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Credit: Waterbom Bali

Theme park lovers have Six Flags in America on their bucket lists, with rides there that will reduce the bravest of thrill seekers to jelly. Kingda Ka, El Toro, and Superman: Escape from Krypton, among other rides, have reached mythical status, attracting a legion of fans. 

Credit: Waterbom Bali

But with a slew of new rides opening in 2015, Waterbom Bali, a water theme park in Indonesia, is threatening to break Six Flag’s monopoly and become thrill seekers’ new Mecca. From rides that let you freefall from 9 storeys high to being launched into the air with only gravity as a safety measure, you know this isn’t just a normal theme park! Here’s what to expect at the waterpark ranked #1 in Asia and #3 in the world by TripAdvisor.


Beginning our journey 


We visited Waterbom Bali, starting our day off with perfect weather – neither too sunny nor gloomy. We couldn’t wait but rush to the locker room and change into our swim wear! I really like the concept of the water park here – upon renting a locker, you’ll receive a velcro bracelet which can be used to open it. The bracelet is waterproof so don’t worry about the water damaging it.  

Additionally, the credits in the velcro bracelet can be topped up with cash so purchasing anything in the theme park is a breeze. Just make sure you don’t drop it!




Waterbom Bali has 17 slides with various thrill levels, with the easiest one being the Lazy River. But we’re not here for that – let’s get started on the adrenaline pumping goodness on offer! 


The Climax



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The CLIMAX is one slide all thrill seekers HAVE to try at least once in their lifetime. Topping the scale on all counts of the thrill factor, the ride lasts a total of 7 seconds. Now, 7 seconds might seem really short but you will think twice after seeing how the ride begins. 

  1. You enter a chamber with see-through panes surrounding you that is 5 (FIVE) FLOORS above ground.  

  2. Fold your arms and arch your back. As if the suspense is not enough, a machine counts down and with a “THREE, TWO, ONE”, a trap door right below your feet opens and down you go. 

Being a thrill seeker, the first few seconds of the ride was a hair-raising experience and I felt like I was free-falling. After that, the slide curves upwards and loops around before you crash into the water at the end. 


The Boomerang



Another slide to try is The Boomerang. Lasting 5 secs, it propels you from the base of the ride to the top at a speed of 70kph, before gravity brings you crashing back down with a vengeance. There are no real safety barriers for this ride – you’ll just have to let gravity pull you back down.

Be prepared to scream your lungs out as you twist down a 20 metres drop only to get swept straight back up again. Then before you know it, you’ll be free falling all the way to the end. 


New Rides



If these 2 rides aren’t enough for you, there is also an upcoming thrills segment of the park opening in 2015 that’ll get your heart racing, comprising of Double Twist, Fast n’ Fierce, Twin Racers and Smash Down 2.0. Here’s a quick video to whet your appetite: 

Waterbom Bali New Waterslide 2015 Trailer - FORWARD -
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Waterbom Bali New Waterslide 2015 Trailer - FORWARD -


Double Twist


Double Twist features a sharp drop followed by a quick double loop, keeping you on your toes (not literally) for the entire ride. With this breathtaking combination of speed, sharp turns, and thrills, you’re sure to keep going back for more!  

From left to right: Twin Racers, Fast N’ Fierce, Smash Down 2.0. Credit: Waterbom Bali 


Twin Racers


Get ready in 3, 2, 1…. Race against your friend on Twin Racers as you lie facedown on a mat and rev off, leaving your friend in a cloud of dust… or drenched in water. Swoosh through the entire circuit and end it off with a surprise final drop!  

Tip: compact your body so there’s less water resistance, helping you to gain the advantage over your friend! 


Fast N’ Fierce


Similar to Twin Racers, Fast N’ Fierce features a racing concept – with one difference: you can take on your partner in an open race. The slides for Fast N’ Fierce are open, with your legs first, so you’ll be able to see who’s winning at all times. That’s in theory at least – if you’re able to see your friend, it means you’re behind him! So remember to keep your body compact, shoot down the ride like a bullet, and pick yourself up for another go. 


Smash Down 2.0


If you thought freefalling from 5 storeys was scary, Smash Down 2.0 takes it up a notch. While the Climax is 21 meters (~7.5 storeys) high, Smash Down 2.0 starts at 25.9 meters (~9.25 storeys) above the ground! The ride lasts less than 10 seconds, so enjoy it while it lasts!

Credit: Waterbom Bali 


Other Slides


The Green Viper


Credit: Waterbom Bali 

The Green Viper was one of the better older solo rides that starts off fast, though it may not seem that way while you’re looking at it from below. I liked how it didn’t have as many bends as the Constrictor. 




Credit: http://www.raftingbali.net

If you ever had fantasies of being flushed down the toilet bowl, this is it. The most thrilling part of this ride was heading down the dark tunnel and feeling the momentum build up.  

Superbowl uses a double float – you can bring a buddy or scared girlfriend on this ride and it’s a great transitional slide before hitting the wilder rides like The Boomerang just next door.


Slow Rides


If the adrenaline pumping action isn’t your type of fun, Waterbom Bali offers family-friendly rides too.  


Lazy River


For those looking for something less heart-throbbing, there is the Lazy River. Chill and drift along the river to catch your breath from all the other exhilarating rides. 

Thirsty? Grab a drink at the Sunken Pool Bar and chill out with well blended tropical cocktails or a simple iced draught beer. 

You can also get a good workout with a game of pool volleyball here or engage in other family-friendly activities. 

Credit: Waterbom Bali

Credit: Waterbom Bali


The Food


Hungry? There are many F&B retail outlets within the compound where you can eat to your heart’s content. Quell your hunger pangs with a Wantilan Food Trail serving a variety of foods from Balinese favorites, Italian staples, French pastries, Indonesian delights and even gourmet Hot Dog or Burgers. You can also find ice cream, snacks and drink counters located in the park. 

Waterbom Bali is also kid-friendly too with a kids area consisting of a kid playground pool, a shallow pool for the young ones to waddle in and even slides for the older ones! 

Ever ready for the thrill of water slides, we had a whale of a time trying the different slides available and recharging at the thatched gazebos – a straw-like house for you to lie and suntan. 


Game on!


Credit: Waterbom Bali

Bali is more than resorts and beaches. Channel the inner daredevil in you and head here for an afternoon you won’t forget. You CANNOT miss out on the CLIMAX ride – where else will you get the opportunity to freefall from 7 storeys?

With so many special rides to enjoy, what are you waiting for?

Grab your tickets HERE! 


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