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When I was younger, my mother always told me to go “trial and error” with guys I meet. Of course, not all of them got her approval. Sometimes opposites don’t attract, and sometimes you just like guys who dance with their two left feet. Boys are weird.

Nonetheless, boys are a girl’s favourite subject. We rounded up 20 guys who attract us one way or another.


1. The Stud


b2ap3_thumbnail_pickup.jpgSource: funniestmemes

They pride themselves as a ladies man in spite of their gaudy suits and obnoxious charm.

You’re attracted to him because he is smooth and his pick-up lines leave you feeling giggly. He knows how to throw a good party and you never had to pay for drinks. It doesn’t bother you that you’re one of five girls who will share the bed space tonight. In fact, who doesn’t love a little competition?

Note: They’re not the ones you want to marry. Unless you have a thing for guys with syphilis and God knows what else.


2. The Comedian


funny.gifSource: wifflegif

You love having a good laugh and a man with a good sense of humour is your top priority.

His innate ability to say and do everything that puts more than a smile on your face is evident happiness. Having no shame is his game and from witty puns to bizarre actions, his jokes are the ones that never get old.


3. The Musician


tumblr_inline_molrbof4d01qz4rgp.gifSource: wifflegif

Going on a date with a musician makes it a dinner and show all in one. His constant baggage will be that guitar bag but when he whips out that bad boy and starts to serenade you, you’re guaranteed to swoon.

A word of caution: It’ll be a bit tough to pry him away from his guitar which he showers with more TLC than any human being.

If you’ve always dreamt of having your own John Mayer, then Spotify is your matchmaker.


4. Mr. Fashion Week


fashion.gifSource: wifflegif

Like most women, I am extra careful about how I dress. However, I haven’t met a man who shares the same habit.

The well-dressed man curates his outfits effortlessly and he’s already ahead with the Spring/Summer 2059 looks. The minute he steps out of the house, the world is his runway. His Instagram posts are wholly #ootd-worthy and if your outfit complements his, you may just be featured too!

He also makes for a great shopping buddy and would be more than glad to be your personal stylist.


5. The One With Guns than a sculpted face, a man’s bod is just as important.

It’s admirable how ripped the muscles on a male body can get. We can’t blame them for not being able to fit those arms through t-shirt sleeves and we ladies definitely won’t be complaining at the massive guns on display.

I won’t lie – a man looks his peak when every inch of muscle is chiseled. Guys, if you wanna look good, those trapezius muscles aren’t gonna work themselves.


6. The Athlete


athlete.gifSource: Tumblr

Having lean meat in your meals comprise a good diet. And so is having lean meat on men.

They’re not as bulky as their fellow steroid-filled brethren in #5 but these guys actually do sports. On top of strength activities, they also do cardio so they don’t resemble a lumbering mess when they run in marathons.

They pull off sports jerseys AND suits. You can’t say no to that.


7. The Rugged Man


b2ap3_thumbnail_lumberjack-problems-hipster.jpgSource: funniestmemes

Some days I love my men sharp and slick. On other days, I like them a little rough.

That naturally tousled bed hair and smouldering stare are sexy features they can’t help hiding. Don’t be put off by his facial hair however – I assure you his grooming skills are anything but unkempt and the five o’clock shadow makes them feel like a real man’s man.


8. The Cook


cook.gifSource: wifflegif

The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach.

Imagine this: you wake up in the morning and you follow a waft leading to the kitchen. Huddled over the stove making the best cheesy scrambled eggs is your man wearing and somehow pulling it off, an apron. There’s nothing sexier than having a man in the kitchen.

You’ll never hear the words “B*tch, make me a sandwich!” because he can very well make his own. It’s the 21st century and the roles are reversed. You’ll never be hungry again.


9. The Househusband


b2ap3_thumbnail_Marry-a-House-Husband.jpgSource: Legal Cheek

He is the epitome of The Man of the House.

Not only will he never ask you to make a sandwich and make an apron look good, he can also rock a pair of rubber gloves and dance with a broom. After a long day at work, you come home to dinner on the table in a house that’s spick and span all around the clock.

It’s no surprise that he has a talent for taking care of kids as well. Just hand him the nasty –  the diaper changing, the cleaning up of milk barf … He may as well have a womb.


10. The Older Man


old.gifSource: HuffingtonPost

Somewhere in the crevices of our dating history, we’ve all had that man-child ex-boyfriend. And in order to come back from that, we turn to the extreme end of the spectrum.

Older men exude maturity, gentlemanliness and stability that boys our age can never achieve. Men, like wine, get better with age. Except things get especially awkward when you’re dating your grandfather’s best friend and their parties suddenly resemble game night in an old folks’ home.


11. The Man-Child


manchild.gifVery much the opposite of contender #10, some of us are actually attracted to Peter Pans.

