Things that Singaporeans find annoying


Things Singaporeans find annoying - Grab driver cancels

“TSK” is quite possibly the most frequently uttered sound by all Singaporeans. If you didn’t hear it today, chances are, you already tsk-ed at a random stranger. But we can’t help it. Everything from a Grab driver cancelling last minute to delayed food delivery has us sighing in frustration. Here are 7 things that Singaporeans find mildly triggering:


1. Checking on your food delivery and realising that the ETA is now an hour late


Things Singaporeans find annoying - late food delivery

The perfect meal is when your food comes on time. 

More often than not, we order our meals through a food delivery service because we’re not keen on braving Singapore’s sweltering sun or we’re simply bogged down with work.

But then a whole series of things go wrong – peak hour traffic, your delivery driver got lost, the restaurant’s overflowing with orders. From an ETA of 12PM, it suddenly becomes 1PM…then 1.30PM…then 2PM. And there goes your much-cherished lunch break and you’re juggling work with one hand while shovelling food down with the other.


2. Having to act busy to avoid pushy insurance agents


The exits of MRT stations are where insurance agents and financial advisors lurk, namely, to lure you into doing a ‘short survey’. But we all know it’s a ploy to get our attention, and before we know, it turns into a full-blown sales sesh where they’re hard selling their company’s policy.


3. Strolling on the footpath when a speeding E-scooter zooms by


Things Singaporeans find annoying - E-scooters

Image credit: The Culture Trip

Yes, it’s legally acceptable to ride your electric scooter on the footpath, but there’s no need to obnoxiously zoom by pedestrians at 30km/hour, especially when the legal limit is capped at 15km/hour.

And blasting dubstep music while scooting? That’s just plain rude.


4. Waiting for your Grab driver but he cancels last minute


It’s all happened to us: we’re been patiently waiting for our Grab driver but alas, he cancels 10 minutes in. If he’s nice, he’ll send an apology text but most of them simply move onto their next passenger. Speaking of Grab, we’re also more than mildly annoyed that we’re no longer receiving promo codes.


5. Getting out of the MRT to be charged at by a hoard of people


Things Singaporeans find annoying - crowded MRT

Let’s hope we never reach this stage.
Image credit: The Loop

Many think it’s impossible to squeeze into the train during peak hour traffic, but it’s getting out that’s a tough feat – especially if you’re travelling against the crowd. First, you’ll have to struggle with fellow passengers to get to the exit, and second, you’ll need to work your way through the impending hoard of passengers that are eagerly boarding.

In fact, if it’s just one of you and dozens of them, you’re gonna have to battle it out with some expert elbow-prodding and shoulder-knocking. We’re looking at you, City Hall MRT.


6. Climbing up the escalator but someone’s standing on the right side


Things Singaporeans find annoying - wrong side of the escalator

We’ve already put in the effort by climbing halfway up the escalator but gosh darn it, there’s someone standing on the right side. And we all know that left means stand, right means walk – if you don’t then you need to brush up on your Singaporean knowhow.

At this point, you can either politely tap the person on the shoulder or wait it out.


7. Having to walk around a couple since they insist on holding hands


Things Singaporeans find annoying - couple

OK, we get it, Singapore’s filled with lovey-dovey couples of all types. While PDA doesn’t physically affect us, their incessant hand-holding certainly does in crowded settings like shopping malls and Bugis Street. It’s not like they’ll unclasp hands to let us walk through – you’ll have to physically maneuver around as if they’re a single large entity.

If you’re just salty about being single, there’s still plenty to do in Singapore alone.


Let your day ‘pop’ with BRAND’s Essence of Chicken


BRANDS - Essence of Chicken

Image credit: @brands_sg

Let’s face it, as Singaporeans, we’re easily triggered. From pushy insurance agents to delayed food deliveries, our major gripe is that nothing ever goes according to plan. But here’s a trick: to make your day pop, simply pop open a bottle of BRAND’s Essence of Chicken.

Since it’s chock-full of chicken goodness and loaded with health benefits, it’s sure to boost your mood with rich natural nutrients. Essence of Chicken is the perfect pick-me-up that’ll help ease anxiety and regulate cortisol levels – to keep your stress hormones in check. It’s also fat-free and cholesterol free for those concerned about their weight, with no artificial chemicals or preservatives too.

BRANDS - Essence of Chicken

Image credit: @catherinewong914

While you can take it straight from the bottle, you can also make plenty of hearty dishes using BRAND’s Essence of Chicken. For instance, Herbal Chicken Soup or Steamed Chicken will help relieve any stress, and it’ll be a nourishing meal to fuel you through a busy day.

Tip: Add BRAND’s right before serving, so the Essence of Chicken will retain its flavour and nutritional value.

They also offer plenty of other flavours that are customised to individual lifestyles, such as Essence of Chicken with Cordyceps that’ll work perfectly for busy adults or Essence of Chicken with Tangkwei that’s specially made for women.

With BRAND’s, look forward to adding that ‘pop’ to your everyday life – your life will always look brighter after savouring a bottle of BRAND’s Essence of Chicken.

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