Đà Nẵng man takes funny pictures in coronavirus costume

After over a month under lockdown, the relaxation of COVID-19 safety measures earlier this month came as a major relief to all Đà Nẵng residents.

Needless to say, people have jumped at the opportunity to let their hair down. But while many are flocking to cafes and restaurants for some long-overdue friend gatherings, others have had more unique ways to celebrate.

Following the viral story of No-Face checking in at Đà Nẵng last week, another photographer in the city has created a similar collection. Instead of Studio Ghibli’s cute and carefree character, though, the main character of his photos is a man clad in a long black cape and red helmet decorated with spikes, representing the coronavirus.

The “coronavirus” posed against many Đà Nẵng landmarks

The photos are by Ngô Xuân Vũ, a photographer currently living in Đà Nẵng. And similar to the photos featuring No-Face, Vũ’s pictures have garnered a fair amount of interest from the online community thanks to their whimsicality.

“Afraid of me now? Hahaha,” Vũ captioned this photo
Image credit: Vu Paris

The pictures show the “coronavirus” having fun rampaging through Đà Nẵng before being expelled. In some of the shots, the “virus” is seen checking in at signature Đà Nẵng landmarks, from the iconic Dragon Bridge

coronavirus funny pictures - dragon bridge
Image credit: Vu Paris

… to the Thuận Phước Bridge overlooking the ocean…

Image credit: Vu Paris

… to the Sơn Trà Peninsula with a stunning view of the city in the background.

coronavirus funny pictures - city view
Image credit: Vu Paris

Some of Đà Nẵng’s prominent buildings also make an appearance in Vũ’s photo collection, such as the city’s administrative center. Dubbed the “corn-shaped building” by locals for its unique designs, the centre is a popular destination for Đà Nẵng’s Instagrammers.

Image credit: Vu Paris

Meanwhile, this UFO-looking building is the Tiên Sơn Sports Centre, which was converted into a makeshift hospital for COVID-19 treatment during the outbreak. Thankfully, the makeshift hospital never had to be put into use.

coronavirus funny pictures - sports centreImage credit: Vu Paris

The “virus” seemed to have a good time messing up with people too. We can see it here stealing fish on the beach…

coronavirus funny pictures - beaches
Image credit: Vu Paris

… or chasing after a GrabBike driver.

Image credit: Vu Paris

But the coronavirus’ mischief finally came to an end when it was suppressed by a lifeguard on the beach.

Image credit: Vu Paris

The next picture shows it being shoved into a taxi and sent away.

coronavirus funny pictures - shoved in taxi
Image credit: Vu Paris

Netizens are entertained by the funny coronavirus pictures

Understandably, the wackiness of the photos has given netizens a good laugh. A Facebook user named Phùng Ngân, for instance, thinks the costume makes the virus chubby and cute, an opinion shared by many others.

Image credit: Tin Nhanh Đà Nẵng

On the other hand, commenter Tuấn Milo says the virus should have a fight with No-Face.

Image credit: Tin Nhanh Đà Nẵng

The pictures also serve to remind people of how beautiful Đà Nẵng is, prompting netizens to comment saying they miss the city.

“I miss Đà Nẵng,” netizen Đào Mêly commented.

Image credit: Tin Nhanh Đà Nẵng

Man dressed in coronavirus costume takes funny pictures around Đà Nẵng

We are glad to see that all the hardship wrought by the COVID-19 pandemic has not dampened Đà Nẵng residents’ spirits. If anything, they appear upbeat and hopeful of a brighter future.

After over 2 weeks without any new COVID-19 infections recorded in the community, life in Đà Nẵng is picking up pace again. People are starting to go out more to hit the beaches, while restaurants, cafes, and other businesses have also been given the green light to reopen their doors.

We expect Đà Nẵng to return to its former glory as Vietnam’s most livable city in the near future.

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Cover image adapted from Vu Paris

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