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the madame m relationship coaching

The Madame M Provides Relationship Profiling For Couples And Singles At 60% Off Via Online Call

The Madame M – relationship profiling & coaching in Singapore

the madame m relationship coaching The Madame M

If you’re always wondering why:

1) You can’t find love, or keep dating guys or girls who are bad news

2) You keep quarrelling with your other half

..It might be time to take some practical measures to improve the state of your love life. Instead of swiping another 50 more people on Tinder or stomping out of an argument, it might be more efficient to go for a profiling session by relationship coaching service The Madame M, which helps you recognise and avoid relationship “landmines” that could blow up in your face. 

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The Madame M

The Madame M is helmed by Annie Chan, who is certified by the Matchmaking Institute of New York and has over 1,000 Singles’ events planned under her belt. So, be assured you are in good hands. She won’t be giving you fluffy and vague relationship advice, either, as the relationship profiling is based on a unique methodology called the “Family of Origin”, a profiling tool which taps on past memories to identify your current relationships patterns and behaviors.

For instance, if you’re always attracted to unavailable bad boys, it might be because your dad was rather distant. Or, if you’re always criticising your partner, it could be because that was the default way your family communicated when young. 

Using a carefully curated questionnaire, you will be asked about your childhood memories, and Annie states that if this is completely honest, profiling can be 80% accurate for most clients, and help them uncover relationship patterns that even they were unaware of. 

Relationship profiling session with 60% off

Usually, The Madame M coaching sessions go for $250 for a 1.5 hour face-to-face session. However, we all know that in Covid-19 times, facetime might not exactly be possible. Enter a Zoom online coaching experience instead, which has the same duration and process but is at least 60% cheaper at a $100 fee

You can do it as an individual, or as a couple as well. All you have to do is call in online, and get your assessment done. 

If you balk at the idea of spending a fee to speak to a stranger, think about it this way, therapy sessions can have a far heftier price tag and it could actually save you a ton of heartbreak in the long run if you’re well equipped with…*drumroll** self-awareness. After all, a good relationship is worth its weight in gold. 


Book your relationship profiling session at The Madame M 


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