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Baby sleep consultant in singapore

9 Best Baby Sleep Consultants In Singapore For Exhausted Parents To Finally Get Some Rest

Baby sleep consultants in Singapore

Every couple who’s just had a baby has been faced with this eye-rolling question: “So, have you gotten much rest?” The answer is obvious, with your little bub waking through the night demanding milk, diaper changes, and comfort, or just for funzies.

But you don’t have to wait till your child turns like, 18, for them to finally sleep through the night. Sleep-deprived parents can engage a baby sleep consultant to get a headstart on good sleep for the entire family. Here are 9 baby sleep consultants in Singapore if you’re desperate for some shut-eye.

1. Baby PlannerMost affordable customised sleep plan

$200 – For ages 0 and up

Baby sleep consultant - virtual consultations
Includes a 90-minute consultation.
Image for illustration purposes only.

This one’s for the parents who get bogged down by too much information. Plus, it’s great for those on a tighter budget. Baby Planner provides parents with a customised sleep plan plus a step-by-step on what to do – all for a mere $200

Their solo package also includes a 90-minute consultation, with the option to add on post-consultation support. For parents who need more help in other areas of new parenthood, Baby Planner also offers services like lactation consultancy and confinement nannies. 

Contact: Baby Planner website

2. Sleepy Bubba – From as low as $150

$150-$700 – For ages 0-5 years old

Mother reading book to child
Get sleep training materials for just $150.
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Whether you just need the basic how-tos or something more detailed, Sleepy Bubba offers it all. Their packages go as low as just $150 for their No-Frills plan that’s suitable for all ages. This one-off consultation comes with helpful resources such as a template schedule and tips for what to do when your child starts to hit new milestones.

They also offer comprehensive plans for newborns ($600) aged 0-3 months, infants ($600) aged 4-24 months, and toddlers ($700) aged 2-5 years old. Parents will get a customised sleep plan and a personal consult, plus 2-3 weeks of support that includes unlimited WhatsApp texts and a set number of phone calls, depending on the plan you choose. 

Those on a budget needn’t feel left out here. Sleepy Bubba has a Budget Plan ($450) for infants and toddlers. The perks are the same, except that the support period is cut down to 1 week of WhatsApp privileges, and 1 phone call at the end of it. 

Contact: 9799 4804 | Sleepy Bubba website – Free 15-minute introductory call available.

3. Beloved Bumps – Up to 6 months of support

$200-$950 – For ages 3-18 months old

Baby sleep consultant - WhatsApp support
You’ll still have support even if your baby – and you – hit a sleep regression.
Image for illustration only.

Beloved Bumps’ baby sleep consultation plans range from an affordable $200-$950, but your money will be well-utilised here. 

Their Sweet Dreams package ($950) spans a whopping 6 months of WhatsApp support – perfect for parents who’d like to start sleep training early but are worried about things like growth spurts and leaps throwing it off. Over this period, you’re entitled to 4 face-to-face sessions with the sleep consultant, plus customised sleep plans as your baby ages up. 

Those working with a slightly more conservative budget needn’t feel left out. The Kick Start package ($600) still offers a lengthy 1-month WhatsApp support period, plus 2 in-person sessions and a sleep plan tailored to your child. Both of these plans are for babies who’re up to 18 months old. 

If you want to start sleep training before your maternity leave ends when Bub is 3-4 months old, go for the One Week Sleep Support ($200). You’ll walk away with materials to help you tank through scheduling and creating the right environment and habits for your baby’s sleep. 

P.S. They also have other services that cover everything from doula home visits, baby massages, and lactation support.

Contact: 8809 8623 | Beloved Bumps website – Free 20-minute consultation available.

4. Lullabub Sleepers – Half-day in-person coaching sessions

$650-$795 – For ages 0 and up

Those who’ve gone through challenging tasks would agree that it’s most comforting to have someone by your side. That said, engage Lullabub Sleepers and you’ll have someone to guide you through your first evening of baby sleep training.

Baby nursery setup
You’ll get an on-site assessment of your baby’s sleep environment.
Image for illustration only.

Their packages ($650-$795) include a 5- or 6-hour in-home session depending on your plan. These also come with a customised sleep plan, an on-site assessment of Bub’s room, and WhatsApp and phone call support.

Expectant parents can also head for the Understand your baby’s cries programme ($100). It’s an online session that’ll help you interpret your newborn’s cries so you can start your parenthood journey smoothly. 

Contact: 9232 9614 | Lullabub Sleepers website – Free 30-minute introductory call available.

5. Our Little Chicks – String of positive reviews 

$800-$950 – For ages 0 and up

Baby sleep consultant - Our Little Chicks review
Image adapted from: Our Little Chicks

Our Little Chicks is a name that comes up often in the likes of parent groups on Facebook. With glowing testimonies under their belt, they offer comprehensive plans for newborns ($800) aged 0-12 weeks, infants ($800) aged 13 weeks to 23 months, and older toddlers ($900) aged 2 years old and above.

