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12 Things To Do In Hanoi In June & July 2020 – From A Pool Party To A BTS Fan Gathering

Hanoi events in June & July 2020

Since Vietnam has not recorded any new cases of COVID-19 community transmission for nearly 2 months, life here has returned to a semblance of normalcy, and Hanoi is buzzing with public events and parties once again.

From celebrating BTS’s 7th anniversary to a pool party to shoo away the summer heat, here are 12 things to do in Hanoi in June and July 2020. Mark the dates on your calendar for some fun time.

– Parties and entertainment in Hanoi –

1. Enjoy underground music while contributing to the national effort to combat COVID-19

Image credit: The Lighthouse

While we can now hold parties and public gatherings, Vietnam is not completely free of the virus yet, and medical workers at hospitals are still working hard to treat infected patients and keep the disease in check so that we can afford the luxury of going out.

But what if we told you we can have fun while showing our support for these unsung heroes at the same time? If the idea sounds appealing to you, pay a visit to The Lighthouse Nightclub on the night of 26th June. The organizers have brought together 8 of Hanoi’s finest underground music bands, with performances spanning across a wide variety of genres from soul, trance to reggae and drum & bass. 100% of the ticket sales, as well as 10% of the bar revenue, will be donated to the National Hospital of Tropical Diseases, where many COVID-19 patients are being treated. 

Date and time: 26th June 2020, 10PM-5AM
Venue: The Lighthouse, 51 Nguyễn Tư Giản Street, Hoàn Kiếm District, Hanoi
Entrance fee: VND200,000 (~USD8.66)

2. Combat the summer heat at this pool party

Image credit: @malenhkaya.feya

Hanoi is withstanding what could be the longest heatwave in nearly 3 decades, so attending a pool party sounds like the perfect remedy to stave off the heat.

Kicking off on 27th June at 3PM, the party features live music performances by local DJs and food and drinks aplenty. Past midnight, the party moves to the nearby Birdcage bar, known for its lively crowd, where the fun continues all the way till morning.

Date and time: 27th June 2020, 3PM-5AM
Venue: The Spot – Pool & Leisure, Alley 238 Âu Cơ Street, Tây Hồ District, Hanoi
Entrance fee: VND150,000 (~USD6.47) 

3. Celebrate BTS’s 7th anniversary at this offline fan gathering

Image credit: Bangtan Boys Vietnamese Fanpage

Held by the Bangtan Boys Vietnamese Fanpage, a massive community of BTS fans in Vietnam, this offline gathering to celebrate the band’s 7th anniversary is an event no true fans of BTS should miss out on.

Taking place in a spacious wedding hall that can accommodate hundreds of participants, the 4-hour gathering includes a showcase of the BTS Muster 5 DVD, followed by games, quizzes, and other activities for participants to look back on the 7-year journey of the band. The organizers have also arranged for souvenirs and gifts for attendees.

Date and time: 12th July 2020, 2PM-6PM
Venue: Saphire Wedding Center, 15 Ngọc Khánh Street, Ba Đình District, Hanoi
Entrance fee: VND250,000 (~USD10.78)

4. Attend an open mic session

Image credit:Tranquil Books & Coffee

With a cozy rustic décor and packed ceiling-high bookshelves, Tranquil Books & Coffee attracts a sophisticated clientele of Hanoian book lovers.

On the night of 16th June, the venue will hold an Open Mic event where you can come to tell jokes, perform songs, or share stories about yourself. It’s meant to be a cozy event free from negative feelings and judgment, so feel free to live up to the spirit of the event, “Open mic – open hearts”.

Image credit: Tranquil Books & Coffee

Even if you don’t intend to share, coming here to relax in the tranquil atmosphere and enjoy some anecdotes from strangers isn’t a bad way to spend a quiet summer night.

Date and time: 16th June 2020, 8.30PM-10.30PM
Venue: Tranquil Books & Coffee, 5 Nguyễn Quang Bích Street, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi
Entrance fee: VND50,000 (~USD2.16), price inclusive of one drink

– Music and art –

5. Pick up swing dancing

Image credit: Fiammetta Mancini‎

If you are looking to put those fancy feet to good use, register for this basic swing dancing course held by experienced dancers of the Swing Dancing Hanoi community, whose aim is to promote the art.

Image credit: Yana Velichanskaya‎

Over the course of 6 lessons taking place every Wednesday from 17th June to 22nd July, you’ll be introduced to the fundamentals of swing dancing.

Date and time: Every Wednesday from 17th June to 22nd July 2020, 6.30PM-8PM
Venue: Dance More Studio, 2nd Floor 281 Đội Cấn Street, Ba Đình District, Hanoi
Registration fee: VND800,000 (~USD34.65) for 1 person | VND1,400,000 (~USD60.63) for a couple

6. Join an online art workshop

Image credit: ATH – Drama and Arts Space of Hanoi.

Aspiring artists or those looking to learn more about arts as a whole should follow Unlock your creativity, a series of online workshops about all things art-related held by ATH – Drama and Arts Space of Hanoi.

Currently, the organization has several online sessions covering a wide variety of topics planned between 18th and 26th June.

One workshop introduces participants to the basics of camera settings and lightings, so you can take cooler pictures. Another teaches you how to connect your singing with your emotions to capture the hearts of the audience.

