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Vietnamese Woman Cooks Chicken Stew For Police Officers Patrolling Her Neighborhood

Phu Tho resident made chicken stew for officers working the night shift

To date,  Vietnam is still continuing its winning streak in containing the outbreak of COVID-19, thanks to the enforcement of compulsory social distancing and mask-wearing in public by police officers nationwide with residents’ cooperation.

To thank our hardworking police officers who have to work day and night to maintain law and order, on 8th April, a woman in Phu Tho made homemade chicken stew for them.

She felt for the young police officers

In a post shared by Toàn Teddy‎ on Ký Sự Đường Phố – BEATVN on 8th April, Mdm. Liên, a resident from Dan Quyen Ward in Phu Tho Province, was photographed bringing a large pot of chicken stew for police officers stationed at Trung Ha bridge, Tam Nong, Phu Tho Province.

chicken stew for police officers
Mdm. Liên (center) with her pot of chicken stew in a makeshift police station off the road 
Image credit: Toàn Teddy‎

Mdm Liên shared that her heart melted seeing police officers working around the clock,  as if they were living on the streets they patrolled for the past few weeks.

She then decided to make a large pot of chicken stew with meat  from her homegrown chickens to help the officers warm their stomachs, and brought it right to their makeshift roadside police station.

Before leaving, she urged the officers to start eating the stew while it was still hot, and that she would be upset if they would not finish it to the last drop.

Netizens are impressed at the woman’s kindness

The story has raked over 23,000 likes and over 198 shares, with many praising the woman’s gesture of kindness.

chicken stew for police officers cover comment 2
Image credit: Toàn Teddy‎

“(The chicken stew) lends motivation to the officers. So touching,” Facebook user Thanh Trung commented.
chicken stew for police officers cover comment 1
Image credit: Toàn Teddy‎

“Winning the heart of the members of the public is worth all the hardship. The relationship between soldiers and civilians is being strengthened,” wrote Thien.

Supporting officers on duty

Ever since the government’s call on every Vietnamese citizen to chip in to coronavirus relief efforts, the country has seen countless donors from all walks of life step up and make donations, from money to groceries. However, a simmering pot of chicken stew is probably the most unique and mouthwatering donation we’ve seen so far.

Police officers are on the frontlines keeping the public safe and facing high risks of coronavirus transmission. We should not take their sacrifice for granted, and try to show our gratitude whenever we can. The easiest way to help is to observe social distancing to protect ourselves and the public.

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Cover image adapted from Toàn Teddy‎

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