Hanoi mom and kids wear raincoats at COVID-19 test site

With daily increases in COVID-19 community cases, the Vietnamese government has resumed all preventive measures, one of which includes encouraging us to wear masks in public. Not only do masks help to cover our mouths and noses from viruses, but they also help to keep everyone around you safe in case you are sick.

Keeping this in mind, a mother in Hanoi and her 3 children took the safety game up a notch by covering themselves from head to toe in raincoats, shades, and face masks when going for their COVID-19 tests.

Hanoi mom and kids covered from head to toe at a COVID-19 testing point

Image credit: Beatvn

In a post shared on a Facebook page Beatvn that went viral on 1st August, a mother and 3 kids were spotted clad in raincoats, with their faces carefully covered in sunglasses and face masks.

Image credit: Beatvn

The mother and her kids, who were Da Nang returnees, were at a COVID-19 testing point in Hanoi, Beatvn learned.

The boy’s glasses getting all blurry because of the heat and sweat
Image credit: Beatvn

Because 2 out of the 3 kids had mild fevers, the mother was considerate enough to make the family dress in raincoats to avoid affecting the people they came in contact with as much as possible.

Image credit: Beatvn

A short while later, the family’s tests came out negative, allowing them to breathe a sigh of relief and go home.

Image credit: Beatvn

Netizens are impressed at the family’s responsible behavior

These photos have won plaudits from netizens, drawing over 15,000 likes at the time of writing. Many expressed their admiration for the family’s responsible behavior during the pandemic.

Facebook user Linh Nhu Pham commented on the post, “It’s right to be covered in full gear like this. Those who go for COVID-19 testing are all at risk of carrying the virus. Dressing like this helps to keep the community and themselves safe.”

Image credit: Beatvn

“If everyone can show this much responsibility towards society, we’ll be spared of many problems. And yet there are people who try to avoid quarantine,” Facebook user Giang Do commented, adding a sad-face emoji to show her disappointment.

Image credit: Beatvn

Hai Phong city hands out 2 million free masks to local residents

To make sure that everyone has face masks to wear in the public as well as to discourage price gouging, Hai Phong city authorities have decided to give out 2 million free masks to local residents.

1 million masks have been sent to each district and ward to be handed out to every household, while the remaining 1 million masks will continue to be handed out at a later date, Voice of Vietnam (VOV) reported.

Representatives of each locality receiving boxes of face masks
Image credit: VOV

As the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic hit Vietnam, many face mask sellers have raised their prices in response. Handing out free masks to local residents will help to curb price gouging during emergencies and help residents save a big sum of money on masks.

Hanoi family taking extra steps to keep everyone safe amid COVID-19

Thousands of Da Nang returnees across the country have yet to be tested, which means we still have a long way to go in our battle against the COVID-19 pandemic.

Until the original source of coronavirus transmission is detected and Vietnam stops reporting any COVID-19 community cases, no safety measure will be redundant. Remember to wear masks in public at all times, sanitize your hands regularly, and get a  COVID-19 test at your nearest testing point if you returned from Da Nang after 1st July.

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