Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3

Few things have been through as much as your years-old laptop. It’s been lugged and thrown around countless times, used as a placemat for your meals, and doubled up as a pillow for your pet. So if you’ve realised it’s time for an upgrade, you’ve come to the right place.

A small, light, and sturdy laptop has just hit the market – one that can accompany you around town without breaking your back. It comes in 4 trendy colours and has a battery that can last for up to 15 hours. Meet the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3.

Ultra-light laptop with up to 15 hours battery life

Weighing at just 1.13kg, the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 is as light as 4 loaves of French baguettes. Plus, it’s slightly larger than your A5 notebook. For those who run around town or travel for work often, this gadget is for you.

new laptop

While this piece of tech has all the traditional capabilities of a laptop, it also comes with a touchscreen that’s smaller than the size of an A4 paper. That way, you can flip-flop between tapping the screen and swiping the sizeable trackpad. You’ll also get access to new Windows AI functions like Bing Chat and Image Creator.

microsoft surface laptop

Besides being super thin and light, the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 is also pretty. It comes in 4 lovely shades of blue, sage, sandstone, and platinum, and will perk you up every time you look at it. 

Plus, its battery can last up to 15 hours, which means it can cope with all the Netflix bingeing at home, research for school projects, and back-to-back meetings at work for as long as you can without having to lug your charger along.

Free support services at Microsoft Concierge

The light, small, and classy Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 pretty much sells itself. But the Microsoft Concierge is probably the cherry on top.

microsoft surface laptop

Located exclusively at Harvey Norman Millenia Walk, the service counter offers free set-up assistance, software installation, and exchanges. The latter, known as Servicing Drop-off, lets you return Surface and Xbox products within the warranty period and receive a refurbished unit in return.

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At the moment, Microsoft Concierge doesn’t offer hardware repairs, hard drive replacements, and trade-ins. But here’s to hoping.

Upgrade your laptop with Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3

If you’ve decided to part ways with your old laptop and fork out for a spanking new Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3, congrats. Your lower back and shoulders will thank you for that.

microsoft surface laptop

From now till 31st December 2023, when you buy any Surface products at Harvey Norman, you’ll get up to 10% off and plenty of gifts to bring home. A Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3, for instance, is only $1,349 (U.P. $1,499). Just make sure you bring your student or educator ID along for verification.

Whether you’re still in school or well into adulthood, it’s worth investing in a Microsoft Surface Laptop Go 3 that won’t let you down.

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This post was brought to you by Microsoft.
Photography by Liu Xing Ying.

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