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Paramount Park Kunming Cover Image

This Upcoming Theme Park In China Will Have Tomb Raider & Star Trek Rides, Plus IRL Krusty Krab

Paramount Park Kunming – Upcoming theme park in China

When you think of theme parks, the Disneylands and Universal Studios around the globe come to mind. You can’t possibly give Hong Kong Disneyland a miss when you’re there or say you’ve been to Japan without stopping by Universal Studios Japan.

However, the upcoming Paramount Park Kunming in China aims to shake up the theme park game. The sprawling 643-acre grounds will be segmented into 6 different areas, each themed after familiar franchises and IPs from various movies and TV shows. Read on for what you can expect to see at the theme park when it opens in 2028.

Star Trek & Mission Impossible & Tomb Raider themed-zones

Final Frontier At Paramount Park Kunming
Artist rendition of the Star Trek-themed zone in the upcoming Paramount Park Kunming.
Image credit:

Star Trek fans rejoice, as there’ll be an entire zone that’s dedicated to the cult classic television series. It’s aptly called the Final Frontier, and will bear sci-fi attractions. 

Star Trek Operation Enterprise Roller Coaster At Movie Park GermanyThe Star Trek Operation Enterprise roller coaster in Movie Park Germany.
Image credit: Movie Park Germany

The details of the park are still scarce, but some of the placeholder names of the futuristic rides to get Trekkies all hyped up include the Warp Drive roller coaster, and the Space Dive drop towers. For a glimpse of what these rides could look like, take a look at the Star Trek Operation Enterprise roller coaster over at Movie Park Germany.

Artist Rendition Of Adventure City
An artist’s rendition of Adventure City.
Image credit: themeparX

Those who can’t get enough of action films will be ecstatic to find out that there’ll be a dedicated Adventure City chock-full of callbacks to blockbuster thrillers like Mission: Impossible. If you’d like to cosplay as Tom Cruise, we’ve also caught wind of an interactive IMF Spy Training Facility that’ll put your agility, flexibility, and determination to the test. 

Artist Rendition Of The Lost Kingdom At Paramount Park Kunming
An artist’s rendition of the Lost Kingdom.
Image credit: themeparX

Other areas that are in the works include Dinotopia, a zone which is based on a book where humans coexist in harmony alongside intelligent dinosaurs. You’ll also be able to splash down in water rides over at the Tomb Raider-inspired Lost Kingdom.

Fiery Fist O' Pain Ride At Paramount Park KunmingThe fictional Fiery Fist O’ Pain roller coaster will see an IRL rendition at Paramount Park Kunming.
Image credit: Encyclopedia Spongebobia

There’ll also be a Nickelodeon-themed area called Nick Joy City for the little ones to scamper about. They’ll get to rub shoulders with the characters from Spongebob Squarepants, Paw Patrol, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. The Krusty Krab’s even listed as a restaurant here, so you can finally get your hands on a coveted Krabby Patty.

Rock Bottom Plunge Roller Coaster At Nickelodeon Universe
The Rock Bottom Plunge roller coaster at Nickelodeon Universe.
Image credit: @sean.calavan via Instagram

If you need some visual aid, there are a couple of existing Nickelodeon theme parks around the world. The Nickelodeon Universe at American Dream’s a good representation of the proposed Nick Joy City – so you’ll know what to expect when Paramount Park Kunming finally opens to the public. 

Look forward to the upcoming Paramount Park Kunming

Not much has been revealed about Paramount Park Kunming, but 1 thing we know for certain is that it’s a big project; like, 8 billion RMB (~S$514,582,400) big. To further entice you to visit, there are currently direct flights to Kunming from Singapore so getting there is not much of a hassle. 

Big projects take time, so although the park is projected to fully open in 2028, we’ve still got others to hit up in China which aren’t Shanghai Disneyland, just look to Chimelong Spaceship Theme Park and the Hello Kitty Theme Park in Sanya.

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Cover image adapted from: themeparX