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 TodoTodo provides career advice for young Singaporeans

Growing up, a question I always dreaded hearing from nosey relatives was none other than “What are your plans for the future?”. But fret not fellow confused millennials – not knowing what to do is a problem that can be solved.

Through Todo Todo, an app that provides youths with the 411 on kickstarting a career, you’ll land yourself the coveted title as a legit working adult in no time.

Here’s the low-down on Todo Todo:


It’s a career guidance resource tailored for Singaporeans


If there’s anyone who can give you real advice, it’s the people who know what they’re doing. At Todo Todo’s Skills Marketplace that took place over the Labour Day weekend, youths took part in the Human Library workshop, where they got to sit down with professionals from various sectors and learn more about the workforce in Singapore.

 Human library workship at todo todo's skills marketplace

By having a chat with Career Guides from different industries like Education, Accounting and Engineering, students were able to get advice on working towards their aspirations. We even got some advice ourselves: any experience is good experience. So, instead of waiting for your “dream” job to magically appear, be sure not to miss out on the other opportunities that may be coming your way.

Since the event is over, Todo Todo’s website is a great resource that helps young Singaporeans navigate today’s rapidly transforming economy, through the People’s Association’s (PA) and NTUC’s combined youth network of 750,000 businesses, career guides and community partners.

 Todo todo articles

With a collection of articles that cover a variety of insightful topics and columns from young PMEs themselves, new job entrants can get a fresher perspective of life in the working industry. To some of us, the idea of stepping into the workforce may be something we aren’t ready for, but with guidance and mentorship so readily available, it makes adulthood a little less daunting.

 main article page on todo todo's new website

Quick public speaking tips or advice on starting your very own business are available here.


It provides opportunities for you to meet career insiders


 Counterstrike and leadership workshop at skills marketplace

Participants got to learn some leadership skills from an intense game of Counterstrike!

Finding the job you want is one thing, but being equipped for it is another. Thankfully, Todo Todo serves as a platform for young Singaporeans to better prepare themselves for the working world by offering an array of events and courses that you can sign up for.

 sign up for courses on todo todo's website

But it doesn’t all have to be about preparing yourself for the workforce. Youth can also find workshops and talks that’ll be able to expand their knowledge and personal interests, and even find volunteer projects on Todo Todo. Elementary Korean, Jewellery Making, and even Barbering 101 – the list goes on!

Registration can be done via website or in-app (iOS/Android).


It helps youths navigate career options


So you’ve found your true calling and gotten all the prep you need. Now it’s finally time to take the plunge: applying for the job. But Todo Todo makes the job application process a breeze – with a simplified step-by-step process and guided instructions, there’s no need to worry about accidentally sending your CV to the wrong person.

 Easy job application on todo todo

Applying for a job is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Source: TodoTodo

Everything you’ll need to know is available in-app, like the necessary prerequisites and key responsibilities of a the job. This way, you’ll know exactly what you’re applying for.

Just head on to their Career section and pick an industry you’re interested in – social enterprise jobs and positions in companies such as Accenture and SPH are open too. All you’ll need are your resume, cover letter, and some confidence while you’re at it.

Note: Both full-time and internship positions are available.  


*Bonus* Find a job that matches your personality


Profiling test at todo todo's skills marketplace

For those of you who think you might be destined to be the next Steve Jobs or Einstein – you might actually have it in you. At Skills Marketplace, we took a Profiling Test, which gave us better clarity on the career paths best suited for our personalities.


Kickstart your career the right way


Download todo todo's new phone app

#LMByUrSide Our Labour Movement has initiated several programmes, tapping on our network, to enable our next generation of workforce to transit from schools to the workplace. In this video, Lynn Wong shares how our Youth Career Network linked her up with a mentor, Ivy Tse, CEO of Halogen. Through the mentorship programmes, our youth can explore, discover and develop their interest/passion into a career. Our programmes are designed to engage youth on their career journeys. CCS #NTUCMayDay2017 #UnusualLabourMovement #CareFairGrow

Posted by Chan Chun Sing on Wednesday, May 24, 2017

By helping young Singaporeans identify employment possibilities and gain necessary skills, Todo Todo provides both fresh graduates and young professionals insight on what they can do to achieve their career goals.

The apps aims to bring together resources from NTUC and the PA to make the best career guidance easily available for everyone. Young job entrants would also be able to join NTUC’s Youth Career Network, which enables mentorship and guidance – whatever career or business you may be in!

Desmond Choo and Chan Chun Sing at Todo Todo's Skills Marketplace

Desmond Choo (Director of NTUC’s Youth Development Unit) and Chan Chun Sing (Secretary-General of NTUC) chatting with a Todo Todo participant

So whether you’ve just finished school or are still figuring life out, don’t let the seemingly menacing world of adulthood intimidate you. Taking the first step into the job industry is opens up a world of exciting opportunities, and Todo Todo’s got your back – right from the palm of your hand.

Note: The app is available for both Apple and Android

Get your career started with TodoTodo

TodoTodo is part of NTUC’s mission to expand its representativeness and relevant services to help more young PMEs navigate through various career challenges.

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