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Mimaland – Malaysia’s Forgotten Theme Park That Has Been Abandoned For Almost 30 Years

Mimaland – Malaysia’s first theme park, now abandoned

Singaporeans have always had a deep and abiding fascination with the supernatural and the inexplicable – whether it’s haunted beaches, eerie streets, or the mystifying realm of a haunted theme park.

Hidden in the lush hills of Gombak – about 25km away from the city of Kuala Lumpur –  sits Mimaland, a forgotten relic of the past.

Opened in 1975 & shut down in 1994 after a landslide

Malaysia’s first theme park, Mimaland or “Miniature Malaysia Land” opened in 1975 and closed down permanently in May 1994, after a supposed landslide damaged the property.

mimaland park map
Map of Mimaland’s layout.
Image credit: Mimaland via Facebook

Mimaland, owned by Mimaland Berhad which was a part of the Magnum Group of Companies, was perched on a sprawling 300-acre hilly terrain in Ulu Gombak. 

mimaland-theme-park-malaysiaImage credit: Mimaland via Facebook

The place also boasted 24 motel rooms,10 chalets, a swimming pool, and a cosy cluster of 4 dorms with 100 beds.

dinosaur parkImage adapted from: @kwaihoong, Roam This Way

One of the coolest main attractions of Mimaland was the “prehistoric animal park,” where you could check out dinosaur models of all shapes and sizes. 

mimaland-theme-park-malaysiaImage credit: Mimaland via Facebook

They also had a lake where you could go boating and fishing, a massive maze to find your way out of, and a forest area to explore.

String of tragedies leading to the final nail on the park’s coffin

mimaland-theme-park-malaysiaThe now moss-covered entrance of Mimaland.
Image credit: Roam This Way

In January 1993, tragedy struck Mimaland when a 27-year-old Singaporean lost his life while using the giant slide at the park’s pool. 

The incident sent shockwaves through the public and led to the temporary closure of Mimaland. After significant improvements were made to the giant slide, the park managed to reopen its gates.

muddy lakes mimalandMuddy waters of the lake and pool area in Mimaland.
Image adapted from: Mimaland via Facebook

However, the ill-fated park faced more challenges in May 1994 when a minor landslide damaged the walls of the same pool. This event resulted in muddy water seeping into the pool, forcing the area to close its doors to the public once again.

Multiple parties, including government agencies, raised concerns about the management of Mimaland, citing issues with security and control. Consequently, the court took action against the park, ultimately permanently barring it from continuing its operations in 1994.

A once lively park now abandoned with eerie remnants

mimaland-theme-park-malaysiaAbandoned and decaying spots at Mimaland.
Image adapted from: Roam This Way

Mimaland may be a distant memory for older Malaysians, but it continues to spark eerie tales among the younger generation. Despite its dilapidated state, the abandoned theme park remains a source of fascination, with whispers of strange encounters echoing through its deserted pathways.

Some have speculated that Orang-orang Bunian, which are mystical beings from Malay folklore, live on the site and many claimed to spot glances of them while there. Others have seen a figure of a woman dressed in white, lurking around the area.

abandoned arcadeAbandoned arcade at Mimaland.
Image credit: @toyota_michaellim129 via Instagram

In 2020, the mysterious aura of the abandoned Mimaland theme park also served as the inspiration for a horror movie titled Miimaland.

Directed by Nevin Hiong, the film stars Fattah Amin as Ariel, a journalist who is investigating the mystery behind an abandoned theme park in Malaysia called Mimaland. 

Ariel is joined by his friend, Sean, and his pregnant girlfriend, Elize, on his investigation. They soon discover that the park is haunted by the spirits of the people who died in the landslide. The group is also stalked by a mysterious figure who is trying to kill them.

Mimaland, a hotspot for thrill-seekers

mimaland-theme-park-malaysiaImage credit: @toyota_michaellim129

Despite its rumours of Malay mystical creatures living there and spectral visitations of a woman in white, Mimaland continues to draw thrill-seekers of all ages to its grounds.

However, it’s important to remember that Mimaland is strictly off-limits to the public, primarily due to safety concerns. While you can enjoy looking through nostalgic pictures of the park on social media, it’s best to stay away from its grounds at all costs.

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Cover image adapted from: Roam This Way,  @hifzxn_husxy via Instagram