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Want Want Amusement Park Cover

A Want Want Amusement Park Is Opening In China Next Year With A Hot Kid Milk-Themed Waterslide

Want Want Amusement Park in China

Singaporeans growing up in the 90s and early 2000s would be familiar with Want Want as one of the OG old-school snacks we munched on as kids. Remember the iconic little red cans of Hot Kid Milk, crumbly Ball Cake Cookies and savoury Rice Crackers? As such, the news of a Want Want Amusement Park opening is a huge blast from the past.

Set to open its doors next year, the upcoming theme park will be located in Changsha, China, and will feature rides themed after the brand’s various snacks. These include a Hot Kid Milk-themed waterslide and a snow cake-themed Ferris wheel.

Zoom down a Hot Kid Milk-themed water slide

Want Want Amusement Park O Bubble Roller Coaster
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Image credit: Cmovip

Thrill-seekers will be glad to know that the park has plenty of fast rides to get your adrenaline pumping. These include the O Bubble Crazy Roller Coaster, which blazes through its 1km long track at 117 km/h. 

But if you think speed’s all the roller coaster has to offer, think again. It also boasts not 1 or 2, but 5 360° loops. Each one towers over the park at 70m – roughly the height of a 19-storey HDB block; perfect to set your heart racing.

Want Want Amusement Park Wang Zai Milk Waterslide
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Image credit: Cmovip

If your idea of an exhilarating time includes getting drenched, you can also head over to the Wang Zai Milk Waterslide. The starting point is located in a supersized Wang Zai Milk can where riders can then choose between 3 different slides. Zoom down at 130 km/h into the cream-coloured waters – replicating the illusion of splashing into milk – 30m below.

Those who get a kick out of jump scares can consider visiting the Spicy Haunted House. Besides featuring Chinese supernatural figures that would look right at home in Haw Par Villa, the scare zone also has science fiction-themed rooms featuring the likes of Frankenstein and zombies.

We’re even hearing whispers that AI and 5D experiences are currently in the works, so keep an eye out for those.

IG-worthy giant snack sculptures & unmanned robot cafes

There’s also a whole host of chill activities for you to do, whether you’re seeking to recharge your batteries after an action-packed day or just looking for some nice photos for the ‘Gram.

Have your coffee shaken, not stirred, at Mr Bond’s Coffee Labs.
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Image credit: Winshang

Aspiring baristas can head over to Mr Bond’s Coffee Labs, where they can choose from a wide variety of ingredients to create unique concoctions. Much like the AI-powered bar at Ark11, this entire cafe is run by robots. Although there’s not a single human crewmember here, rest assured that even the weirdest of requests will be handled effortlessly.


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Image credit: Cmovip

If you’re looking to feed your phone with some Instagrammable shots, you can pop by the Want Want Giant Snack Forest. The wonderland of sorts sports giant sculptures of familiar snacks such as their rice crackers and cake balls.

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Image credit: Matt旺家 via Weibo

The Wangzai Theme Museum is where to go for some respite from the heat and a whole lotta nostalgia. Housed in a giant Wang Zai Milk Can, it boasts interesting tidbits of the company’s history, as well as original products such as the first ever rice cracker produced. 

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Image credit: Matt旺家 via Weibo

There’s also a replica of their factory’s production line on the 2nd floor of the museum, so you can take a peek into how your favourite snacks are made.

Look forward to Want Want Amusement Park’s opening in 2025

Whether you’re looking to zoom down the Wang Zai Milk Waterslide or simply pose next to a giant rice cracker, there’s plenty to look forward to at Want Want Amusement Park when it opens next year. FYI, Scoot has direct flights to Changsha a few times a week.

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Cover image adapted from: Matt旺家 via Weibo, TTGChina, Social Beta