Adorably, they bear the unaging baby face since they were 12. Their boyish mischievous charm and their stupid pranks are your sense of humour. Date nights are usually spent at home, much attributed to their unemployment status and Xbox addiction. When it comes to feeding time, a microwavable mac & cheese or a day-old pizza slice will do. It saves time and money compared to going to a fancy restaurant so no complaints there.

Oh, and his mother still does his laundry. Soon enough, you can take over! It sounds like a lot of work but at least you get a head start on motherhood.


12. The Pet


b2ap3_thumbnail_whipped.jpgSource: memeguy

He’s the one with the gentle soul and is ever-ready to comply to your desires. When he smiles, his dimples pierce through his porcelain skin and it absolutely melts your heart. He’s always well groomed and has the best table manners. What a specimen.

You bring him home to meet your parents and they instantly fall in love with him. They overfeed him at dinner and love him more than their own children.

And because he’s such an easy-going person aka henpecked, the married life is unquestionable. You rave about him to all your friends though they would probably be mistaken that you’re talking about your dog, but the only real difference is that your boyfriend stands on two legs.


13. Good On Paper Guy


approve.gifSource: wifflegif

“I am 1.8m tall with brown eyes and short dark hair. I work out four times a week and I do not smoke. I have a good sense of humour yet I am also sensitive to your feelings. I am a family man and I love my mom; I call her every weekend.

I graduated with a Masters Degree in Medicine and will be pursuing a PhD in Cancer Biology at Stanford University. My dream is to dedicate my life to research and discover a cure to Polio.”

You finish reading his application. Formatting looks great. You’ll take it.


14. The Billionaire Philanthropist


billionaire.gifSource: wifflegif

With money comes power, and with great power comes great responsibility.

He’s got all the 5 C’s – Car, Cash, Condo, Credit Card, Country Club – yet, he’s a man who uses his money from the good of his heart and is not blinded by the materials of the world. Sure, he naturally has a cocky nature but that’s only because he has the right to.

If time is money, then he has more than enough of it. Yet, love trumps all, right?


15. The Handyman


b2ap3_thumbnail_handyman.jpegSource: Car Memes

A real man’s man is one who is good with his hands.

From plumbing leaks to baby toys, car engines to your hair dryer, he’s your walking instruction manual. Put a stereotype label on this if you must but having a man who knows his way around loose screws is a bonus. The average Singaporean man wouldn’t know a thing or two about using a hammer so get a head start while you can! No one’s too young for Lego.

Call him Fix-It Felix or Bob the Builder. Anything you break, he fixes. Unless there’s nothing to screw, then good luck with that.


16. The Geek


geek.gifSource: Tumblr

I wouldn’t discount the comics-obsessed consumers of the world. Having a tech-savvy boyfriend has its perks. Unlike the ideal handyman man who is more familiar with simple bolts and screws, the geek is free tech-support. Bill Gates is a geek himself so don’t tell me you wouldn’t go out with that man.

But because he’s so good with gadgets, the Xbox or his RPG online game are your only competition for attention. On the plus side, he barely has friends so you don’t have to worry about a third party. Unless he starts naming his joystick.


17. The Hipster


b2ap3_thumbnail_hipster.jpgI still can’t wrap my mind around if being hipster is a good or bad thing. Despite our mad weather, the beanie and overgrown hair combo attributes to the cool factor. Don’t forget the unprescribed, oversized glasses which completes the look.

His ideas for date nights will be one of a kind. I think it’s cute that he picks you up in his bicycle and intimate moments are captured with a polaroid camera.


18. The Out-of-Sorts


weird.gifSource: wifflegif

Don’t confuse him with the Hipster. This guy has a little less self awareness.

But he’s attractive because he’s different without actually trying. (Take that, scarf-wearing hipsters). Sure, he gets a bit theatrical and hardly aces his social skills but he takes proud ownership of his identity. Sometimes having a quirky counterpart makes for a fun relationship.


19. The Sexy Bad Boy


badboy.gifSource: wifflegif

We’ve been there, done that. One day the nice guy persona bored us to death and we went on a hunt for something a little more different. The bad boy persona has been causing girls to swoon since 1950. Their nonchalant attitude about life and love is romantic trouble.

Adam Levine makes a perfect 21st Century Sexy Bad Boy. With slick hair and tight jeans, the Maroon V frontman once wore a white tee with “designer holes” costing USD600. That’s right, they pay a lot for trash.


20. Mr. Right


b2ap3_thumbnail_Hey-girl-meme-made-of-boyfriend-material.jpgSource: lolriot

perfect [per-fekt]
entirely without flaws, defects, or shortcomings.

Anything you want in a man, he’s it. Not to mention smart, good looking, patient, funny, great with kids … Heck, he’s even better than the Ken doll.

But in all sense of the word, your Mr. Right is the one who is right for you. No one else will see him the way you do. So love his curves and all his edges, all his perfect imperfections. A happy relationship is a healthy relationship.


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