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artscience museum

ArtScience Museum Has DIY Workshops, A New VR Experience & Christmas Films For The Whole Fam

ArtScience Museum

In the blink of an eye, we’ve reached the final month of 2022 and the beginnings of a new year. For kids, this means that school’s out and it’s time for some fun. But if you’re a parent who struggles with planning outings, the holidays can be more of a bane than a boon. Enter ArtScience Museum that’s chock full of exciting activities and exhibitions for all to enjoy.

Here’s the lowdown on everything available: 

Get crafty at the art workshops

artscience museum - make your own hybrid friend
Image credit: ArtScience Museum

Indulge in the creative side of your kids and bring them to the Make Your Own Hybrid Friend session on 30th December 2022 and 27th January 2023

As part of the Patricia Piccinini: We Are Connected exhibition this art and craft session will let the kiddos create a little buddy for themselves. Be it a unicorn, a half-cat half-mouse hybrid, or a one-eyed alien, kids can bring their fantasies to life – the wilder, the better.

The activity will be held at the Rainbow Room at Basement 2, and entry is $5/pax. All materials will be provided so just bring your child and their thinking caps along. 

artscience museum - make your own craft microphone
Image credit: ArtScience Museum

If you have little songbirds at home, take them to the Make Your Own Craft Microphone session. Children will get to make their own mini microphones, with recycled materials that are provided. It will be held at the Curiosity Gallery at Level 4, and entry is FOC. Details on the dates and timings can be found on the MBS website.

Catch a love story in VR or tune into Xmas films

artscience museum - the line
Image credit:

Fans of immersive RPGs and love stories can catch the Emmy award-winning VR work The Line, from now till April 2023. This interactive experience will have you donning a VR headset, where you’ll meet 2 mini dolls who are in love. Set in a scale model of São Paulo during the 1940s, the storyline will reveal how the characters prevail over their obstacles. 

If you’ve never tried out VR, this’ll be a good stepping stone into the virtual world. Tickets go from $12/pax, and it’s suitable for children aged 11 and above. 

Book tickets for The Line. 

artscience museum - merry christmas mr. lawrence
A scene from the iconic
Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence.
Image credit: The Festival Agency

Movie buffs might be familiar with the works of Ryuichi Sakamoto, who’s composed a tonne of music for blockbuster films such as Tony Takitani, Proxima, and Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence. If you’re craving a lil’ throwback, these films will be showing at the ArtScience Museum from now till 1st January 2023

Tickets go from $7.80 each, and we recommend booking them in advance before they run out. 

artscience museum
Remember to check the film ratings before booking your tickets to ensure that the content is suitable for viewing.
Image credit: 2022 United International Pictures

Christmas isn’t Christmas till you’ve caught a classic film – and we have them all at the museum. Choose from kid-favourite movies such as The Muppet Christmas Carol, iconic rom-coms like Love, Actually or dark fantasy film The Nightmare Before Christmas. These films will be available all the way till 5th January 2023, and tickets start from $7.80 each.

Book tickets for film screenings

Visit new & upgraded exhibitions

artscience museum - mental colours of wellbeing
Image adapted from: ArtScience Museum

We can’t forget about the exhibitions such as MENTAL: Colours of Wellbeing that’s ongoing till 26th February 2023. The 24 displays and installations address mental health issues by weaving in colourful art – bringing in a lighter note to the otherwise heavy topic. 

Expect displays like the “thought station”, where there’ll be an EEG headset for you to wear. This records your thoughts and transforms them into 3D depictions. You’ll also want to get your cameras ready, as the exhibition is full of IG-worthy projects. 

artscience museum - patricia piccinini we are connected
Image credit: ArtScience Museum

On the flipside, there’s the unique and, well, odd Patricia Piccinini: We Are Connected exhibition to check out. Think Netflix’s Sweet Tooth, but amplified. You’ll see sculptures such as pig-like humans – or human-like pigs? – and ageing monkey-human hybrids that’ll make you grimace in confusion or bluntly astounded.  

Let me cull your curiosity now – the artist’s intention on creating bizarre hybrid beings was to spark a reflection in the audience on the largely automated generation we live in. She hopes to ignite a sense of empathy and acceptance, after seeing the various creatures she’s morphed. You can catch the exhibition from now till 29th January 2023, and tickets go from $18 each.

artscience museum - future world & digital light canvas
A sneak peek of the new displays.
Image credit: ArtScience Museum

You might have visited the Future World & Digital Light Canvas permanent exhibition before, but we’re here to tell you that it has been refurbished and upgraded with 3 new interactive displays. We won’t spoil the surprise, but know that the installations are set in the skies above.  

artscience museum - pulp III
Image credit:
Alessandro Brasile

PSA to all book nerds: you can learn all about Shubigi Rao’s Pulp III: A Short Biography of the Banished Book at ArtScience Museum. This exhibition is part of the artist’s ongoing 10-year Pulp project, chronicling stories on book destruction and knowledge repression.

The exhibition will also feature her film Talking Leaves, showcasing 5 years of footage filmed in various locations including Singapore and Venice, and her book, Pulp III: An Intimate Inventory of the Banished Book. You can view the exhibit from 6th-24th January 2023, and entry is free. 

Swing by ArtScience Museum

artscience museum

Say thank you, next to mundane holiday events and check out ArtScience Museum instead. The iconic lotus-shaped place at MBS is filled with activities for the young and young at heart. Be it the interactive VR display, crafting classes or festive films, you’ll want to pen them down for the next outing with the fam.

Find out more about ArtScience Museum’s offerings


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Cover image adapted from: ArtScience Museum