Spring destinations in Europe

Singapore may be blessed with summer all year long, but that also means we miss out on the other 3 seasons. Aside from a wintery escape to Canada or Switzerland, there’s always the option to go on a spring retreat in Europe too. 

Frolic in colourful flower fields, stroll along orange-scented streets, or join a city-wide tulip festival – the options are endless. For all you spring-lovers out there, we’ve gathered a list of spring destinations in Europe you can check out for your next holiday. 

1. Castelluccio, Italy – Giant field of colourful wildflowers

Castelluccio, Italy
Image adapted from: @un_pugliese_a_spasso via Instagram

Just a 3-hour train ride from Rome is Castelluccio, a wildflower haven. This picturesque location is part of the famed Piano Grande, a huge plain that’s found beneath the Sibillini Mountains.

Blooming season typically happens between May and July. Most of the flowers here are planted by local farmers, and you can expect to see poppies, daisies, violets, and cornflowers of various colours. Trust me, there’s no need to bump up the saturation for the pictures taken here as there are bursts of colours everywhere. 

Getting there: Take a flight to Rome Fiumicino Airport, then take a 3-hour train ride to Castelluccio. 

Castelluccio on Google Maps

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands – Annual city-wide tulip festival

amsterdam netherlands
The Keukenhof Garden.
Image adapted from: @be_liv_in & @0xtheh via Instagram

Think of the Netherlands and tulips probably come to mind. And that’s exactly what you can expect at Amsterdam during late March to early May. For one, you can attend the Amsterdam Tulip Festival taking place from 21st March to 12th May 2024. There’ll be over 880,000 tulips planted around 85 locations, and you can download the online map to OTOT tour the festival. 

We recommend dropping by Bloemenmarkt too, a floating flower market where you can get gorgeous blooms. Or, visit the Keukenhof Garden, one of the world’s largest flower gardens with around 7 million flower bulbs planted annually. The place will be open from 21st March to 12th May 2024, and tickets go from €20/adult (~S$29.30) and €9/child (~S$13.19).

Getting there: Take a direct flight to Amsterdam Schiphol Airport. 

Keukenhof Garden on Google Maps

3. Paris, France – Cherry blossom park with free admission

Paris, France
Image credit: @paris_shuffle via Instagram

Japan isn’t the only destination where you can catch cherry blossoms. Considered one of the largest parks in Paris, the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont has rows and rows of cherry blossoms that bloom in March and April. 

Visitors have also seen wild parrots chilling in the trees too, so don’t forget to look between the branches for these birbs. Then, walk up to the Temple de la Sybille for a mesmerising view of the city. By the way, entry to the park is free! 

Getting there: Take a flight to Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport. Take the metro to the Botzaris station, and walk 5 minutes to the Parc des Buttes-Chaumont. 

Parc des Buttes-Chaumont on Google Maps

4. Solcava Panoramic Road, Slovenia – 21-km nature road trip

spring in europe - Solcava Panoramic Road, Slovenia
Image adapted from: @mare_loves_to_explore & @miladacul via Instagram

The Solcava Panoramic Road needs no introduction. It’s a 21-km long path with over 20 scenic points, including one where you can peer out at the shining lake Zgornje Jezersko. The entirety of the road can be covered in 1 day if you’re driving, and you’ll get to see rare flowers like the Zois’ violets and short-haired sandworts that are endemic to Slovenia. 

If you don’t have a driving licence, you can stay in the city too. The Volčji Potok Arboretum garden is a brilliant place to swing by as it is home to over 3,500 different species of plants. But hey, you can also jio a friend who has a drivers licence so you get to experience the scenic road trip as well. 

Getting there: Take an indirect flight to Ljubljana Jože Pučnik Airport – layovers are available in countries such as Istanbul, Paris, and Amsterdam. 

Solcava Panoramic Road on Google Maps

5. Istanbul, Türkiye – Free flower festival with hyacinths & pansies

spring in europe - Istanbul, Türkiye
Image adapted from: @mehri_gutlyeva & @cigdem.yildirim.144 via Instagram

Istanbul is known for its beautiful infrastructure, but its nature scene shouldn’t be discounted either. Plan your trip during April and May as that’s when flowers are in full bloom. It’s also when the beautiful spring flowers are out at the Taksim Square.

While you’re there, consider joining the Istanbul Tulip Festival at Emirgan Tulip Gardens – it’s slated to happen from 1st-30th April 2024 and will feature flowers including tulips, grape hyacinths, pansies, and roses. But if your travels don’t fall in April, you can always plan a trip to places such as Gülhane Park and Sultanahmet Square that have a tonne of radiant blooms. 

Getting there: Take a direct flight to Istanbul Airport.

Emirgan Tulip Gardens on Google Maps

6. Valencia, Spain – Festival with whimsical caricature-style statues

spring in europe - Valencia, Spain
The festival comes alive with firecrackers and bonfires.
Image credit: Freepik

We’re all about the gorgeous flowers blooming in spring. But for something more unique, and some might even say odd, check out the Las Fallas Festival in Valencia

The festival takes place every 15th-19th March, where larger-than-life wooden statues parade down the streets. These statues usually adopt a caricature-style, and are meticulously crafted by local artists. But lo and behold, once the parade is over, these statues are set on fire and burnt to ashes – signifying the start of spring.

Getting there: Take an indirect flight to Valencia Airport – layovers are available in countries such as Istanbul, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. 

Valencia on Google Maps

7. Lake Constance, Germany – Unblocked lake views

spring in europe - Lake Constance, Germany
Visit between May and July to see the sea of flowers.
Image credit: @micha_vom_see_ via Instagram

Lake Constance is the place for charming lake views. It borders between Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, and you can get here from Munich via a 2.5-hour car ride. 

The lake is connected to the famed Rhine river and considered one of the largest freshwater lakes in Central Europe. The crystal blue water isn’t the only attraction here; there are countless wildflowers blooming by the lake too. 

Getting there: Take a flight to Munich International Airport, then take the train to Konstanz station. 

Lake Constance on Google Maps

8. Athens, Greece – Lined with fragrant orange trees

spring in europe - Athens, Greece
Image adapted from: @aldanahdougherty & @jeszenszkyekutaznak via Instagram

Wander around Athens and you’ll notice a pleasant smell – it’s actually the tangy scent from the orange trees that line the streets of Athens. These fruit trees can be found everywhere; at residential buildings, in the middle of pavements, and along the roads. 

April to May is when you’ll see the round orange fruit hanging from the trees. While the rules of fruit-picking aren’t strictly enforced, locals will advise against eating these oranges as they’re actually pretty bitter. Nonetheless, they give off a sweet citrusy fragrance and the trees make for beautiful backdrops for your Instagram photos. 

Getting there: Take a direct flight to Athens International Airport. 

Athens on Google Maps

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For the uninitiated, spring season in Europe typically falls between March to June. And while the weather during this period is lovely – not too cold, and not too warm – most tourists tend to travel to Europe during summer or winter instead since there are longer holidays then. 

spring destinations europe
Image credit: Felix Young via Pexels

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