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things to do in gold coast

10 Adventurous Things To Do At Gold Coast To Get Your Heart Racing Again After Staying At Home For Ages

Adventurous things to do at the Gold Coast

The Land Down Under is a no-brainer when it comes to planning a holiday that’s not too far away. And if you’ve missed your annual dose of sandy beaches and thrilling theme parks, you’ll be glad to know that Gold Coast is now a strong contender for your 2022 holiday plans. 

That’s right – fully vaccinated Singaporeans can now travel directly to the Gold Coast via Scoot, or head in from Brisbane via Singapore Airlines. So, if you’ve been itching for an adventure overseas, check out these adventurous things to at the Gold Coast to make full use of this long-awaited border opening:

1. Catch views 77 floors above sea level at SkyPoint

things to do in gold coast skypoint

There’s spending time on the sandy beaches of Gold Coast, and then there’s chilling 77 floors above sea level looking at all of the beaches. The SkyPoint observation deck is located at the tippy top of Q1, the tallest skyscraper in Australia, letting you soak in views of the entire city.

climbing up skypoint

Those who are not fazed by heights can challenge themselves with the SkyPoint Climb. The 90-minute adventure takes you to the outside of the Q1 building and up to its summit. With four climbing times – sunrise, day, twilight, and night – there’s a chance for everyone to get a bird’s eye view of the city and bring home an adventurous story to boot.

Address: 3003 Surfers Paradise Boulevard, Level 77 Q1 Building, Queensland 4217, Australia
Opening hours: Click here to see SkyPoint’s opening hours
Fees: From AUD27/adult (~S$26.40) and AUD19/child (~S$18.60)

SkyPoint website

2. Sample global fare & listen to live music at Miami Marketta

miami marketta

Don’t let the name Miami fool you. In case you didn’t know, there is another Miami in Queensland that hosts the laneway dining experience Miami Marketta every Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday from 5PM onwards.

street art and food in miami marketta

The original street food market on the Gold Coast brings in food vendors from all corners of the world like Italy, Japan, Thailand, Mexico, and Seoul. There’s also live music from local bands booming throughout the market so you and your fam can revel in the groovy atmosphere all night long.

Address: 23 Hillcrest Parade, Miami, Queensland 4220, Australia
Opening hours: Wed, Fri & Sat 5PM onwards
Fees: Free 

Miami Marketta website 

3. Stay in the midst of nature at O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat

things to do in gold coast O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat
Image credit: O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat

Set in the World Heritage-listed Lamington National Park and just 90 minutes away from the Gold Coast is O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat. The hideaway has plenty of activities for you and your adventuring companions to embark on, including a tree top walk, glow worm excursions, Segway safaris, and a flying fox.

There are also 500 waterfalls and over 160KM of walking tracks within the expansive  Gondwana Rainforest so you’ll definitely be clocking in those steps on your fitness tracker during your stay here.

Address: 3582 Lamington National Park Road, Canungra, Queenslane 4275, Australia

View rates and packages on O’Reilly’s Rainforest Retreat website

4. Go on the 54KM-long Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk

gold coast hinterland great walk
Image adapted from: @scarrick29, @jonkersadventures

What’s the next big thing after you’ve conquered the Green Corridor walking trails for the umpteenth time? The 54KM-long Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk, that’s what. It’s just a two-hour drive south of Brisbane, making it a low-traffic hike for those who would prefer to be one with nature in peace.

But if you have plans on making the whole trail, be prepared to pack camping gear, water purifying tablets, and a trekking pole as it’d take you roughly three days to complete. 

Address: Old School Road, Springbrook, Queensland 4213, Australia
Fees: Free 

Find out more about the Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk.

5. Conquer your fear of heights by skydiving onto Main Beach

skydiving onto main beach in gold coast
Image credit: @goldcoastskydive

If climbing to the top of the tallest building in Australia is too tame, perhaps skydiving towards a beach is more up your alley. Skydive Australia will take you up 10,000 feet in the sky before you free fall in a tandem skydive over the iconic Surfers Paradise.

skydiving in gold coast

After your parachute is open, you’ll slowly descend down onto Main Beach that has picture-perfect views of Gold Coast even on land.

Address: Seaworld Drive, Western side of Seaworld Carpark, Queensland 4217, Australia
Opening hours: Fri – Sun 9AM-5PM (Closed Mon – Thu)
Fees: From AUD595/person (~S$580)

Skydive Australia website

6. Ride on a jet boat that does tricks like 360-degree spins

riding on a jet boat gold coast
Image credit: Paradise Jet Boating

If you’ve ever been on a log flume ride, a jet boat on the Gold Coast is just like that but a lot more intense and thrilling. Perfect to beat the summer heat, the ride will take you and fellow adrenaline junkies on a trip down the picturesque Broadwater at Surfer’s Paradise. But make no mistake – this won’t be a leisurely sail.

