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Over 5,400 Da Nang Residents Volunteer To Be On The COVID-19 Response Frontlines

Thousands of Da Nang residents volunteer to be in COVID-19 response team

With COVID-19 community cases and hospitalizations spiking rapidly across Da Nang, many Da Nang hospitals are filled up and severely short-staffed.

Adding to local frontliners’ pressure is that Da Nang’s 3 major hospitals, which have been identified as COVID-19 clusters, are under quarantine, forcing the remaining hospitals and local groups to call for volunteers to join their frontline teams. 

Within less than 24 hours since the call, over 5,400 young adults in Da Nang have registered to join the COVID-19 response frontlines.

Over 5,400 young locals have volunteered

Responding to the plea for help, over 5,400 young people in Da Nang have sent in their applications to volunteer in the COVID-19 response team as of 29th July.

Danang COVID-19 volunteer
Volunteers sending supplies into quarantined neighborhoods in Da Nang
Image credit: Nguoi Lao Dong

The volunteers will be dispatched into 2 groups. There will be a response team responsible for tackling COVID-19-related problems such as transporting supplies to medical staff and residents, and a team that will donate blood for the treatment of COVID-19.

Danang COVID-19 volunteerVolunteers transferring boxes of water bottles sponsored by La Vie into quarantined wards
Image credit:

The response team has recently transported supplies, such as face masks, groceries, hand sanitizers, and towels to medical staff and patients quarantined in Da Nang Hospital, Da Nang C Hospital, and Da Nang Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Hospital.

Danang COVID-19 volunteer_water
Medical staff inside a quarantined hospital receiving supplies from the response team
Image credit: Bệnh viện Chỉnh hình & Phục hồi chức năng Đà Nẵng

Those who are keen to lend a helping hand in Da Nang’s battle against the COVID-19 pandemic can register here, And those who wish to help by donating your blood can register here.

Local hospitals need all hands on deck now

Hospital 199, a Da Nang hospital that has received a large number of critically ill patients transferred from quarantined hospitals after Da Nang announced its lockdown, has been struggling with a lack of staff. 

The number of patients has increased 4 times, including many critical cases that need constant care.

Danang COVID-19 volunteer_Hospital 199
Hospital 199 has received 260 patients transferred from other hospitals for the past 3 days
Image credit: Tuoi Tre

The hospital management has been calling for help from both new and retired doctors, medical interns, and physicians to help with screening and treating patients. Other jobs such as blood test taking, food delivery, patient care, cleaning, and disinfection, are also in desperate need to be filled.

Danang COVID-19 volunteer
Image credit: Tuoi Tre

Da Nang residents with expertise and experience in the medical field who wish to volunteer can fill in the information form via this link.

Local residents continue to donate supplies to local hospitals

With 3 major hospitals being quarantined with many hospital workers and patients inside, many Da Nang residents and businesses have joined the relief efforts to liven up the fighting spirit of local hospital staff.

Danang COVID-19 volunteer_flowers
A resident donates drinks to the medical staff and with a flower bouquet with a sign that reads, “Da Nang, We Can Do It!”
Image credit: Tam Kỳ

From groceries to mattresses to toilet paper, a myriad of donations demonstrating Da Nang residents’ love for the city and for their fellow residents have constantly been sent in by volunteers.

Danang COVID-19 volunteer_mattress
Image credit: Tam Kỳ

Mattresses are very thoughtful gifts for local hospital staff and patients at the moment, given a significant increase in the number of patients amid a severe lack of facilities.

Due to a lack of beds for both patients and medical staff, many would have to sleep on the floors, benches, or makeshift beds if not for these mattresses.

Young locals in Da Nang join hands to combat the COVID-19 pandemic

The new COVID-19 lockdown has adversely impacted many Da Nang residents, especially for those who have yet to financially recover from the consequences of the first one. However, even amid this challenging time, residents still remain supportive towards one another by constantly sending those in need supplies and words of encouragement.

Hopefully, these donations and the fervent support of fellow residents will give everyone, who is quarantined at home or at the hospitals, the strength to overcome this health crisis.

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Cover image adapted from: Bệnh viện Chỉnh hình & Phục hồi chức năng Đà Nẵng and Tam Kỳ

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