Each package comes with a detailed sleep plan with step-by-step instructions and tips on how to carry out sleep training. It also includes a 1-2 hour consultation, plus a support period of 2 weeks with unlimited WhatsApp, phone calls, and emails. Following your sleep training stint, you’ll also receive tips and to-dos once your baby reaches his/her new milestones.

Contact: 9765 0903 (WhatsApp) | Our Little Chicks website – Free 20-minute introductory call available.

6. UpChild – Has group sessions for newborns

$500-$1,200 – For ages 0-6 years old

Newborn baby
Image credit: Pexels
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Who says you have to wait till the baby arrives to get the lowdown on sleep training? Expectant parents can prep themselves from day 1 onwards with UpChild’s Group Sleep Education ($300). You’ll score yourself an e-book for newborns, a 75-minute Group Education Talk, sleep resources, and 3 calls that you can utilise before your little one turns 12 weeks old. 

For those with young ones who require more comprehensive sleep training, UpChild has packages ranging from $500-$1,200. The higher the tier, the more resources you’ll have at your disposal. The Premium ($1,200) package, for example, includes an in-home bedtime support on the first night so you won’t have to go through the hardest night of sleep training alone. 

Contact: 9795 7367 | UpChild website – Free 15-minute consultation available.

7. SleepKraft – Pre- & post-pregnancy depression counselling 

$180-$880 – For ages 0-6 years old

Pregnancy bump
Image credit: Pexels
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The fourth trimester is no joke; juggling post-birth recovery, new responsibilities, and a baby who just won’t sleep can take a toll on any new mum. If baby blues are getting the better of you, perhaps you can find an all-in-one solution at SleepKraft

They offer support for pre- and post-partum depression and stress for just $60 for a 1-hour phone call. That, plus a maternity package ($180) with tips for baby’s sleep so you can prepare yourself for when your little bun arrives. 

Their sleep training plans span 3 age groups: newborns ($320) aged 0-14 weeks, infants ($880) aged 15 weeks to 24 months, and preschoolers ($880) aged 2-6 years. Each package comes with a customised sleep plan, a phone consultation, plus scheduling guides. Post-training support of up to 21 days is also included.

Contact: 9004 9772 | SleepKraft website – Free 15-minute consultation available.

8. Petite Dreamers – Discounts for multiple children

$1,000 – For ages 0 and up

Twin babies
Image credit: Pexels
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For the parents who’ve been tanking sleepless nights till number 2 or 3 has arrived, we salute you. But that doesn’t mean that you have to give up on sleep forever. 

For those looking at getting some respite via Petite Dreamers, you’ll be glad to know that concurrently sleep training a 2nd child onwards is just an additional $150. On the other hand, if you wish to do it 1-by-1, you’ll get 50% off for your next child.

Their packages come with a 60-90-minute consultation and customised sleep plan are a flat $1,000 for all age groups. For newborns aged 0-18 weeks, you’ll get support calls every week till your baby turns 18 weeks old. For infants aged 3-34 months and kids aged 2 years old and above, the package comes with 3 weeks of emails and SMSes, plus 6 phone calls.

Contact: 9828 6264 | Petite Dreamers website – Free 15-minute introductory call available.

9. Sleep Supernanny – Multiple sleep consultants available

Prices undisclosed – For ages 0-5 years old

Baby sleep consultant in Singapore - Sleep Supernanny
Founder Zoe with a client.
Image credit: Sleep Supernanny

Sleep Supernanny is one of the few baby sleep consultants in Singapore that have developed its own sleep training programme. And with this comes their army of 4 sleep consultants trained locally, so parents can rest easy knowing that there’s a higher chance of availability. 

They’ve got a wide selection of sleep consultancy packages for newborns under 3 months old, infants aged 3-23 months, and kids aged 2-5 years old. Under each age group, you can choose between Lite, Super, and VIP programmes – all of which are inclusive of an online or in-person consultation and resources such as an e-book and video on baby sleep. 

The higher tier the programme, the more you’ll get of course. Upgrade from Lite, and you’ll get more support in the form of sleep plans and follow-up calls included in your plan.

Contact: Sleep Supernanny website – Free 20-minute introductory call available. 

Hiring a baby sleep consultant in Singapore

The trope of the sleep-deprived parent tends to be chalked up as an essential experience of parenthood. But it doesn’t really have to be that way, especially if sleep deprivation is stopping you from being the best parent to your child. 

If you need a helping hand, these baby sleep consultants could just help you and your little one get some well-deserved rest. You’ll know it once you finally clock in those glorious 8 hours of undisturbed sleep. 

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