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Shy But Desperate Movie Buff Bribes Neighbor For Wi-Fi Password & Is Wowed By His Response

Movie buff asks neighbor for Wi-Fi password

Waiting for a movie’s cliffhanger is tough. Losing an Internet connection when streaming the movie while you’re in the middle of watching the climax is worse.

Most of us in that situation would have sighed and continued watching at a later time when the Wi-Fi is stable. Sure, we could ask our neighbors for access to their Wi-Fi connections, but the prospect of being rejected is too daunting for most.

However, things are not that simple for die-hard movie fans. Overcome by her need to resume her movie-watching sesh when she suddenly lost her Wi-Fi connection, a shy but desperate movie buff took a leap of faith to ask her neighbor for his Wi-Fi password.

Necessity is the mother of invention

In a 4th August post on a Facebook group Cháo Hành Miễn Phí by Trần Lan Anh, photos revealing notes exchanged between 2 neighbors sharing a Wi-Fi password went viral.

From the pictures, readers could see that a movie buff who seemed to have encountered a sudden loss of Wi-Fi connection while watching a movie had no choice but to approach her neighbor.

In her candid note placed at her neighbor’s door, she wrote, “Hey bro! I’m very shy to ask you for your Wi-Fi password. But I desperately need to watch movies so I decided to take a leap of faith.

borrow neighbor wifi_snack bars
Image credit: Trần Lan Anh

Alongside the note were 2 snack bars as tokens of her goodwill and a pencil, which indicated that she anticipated his reply.

borrow neighbor wifi
Image credit: Trần Lan Anh

In response to the girl’s honesty, her neighbor sent a reply back along with both snack bars, “Hi girl! My Wi-Fi password is ‘from 1 to 10’. Please take your snack bars back.

borrow neighbor wifi_snack bars
Image credit: Trần Lan Anh

“Thank you very much. I’m very grateful to have a kind-hearted neighbor like you.” Touched by his reply, the girl sent a reply in a second note, but without taking the snack bars back.

It remained unknown whether they met face-to-face after what could have been the beginning of an interesting relationship, but the girl was rewarded for her courage with her neighbor’s Wi-Fi password.

Netizens came up with various theories

The story gained remarkable attention among Cháo Hành Miễn Phí group members, drawing over 2,800 likes and thousands of comments. Many praised the girl’s honest approach in borrowing her neighbor’s Wi-Fi connection.

borrow neighbor wifi
Image credit: Trần Lan Anh

Facebook user Tuệ Mẫn commented, “This is how you ask for other people’s Wi-Fi access without displeasing them.”

borrow neighbor wifi
Image credit: Trần Lan Anh

And they lived happily forever after,” Facebook user Như Ý speculated about a happy ending for the 2 neighbors.

However, some eagle-eyed Facebook users pointed out the reason why the girl’s neighbor refused to take the snack bars.

borrow neighbor wifi
Image credit: Trần Lan Anh

The snack bars have expired. Of course he had to return them,” said Facebook user Nguyễn Văn Duy, who cropped out a photo in the comment section and zoomed in on the expiry date that said “13th April 2019”.

The photos were shared on 4th August 2020, but the snack bars had already expired over a year ago. For this reason, some Facebook users might have thought that this was the main reason why the neighbor sent back the snack bars.

In the girl’s defense, according to Trần Lan Anh, the girl in the story was her friend, and the Wi-Fi incident had happened over a year ago when they were both in college.

Therefore, we can rule out the snack bars’ expiry date as the reason why they were sent back. Perhaps the neighbor didn’t have a sweet tooth, or he just wanted to be on friendly terms with his neighbor.

Movie buff asks for neighbor’s Wi-Fi password

In a world that’s heavily reliant on Internet connectivity for both work and entertainment, people can do sometimes desperate things to get free Wi-Fi connectivity, from checking in at the nearest convenience store to stealing our neighbor’s Wi-Fi.

This story reminds us that sometimes, you just need to ask and you shall be given – especially when it comes to an urgent need such as finishing that movie with the help of the nearest Wi-Fi source.

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Cover image adapted from: Trần Lan Anh

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