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20 Signs You Grew Up A Singaporean Westsider

The Wild, Wild West


What up, West side! Do you get teased at for living on the secluded side of the island? Does the quiet end of Singapore please you or bother you? I’ve lived here for 20 years and I LOVE IT. From the ridiculous travelling hours to our disdain for the other side, here are 20 signs you’re clearly a Westsider.


1. You go to Chinese Garden to celebrate every Chinese festival


Chinese New Year, Lantern Festival, Mooncake Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, and the like. Entry is free and there are always freebies, decorations and activities to do. Not to mention the fireworks! The Chinese Gardens also made it to our list of most instagram-worthy places in Singapore.


2. Jurong swimming complex was your Adventure Cove


b2ap3_thumbnail_Lets-go-to-the-waterpark-they-said.jpgSource: jokideo

Big slides? Done that. Lazy River? Complete. Wave pool? Over it. And you only had to pay 1/18th of the price. Much savings.


3. You went to Jurong Bird Park far too often



The Bird Park again?! But that’s okay because you’re now a self-claimed bird expert and you actually know the name of the bird in this picture. A shoebill!


4. Rail Mall is your secret enclave


b2ap3_thumbnail_EP7041170.jpgSource: hjtann

We went to hipster places before they were cool. Groceries, coffee, brunch, supper, grooming and a bar? That 800m stretch has everything.


5. We like to think our West Coast is an East Coast equivalent



Ya I know we don’t have a beach but at least we have McDonald’s and many playgrounds. That’s quite good okay.


6. There is hardly any place to go to for supper


b2ap3_thumbnail_rsz_boonlay_nasi_lemak.jpgSource: square2

The sole spot that sells decent supper is the nasi lemak at Boon Lay Power Nasi Lemak. And… that’s it. Nevermind la, don’t eat lor. At least can lose weight.


7. IMM was the shopping mall you frequented


b2ap3_thumbnail_IMM.jpgSource: Capitamall

It’s located in the most inconvenient spot but that’s where we got most of our clothes. Hello, outlet shopping actually exists in Singapore?! Yes, IMM is no longer a furniture mall – it has turned into an outlet mall and it’s the best thing ever. Check out the full list of merchants they have here!


8. You thought Snow City was cool, until…


b2ap3_thumbnail_snow-city.jpgSource: SingaporePlayground

This was the place we thought would beat the heat. But after the first time, no one was impressed. To be brutally honest, the place is just an upsized ice kachang.


9. You watched your movies at Jurong Point or Lot One



They’re not the best options but going all the way to town is too much effort. Plus, you have the luxury of watching a late night movie and getting home will be no problem!


10. Besides Kallang, we learned to ice-skate since the age of 10


b2ap3_thumbnail_iceskate.JPGAfter-school hours were spent at Jurong Entertainment Centre (now JCube) and now it has become a weekend norm. 


11. Everything’s really far


tumblr_lxwucmQtcG1qelb35o17_r1_250.gifSource: Tumblr

Even on the MRT, it takes at least an hour to get to town and half an hour more to give ourselves grace time when travelling to the airport. How small is Singapore again?


12. Yet you love the long bus/train rides


drunk-on-train.gifThat means you get a seat. Yay! And you could sneak in a nap too.


13. But overall, we have a quaint neighbourhood



Before the development monsters barged in and built their blocks of one-too-many shopping malls and a hotel, we loved our quiet heartlands. Besides the Chinese and Japanese Gardens, we also went to Bukit Batok Nature Park for our morning runs.


14. You were from a neighbourhood school


b2ap3_thumbnail_dragon-scouts.jpgSource: dragonscouts

You could afford to stay back in school til late to play football because walking home is easy. Your schoolmates are also your neighbours so you always had someone to go to school with and back again.


15. School visits happened too much at the Singapore Science Centre


Every school excursion is arranged there because it is so nearby. But any place that’s not school was nothing to complain about! The McDonalds has a wondrous display of every Happy Meal toy since the 90’s and it was never too far to get home. Check out our article on 10 Reasons to Visit the Science Centre.


16. You hate going to chalet parties in the East


gross_no_thank_you_supernatural.gifBy the time we get to the party, we’ll only stay for an hour before trudging our way home. Huh like that only then don’t go lor. And if we had to stay over, we’ll have to bring our barang barang along and NOBODY goes home with you after that.


17. You can see Jurong Island from your window


b2ap3_thumbnail_img69_20052010021837.jpegSource: greatnewplaces

You know it’s Jurong Island because it always excited you to see a huge burning flame atop two striped towers but it’s really not a big deal.


18. KAP was your usual studying spot


b2ap3_thumbnail_new-launch-condo-king-albert-park1-004.jpgSource: newlaunch-condo

Before the legendary McDonald’s got torn down, it was the most ideal place to study other than the library.


19. Your friends rarely go to your house


tumblr_mszlvvvndw1shi48to3_250.gifSource: tumblr

Except for the one-off birthday party, nobody ever stays over. It’s never on the way to anything, it’s out of the way for everyone and nobody ever remembers where you live.


20. People assume you bring your passport everywhere


b2ap3_thumbnail_not-sure-if-telling-old-joke-or-just-asking-dumb-question.jpgSource: creatememe

“You stay Jurong ah? Got bring passport or not?” Rolls eyes. Bitch please, at least we’re not staying where you actually need one. *cough*Woodlands*cough*.