The Premium Broadwater Adventure is a 55-minute joyride in a specially-designed boat that can do radical tricks and manoeuvres from 360-degree spins to slides up to speeds of 80KM/H. Oh, and did we mention you’re definitely getting wet?

Address: 60 SeaWorld Drive, Shop 7B Mariners Cove Marina, Main Beach, Queensland 4217, Australia
Opening hours: 9AM-4PM, Daily (Closed on Christmas Day)
Ticket prices: From AUD60/adult (~S$58.50) & AUD42/child (~S$41)

Paradise Jet Boating website

7. Embrace your inner kid at water parks and theme parks

superman escape roller coaster ride at warner bros. movie world
The Superman Escape ride at Warner Bros. Movie World goes from 0-100KM/H in 2 seconds
Image credit: @movieworldaus

Did you really visit the Gold Coast if you didn’t go to one of their famous theme parks? But seriously though, there’s a reason why the coastal city is also known as Australia’s theme park capital. There’s a wide range of rides and activities no matter what you like or how old you are. 

You can easily go from feeding chickens at Paradise Country (from AUD49, ~S$47.95) to spinning on a 360-degree seat at the rear of a roller coaster at Dreamworld (from AUD79, ~S$77.30).

steel taipan ride in dreamworld gold coast
The Steel Taipan ride at Dreamworld has a Spinning Gondola that spins as the roller coaster is moving
Image credit: Dreamworld

And if the real Hollywood is too far, you can head to Warner Bros. Movie World (from AUD89, ~S$87.10) instead. There, you can challenge your wits at the Green Lantern Coaster that has the steepest inverted drop in the Southern Hemisphere or the DC Rivals HyperCoaster that is the tallest, fastest, and longest hypercoaster in the region.

Those visiting during the summer should also stop by Wet’n’Wild Water World (from AUD89, ~S$87.10) or WhiteWater World (from AUD79, ~S$77.30) for a good splash down the water slides or just chill by the wave pool that ebbs and flows.

8. Try surfing and catching a wave on the Southern Gold Coast

surfing on southern gold coast waves
Surfing on Duranbah Beach
Image credit: Barbara Rezende

There’s a reason why an entire coastal town is named “Surfer’s Paradise” on the Gold Coast. Board riders will love to hear that it isn’t the only beach to catch a good wave.

Beginners can try their hand at surfing over at the picturesque Currumbin Alley with mellower waves in the shallows. Experienced surfers can go to Duranbah Beach instead as that’s one of the more popular spots to surf with its powerful surf break and large swells.

Fees: Free

9. Go whale watching at Australia’s Humpback Highway

whale watching at the humpback highway
Image credit: Sea World Cruises

You don’t have to go far out to sea to watch humpback whales breach in majestic fashion when Australia has its very own Humpback Highway. Just off the shore of Gold Coast is this underwater corridor that over 35,000 whales use for their annual migration. 

If you’re Down Under in the right season – June to August – whale watching is definitely something you should have in your itinerary. Most operators like Sea World Cruises, Spirit Whale Watching, and Whales in Paradise also offer a whale-sighting guarantee just in case you miss out on an enchanting view.

Whale watching season: June – August

10. Cross the Cedar Creek Canyon in a zipline that goes up to 70KM/H

cedar creek canyon thunderbird park
Image credit: Thunderbird Park

While Australia is home to plenty of ziplines and flying foxes, the Canyon Flyer that crosses Cedar Creek Canyon at Thunderbird Park is the largest, highest, and fastest one in the country. Think seven zip lines around 1.5KM long that take you to a maximum of 60M above ground going at a top speed of 70KM/H. This is a playground for any adventure seeker.

ziplines in thunderbird park
Image credit: Thunderbird Park

If the rush is not enough, there is another Adventure Park here with over 100 rope courses from flying foxes to tarzan swings. Do set aside at least half a day to complete all the courses without feeling too rushed.

Address: Tamborine Mountain Road, Queensland 4272, Australia
Opening hours: Mon – Sun 10AM & 1PM
Fees: From AUD120/adult (~S$177.30) & AUD100/child (~S$97.80)

Thunderbird Park website

Embark on an adventurous trip in the Gold Coast

staring at the gold coast skyline

We already know that the Gold Coast has breathtaking views by the beaches and a drool-worthy gastronomic scene. While all that makes for a great getaway, you still need to find some place to get rid of all those calories, and going on an adventure is a lot more fun than dragging yourself to the gym.

From embracing your inner Spiderman and conquering rope courses to soaking in the magnificent views at top of SkyPoint, there are a myriad of ways to satisfy the adrenaline junkie in you. 

Now that Queensland is welcoming travellers back to their golden shores, it’s a sign that you should take some time off for a much-needed adventure holiday in the Gold Coast. 

Just take a look at Queensland’s border restrictions before planning your trip, and you should be good to go. 

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Cover image adapted from: @thunderbirdpark, @arthurbeer4215, Paradise Jet Boating