Anyone interested can register online here. A link to join the workshop will be provided after registration.

Date and time: 18th, 22nd, 24th, and 26th June 2020, 7.30PM-9.30PM
Venue: Online
Price: VND400,000-VND450,000 (~USD17.26-19.41) per session

7. Catch pop and rock performances at a music festival

Image credit: @gasinguyen

Scheduled to take place on 21st June at the Hanoi French Institute, the Fête de la musique (Music Festival) has drawn the attention of thousands of music lovers in the city.

One of the highlights promised at the festival is a piano open to all interested visitors who want to demonstrate their skills.

Aside from that, there will also be performances by up-and-coming bands of local musicians. Expect to see the appearance of Ngọt, Vũ Thanh Vân, and other big names here.

Date and time: 21st June 2020, 4PM-10.30PM
Venue: L’Espace, 24 Tràng Tiền Street, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi
Entrance fee: Free

8. Relive your childhood by watching classic Vietnamese cartoons with live music

Video credit: The Onion Cellar

While Vietnamese cartoons are not that popular nowadays, they are what many millennials grew up with. Take a trip down memory lane by dropping by the Red Balloon Cine-Concert on the evening of 5th July, where 5 classic Vietnamese cartoons made between 1960-2000 will be screened.

These cartoons are mostly hand-drawn, as CGI technology wasn’t that advanced then. Each of them is the result of hard work and dedication from the artists, and they have an inimitable sense of nostalgia to them.

To bring the animation to life and add more depth to the experience, the music of the cartoons will be performed live by artists coming from Hanoi and Saigon.

Date and time: 5th July 2020, 6.30PM-9PM
Venue: L’Espace, 24 Tràng Tiền Street, Hoàn Kiếm, Hanoi
Entrance fee: Free

– Sports –

9. Go for a friendly bout at this gathering of martial artists

Image credit: Trung Tâm Kickfit Đền Lừ

If you are a martial arts practitioner looking for some actual combat experience, consider hitting up this martial artist gathering on 5th July for some friendly bouts.

The event is an open playground that welcomes all forms of practical combat arts, from kickboxing to Muay Thai and more.

Interested participants can register here. You’ll be asked to provide some basic information such as date of birth, weight, height, and how long you’ve been practicing, so that you’ll be matched with an opponent of a similar age, stature, and skill level.

Date and time: 5th July 2020, 3PM
Venue: Đền Lừ KickFit Center, 32 Đền Lừ Street, Hoàng Mai District, Hanoi
Registration fee: Free

10. Run a night marathon around the West Lake

Image credit: Chạy Vì Mình – Run4Self

Surrounded by dozens of bars and parks, the vast West Lake is a popular hangout spot for Hanoi youths at night, whether they are looking to join a lively party or just enjoy some peace amidst the lake breeze. 

Now, there’s something else you can look to do here: walk around the lake the entire night by taking part in the West Lake 12H Marathon.

Image credit: Chạy Vì Mình – Run4Self

As the name suggests, this is an intense 12-hour marathon that begins at 10PM, 27th June and lasts well into the next morning. For the right to call yourself a finisher, you need to complete at least 3 loops around the lake within this time. The total distance is estimated to be 42KM, so you’d better come prepared. There will be resting spots along the way providing water and fruit to help you refresh yourself throughout the whole duration of the event.

Since the run takes place through the night, you’ll get to immerse in the fresh air and cool breezes for most of it, enjoy the beautiful view of the sun rising over the vast lake, and watch Hanoi come to life. And of course, if you manage to complete the challenge, it’ll make for an awesome story to tell your friends.

Date and time: 27th June 2020, 10PM
Gathering spot: Trấn Quốc Pagoda, Thanh Niên Street, Ba Đình District, Hanoi
Registration fee: VND200,000 (~USD8.63)

– Shopping and beauty –

11. Learn about herbal skincare & body care

Image credit: Bio LAK

Health enthusiasts can join this workshop about all-natural beauty products. You’ll get to try out an herbal makeup powder made from lá phấn, a plant traditionally used by Vietnamese women in the past in place of makeup powder.

There’s also a discussion on the use of various herbs to alleviate issues such as rashes and acne or to improve the complexion.

Date and time: 20th and 25th June 2020, 10.15AM-11.15AM
Venue: Zenith Vegan restaurant & café, 99B Alley 276 Âu Cơ Street, Tây Hồ District, Hanoi
Entrance fee: Free

12. Shop for jewelry, vintage clothes, and handcrafted products at Hanoi Sunday Market

Image credit: Hanoi Sunday Market

Hanoi shopaholics will be glad to hear that the monthly Hanoi Sunday Market is making a comeback later this month after a long period of hibernation due to COVID-19.

Image credit: Hanoi Sunday Market

Vendors from all over Vietnam flock here to display their wares for sale. You can find all manner of products on offer, from leather to handcrafted goods, and jewelry to paintings, and more.

There will also be live music at the venue, as well as Vietnamese craft beer on offer.

Date and time: 28th June 2020, 1PM-8PM | 26th July 2020, 1PM-8PM
Venue: The 100 Beer Garden, 68 Alley 238 Âu Cơ, Vietnam
Entrance fee: VND70,000 (~USD3.02)

Things to do in Hanoi in June & July 2020

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