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junglia theme park - cover

Okinawa Will Have A New Nature Theme Park That Looks Like Jurassic World & Is 3X The Size Of USS

Junglia – Nature theme park in Okinawa

Google “theme parks in Asia” and you’ll find longstanding ones like Tokyo Disneyland and Universal Studios Singapore alongside newer names like Ghibli Park and World of Frozen at Hong Kong Disneyland. 

If one of your goals is to visit as many theme parks as you can, here’s another one to add to your radar: Junglia, set to open in Okinawa in 2025. As if you needed another reason to visit this Japanese prefecture that’s a 5-hour journey by plane directly from Singapore. 

A theme park in Okinawa’s forests

junglia theme park - map
For scale, that’s about 3 times as large as USS.
Image credit: Junglia  

Unlike other theme parks we’re used to, Junglia is meant to be a nature-focused theme park. For one, it’ll be built in a 600,000sqm area in a UNESCO-listed forest in Okinawa that was once the site of a former golf course. 

For those unfamiliar with Okinawa, it’s an island paradise that’s geographically closer to Jeju Island and Taiwan than it is to Japan. Hence, it has a climate that Singaporeans are more accustomed to. 

Balloon rides & dinosaur-themed attraction

junglia theme park - balloon
Image credit: Junglia

 While being located in one of Japan’s most beautiful regions is an attraction in itself, you need rides to validate the “theme park” moniker. And what do the geniuses behind Junglia have in store for visitors in 2025? The answer: dinosaurs.

junglia theme park - 4wd chase
This is one for thrill-seekers and dinosaur enthusiasts.  
Image credit: Junglia 

One of the key rides features a heart-stopping drive in a 4-wheeler through the forest while being chased by some carnivorous prehistoric reptiles. No further details have been released, but we’re assuming that it will take advantage of the surrounding landscapes while making use of AR technology, similar to the Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge ride at Super Nintendo World.

junglia theme park - ziplines
The park’s announcement video also featured ziplines guests can zoom down.

Image adapted from DIME via YouTube

But if all you want is to admire the lush greenery of the Yambaru forests, hop on one of the hot air balloon rides, which gives you a bird’s-eye view of surrounding nature. 

Check out Junglia when it opens in 2025

In 2025, Okinawa will have its own multi-million dollar theme park where dinosaurs roam free. It sure sounds like something straight out of a film that could become a successful franchise. Thankfully, just like in the movies, the dinos here won’t be real.  

junglia theme park - trialer
Don’t let the fireworks distract you from the fact that those are definitely not giraffes.
Image adapted from: Junglia 

If you’ve already struck off the new theme parks like Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Japan, Ghibli Park, and the other theme parks on the mainland from your Japan to-do list, there’s one more on the way to look forward to.

Okinawa is accessible via a direct 5-hour flight from Singapore (from S$350) and 2 hours from Tokyo (from S$58), so it’s entirely possible to plan a short getaway with your family or friends once it’s ready. 

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Cover image adapted from: Junglia