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10 Types Of Students Who Choose To Major in Business

I didn’t choose the business life, the business life chose me 


b2ap3_thumbnail_psb-academy.pngIt’s not always an easy decision to make when we’re talking about our future. We always imagine it to be warm and bright, but sometimes it can be scary but it’s always full of possibility. Some of us don’t even know where to start! 

Well if you’ve ever considered a business course and haven’t decided , perhaps this list will help you find your way around the great unknown:


1. The Joker



We all know the guy that makes us laugh, gets into trouble with authority and all the girls secretly wish they could date. Being funny and making other people comfortable around them are skills valuable in Business – standing out from the crowd is a hallmark of a good businessperson.


2. The Visionary



Some days you look out the window and you dream of a better world, maybe one where people are entertained by the comics you’ve been drawing since primary school. You have a voice that needs to be heard! People need to see your work, and building a business around your passion will bring it to life.


3. The Fashionista 



These guys are always strutting down the school corridors like it’s a fashion runway. While finding a matching pair of pants with your tie might be too much trouble for some of us, being well dressed will set you apart from the rest of the crowd and impress your colleagues and clients.


4. The Leader



Leading is a hard thing to do – earning the respect of your peers, making the tough calls, and handling responsibility. But you thrive under responsibility. You can’t stand working under others, and you can’t wait to call the shots. 


5. The Born Salesman



This is the guy who tried to sell you his broken iPod back in the day. They are glib, and they will do whatever it takes to make a sale. That’s an attitude that ensures success in a corporate environment. 


6. The Overly-Enthusiastic One



This is the guy you always see at school camps and bellows the loudest when the school song comes on. He’s super friendly and loves to make you feel included… even though you don’t really wanna be. 

That’s a great strength in Business though, because connecting people may prove useful for everyone involved and makes you an invaluable asset. 


7. The Day Dreamer



Also known as the guy who lives in his own world. These guys see things in a different way from most of their peers do and have vastly different opinions. They can be valuable to businesses that require new perspectives to evolve.


8. The Entrepreneur



These guys have been listening to self made millionaire stories all their lives and believe that their awesome ideas will change the world… and make plenty of cash! They are extremely driven and are often the ones who successfully convince you to try something new and crazy. 


9. The Super Fickle Minded One



These guys second-guess every decision they make and take forever to decide what they want for lunch. Yet there’s also value in that – these guys make perfect accountants by triple checking their already meticulous work. Business degrees are also general, which leaves them open to whatever their hearts desire when they graduate. 


10. The New Generation



These are the guys whose parents have been in the business since before you were born. They always seem carefree, with the decision to carry on their parents’ legacy already made. A business degree would help them to take the reins and bring their family business to greater heights. 


Get started at PSB



With 2 campuses and programmes offering everything from Advertising and Accounting to Marketing and Tourism, PSB is equipped to help you get to where you want to be whether you know where it is or not. PSB Academy is host to many reputable universities including the University of Newcastle and Coventry University which provide extensive business programmes for students. 

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