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Thomson Plaza cover image

Thomson Plaza Has An Entire Zone Of Vending Machines Selling Items Like Fresh BBT & Durian

Unique vending machines in Thomson Plaza

Thomson Plaza is a mall many of us are familiar with. You probably remember it from back in the day, but perhaps now know it as the mall that houses the ever-popular Japanese restaurant Omote.

If you haven’t been in a while, chances are you don’t know about its vending machine zone. Opened recently, the area is a hidden gem with over 10 unique machines; including a fresh bubble tea machine, a durian snack machine and even a fresh-caught fish machine.

Fresh bubble tea from $2.50

The highlight of the vending machine zone is undoubtedly the bubble tea machine. Easily the first of its kind in Singapore, it serves up fresh cups in under 90 seconds. Starting at just $2.50, the teas here are significantly more affordable than those you would typically get from a big chain. 

Thomson Plaza bubble tea vending machineImage credit: Cherisse Goldwich

The ordering process is fairly simple as well – just choose from one of the 11 drinks on the menu, select your toppings, ice and sugar level, and pay using the cashless payment method of your choice. 

Then, watch in awe as the robot arm inside the machine whips up and serves your drink in minutes. The machine makes a variety of milk and fruit teas – the brown sugar milk tea, passion fruit tea and grape tea (all $3) in particular are highly recommended.

Cotton candy, durian & even fish machines

Aside from bubble tea, Thomson Plaza houses several other unique vending machines – the cotton candy machine is especially popular among kids and makes colourful cotton candy in a variety of intricate designs, including flowers and hearts ($3-$6)

Cotton candy vending machineImage credit: @foodielah_official

The durian dessert machine sells all sorts of frozen durian treats such as durian mochi and ice cream. If durian isn’t your kind of stink, there’s even a frozen fish machine where you can sample the catch of the day – after you cook it at home, of course.

Check out the vending machines at Thomson Plaza

Once a popular after-school hangout spot for students in the area, Thomson plaza has become a place of nostalgia that we mostly visit when we wish to reminisce about the good old days. 

Thomson PlazaImage credit: Cherisse Goldwich

If you find yourself in the area, make sure to check out these cool vending machines – grab a cup of machine-made bubble tea or maybe even buy a slab of fish to cook at home.

Address: Thomson Plaza level 1, 301 Upper Thomson Road, Singapore 574408
Opening hours: 10am-10pm daily
Telephone: 6454 9133

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Cover image adapted from: Cherisse Goldwich, @foodielah_official