No-Face cosplayer poses for funny photos in Đà Nẵng

August was a tough month for Đà Nẵng residents. With the city becoming the epicenter of Vietnam’s second COVID-19 outbreak, authorities were forced to implement drastic measures, shutting down all non-essential activities and banning public gatherings of more than 2 people. Understandably, people were struggling to deal with job losses and financial difficulties, not to mention the frustration of being cooped up at home pretty much all the time.

So you can imagine our excitement last Saturday when the lockdown order was finally relaxed. Granted, some safety measures are still in place and life hasn’t returned to normal just yet, but seeing Đà Nẵng returning to a semblance of its lively self is already a cause to rejoice.

Two photographers have come up with a particularly entertaining way to celebrate the occasion. Dressing a friend up as No-Face from Studio Ghibli’s massively popular animated movie Spirited Away, they’ve captured hilarious photos of the character at various landmarks in Đà Nẵng.

No-Face checks in at Đà Nẵng landmarks

The pictures, courtesy of Đà Nẵng-based photographers Phạm Minh Tuân and Nguyễn Nhật Hoàng, quickly captured the attention of the online community thanks to their quirkiness.

In one of the shots, No-Face is seen wearing an iconic Vietnamese conical hat with a view of the Dragon Bridge – a symbol of Đà Nẵng – in the background.

Image credit: Phạm Minh Tuân

In another, the cartoon character goes for a bold pose on the Trần Thị Lý Bridge, proudly displaying a magnificent leg.

Image credit: Phạm Minh Tuân

He seems to have a good time befriending locals too. As you can see, these two street vendors look fascinated by No-Face’s wacky behavior.

Image credit: Phạm Minh Tuân

This statue, on the other hand, appears unimpressed by his advances.

Image credit: Phạm Minh Tuân

Of course, with a long coat covering his entire body, No-Face would make a fine addition to Vietnam’s famous “Vietnamese Ninja Lead” drivers. For those unaware, “Ninja Lead” is a popular meme in Vietnam referring to female scooter drivers who often cover their entire bodies in face masks and protective outfits for fear of getting tanned by sun exposure.

The Honda Lead scooter model is said to be extremely popular among these ladies, giving birth to the term.

Image credit: Phạm Minh Tuân

But sometimes, No-Face also falls flat on his face in his attempt to look funny – quite literally in this case.

Image adapted from Phạm Minh Tuân

No-Face is coming to Hội An too

After receiving overwhelming support from the community, the photographers have said that they will be doing another photoshoot with the same concept.

In a teaser picture posted by Nhật Hoàng yesterday, we can see No-Face photobombing a couple taking wedding photos in Hội An. It’s safe to assume that the ancient town will be the next destination graced by the cartoon character’s presence.

Image credit: Nhật Hoàng

Photographers celebrate Đà Nẵng’s lockdown relaxation with funny No-Face photos

Amidst all the economic hardship caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, cute stories like these come as a much-needed source of positivity to boost Đà Nẵng residents’ morale.

But even with the easing of the lockdown, let’s not let our hair down too much just yet. Given that we’ve only just managed to flatten the curve, practising preventive measures such as wearing masks in public is still a necessary move to ensure the safety of the community.

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Cover image adapted from Phạm Minh Tuân

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