors, you’ll get temperature alerts alongside two-way audio and five lullabies to pick from

compact and handheld units
The monitoring unit (left) and parent unit (right)
Image credit: coolshop

Price: $89
Extra plus points: The clip on the back of the units doubles up as a stand prop them upright on a table.
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9. VTech Baby Monitor – phone-sized portable parent unit

vtech baby monitor
Image credit: @vtechbaby_anz

If you find yourself constantly moving around the house throughout the day, the VTech VM3252 Video Baby Monitor is an affordable way to keep a watchful eye on your baby with a dedicated parent unit. Fitting in the palm of your hand, the device has an ample 2.8-inch screen and 9-hour battery life to last a full day. 

In addition to the added reliability of a parent unit that doesn’t depend on your WiFi network, the VTech has a full suite of temperature, audio and automatic night vision to put you at ease.

Price: $83.25 (Including $15.27 shipping)
Extra plus points: The power-saving feature keeps the display turned off until it senses noise, extending battery life.
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Stay vigilant with a baby monitor

An essential tool for both stay-home and working parents, baby monitors are chock-full of features that improve the safety and wellbeing of your child. With options for every need, you’ll be able to check in on your little one wherever you are – keeping watch via parent unit while you’re close by, or taking a peek from your phone when you’re out and about.

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