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12 Student Card Discounts In Singapore That’ll Help You Save Pocket Money On Food & Shopping

Student card discounts in Singapore

We’ve all used stickers to cover the unglam foetus pic on our EZ-Link cards, but other than having to cringe on our old selves, we can’t deny that our student card is truly an asset, with all the discounted perks it offers. So, we’ve compiled a list of student card discounts ranging from value meal sets to movie tickets that you can use for the next outing with the homies without worrying about breaking the bank. 

– Food & Beverage –

1. Rocku Yakiniku – $13.90 BBQ buffet lunch in Bugis

Rocku Yakiniku
Image credit:

Buffets are no doubt a ticket to the hearts of foodies and big-eaters, but the abundance that comes with it means that there’s usually quite a price attached to it too. 

At Rocku Yakiniku, though, you’ll get to satiate your carnivorous fancies without having to make a huge dent in your wallet. Flashing your student card will get you the student buffet lunch from 12pm-3pm on weekdays at $13.90++, which has free flow or meat and seafood.

This is one place you’ll want to jio at least 3 more friends for lunch, as groups of 4 get bottomless soft drinks at no extra charge.

Rocku Yakiniku 2
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To add to the vibe, Rocku Yakiniku also has street graffiti paintings and anime wallpapers to please any weebs out there. 

Address: 201 Victoria Street, #04-06 Bugis+, Singapore 188067
Opening hours: 11.30AM-10.30PM, Daily
Telephone: 6634 3313

Rocku Yakiniku website

2. Kintan Buffet – Japanese BBQ from $9.80

Kintan Buffet
Image credit:

Apart from pocket money and month-long holidays, another thing to be cherished in our youth is our lightning speed metabolism, where we can consume plates of food with almost zero consequences. Take advantage of your youth while you can with Kintan Buffet, which has student offers from $9.80 (U.P. $24.80).

Valid from Mondays to Thursdays, 11.30am-4pm, this is the perfect deal for those fresh out of CCA training and eager to fill their tummies. Student diners will get two plates of meat for the grill, and all-you-can-eat from the buffet bar. You’ll also get free-flow soft drinks. 

Address: 50 Jurong Gateway Road, #03-11/12 JEM, Singapore 608549
Opening hours: 11.30am-10pm, Daily
Telephone: 6262 4329

Kintan Buffet website

3. Gong Cha – Pearl milk tea for $1.90

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It’s no secret that Singaporeans are known for their bubble tea addiction, and here to satisfy those cravings is Gong Cha. $3 a cup might be a bit much for students to indulge in on the reg. 

But Gong Cha is not going to leave any student behind. Their signature Pearl Milk Tea goes for an affordable $1.90 for students, so you can drink up and still have leftover pocket money for snacks.

Gong Cha website

4. 4Fingers – $2 off combo meals

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When deciding on an after school meal to have with your friends before heading home, you can’t really go wrong with fast food. And if you’re craving for fingerlicking goodness without having to spend a bomb, there’s always 4Fingers to turn to. With your student card, you can get $2 off select combo meals on weekdays from 2pm-6pm

4Fingers website

– Entertainment – 

5. EagleWings Cinematics – Boutique cinema with $7 movies

EagleWings Cinematics
Image credit: EagleWings Cinematics

Movie first dates are a rite of passage for young couples new to dating. Luckily for students, movie theatres often offer discounted prices so long as you flash your student card.

For those attending schools within the Bukit Timah area, there’s no need to make a trip all the way to town to catch the latest flick. EagleWings Cinematics at King Albert Park has tickets for students at $7 (U.P. $9.50) on weekdays before 6pm.

Address: 9 King Albert Park, #01-58 KAP Residences, Singapore 598332
Opening hours: By appointment only
Telephone: 9848 7777

EagleWings Cinematics website

6. The Projector – Vintage cinema with $2 off tickets

The Projector
Image adapted from:
@theprojectorsg, @thriftysolivagant, @chowjiahui

If your date prefers non-mainstream screenings, impress them with a date to The Projector instead. This is the theatre to head to if you’re into arthouse films and other cinematographic works. And for students, you get $2 off tickets at $11.50 (U.P. $13.50).

The Projector 2
Image adapted from:
@thriftysolivagant, @lydiacrj

Plus, the place has a ton of photo opps, like the coloured spiral staircase that will surely add that artsy edge to your IG feeds. Make memories with your date too at the Fotoautomat photo booth for instant snapshots to keep in your wallets.

Address: 6001 Beach Road, #05-00 Golden Mile Tower, Singapore 199589
Opening hours: By appointment only 

The Projector website

7. Golden Village & Cathay Cineplexes – $6 & $7 movie tickets

Cathay Cineplexes
Cathay Cineplexes at AMK Hub.

Image credit: @indah_beauty 

For as long as we can remember, Golden Village and Cathay Cineplexes have had student discounts on tickets. This means that whenever a new Marvel or DC movie drops in theatres, you can bet on students will be joining the queues with their discounted tickets.

Golden Village
Golden Village at Junction 8.

Image credit: CapitaLand

Head to Golden Village for $7 tickets for movies from Monday to Friday, before 6pm (U.P. from $10). At Cathay Cineplexes, it’s $7 on weekdays except Tuesday, before 6pm. But, on Tuesdays, there’s a further $1 off for students at $6 (U.P. from $10.50).

Golden Village website

Cathay Cineplexes website

8. MyActiveGym – Unlimited access for $18/month

Image adapted from:
ActiveSG, ActiveSG

Class Pass gyms have definitely become a hit amongst youngsters – take a look at the spin classes your friends post on their IG stories and you’ll get it. But your free trials will run out one day, and you’ll need to find other ways to keep up the routine, lest all those gainz get fizzled away.

At MyActiveGym, students will get to enjoy a membership that grants unlimited access for $18/month (U.P. $30/month). It’s meant for off-peak periods on weekdays before 4pm, ideal for those looking to squeeze in a quick session before or after school. 

MyActiveGym website

– Retail – 

9. Challenger – Free 12-month membership

Image credit:

With HBL being part of the new norm, it’s practically essential for students to have their own laptops and smartphones to get through school. But such gadgets don’t come cheap, and can come with a price tag far beyond the limits of any student’s pocket money.

But here’s how students can get offers on their tech necessities. They can sign up for a free 12-month membership at Challenger for up to 30% off storewide. To sweeten the deal, there are regular in-store promotions like rebates and extra discounts for members only throughout the year.

Challenger website

10. Razer – 15% off all gaming gear

Image adapted from:
@pokimoonx, @sabersheart

Twitch streamers like supercatkei have such chio desktop setups adorned with neon lights and mechanical keyboards that sometimes we’re too busy checking out her gear than her content.

Getting a desk upgrade like hers doesn’t have to cost a bomb when you’ve got a student card. Razer offers 15% off on all gaming gear, like microphones and fan controllers. You’ll even get a 5% discount on all laptops and smartphones.

Razer website

11. Microsoft – Office 365 for free


Students, there are a hella lot of perks you can get if you’ve got an email address ending with .edu. One of which is for free access to Office 365. It’s the cloud version of the Microsoft software you probably use on a daily basis to write essays and create presentations.

Besides software, Microsoft also offers various discounts on their other products and accessories for students, like 10% off on Microsoft Surface.

Microsoft website

12. ASOS – 10% off total order

Image credit:

Most of us are guilty with our procrastination habits, where we can be seen scrolling through our phones indefinitely in between studying. Still, it’s okay to treat ourselves to some new loot once in a while. With ASOS, students can enjoy 10% off their total order when shopping for a wardrobe upgrade.

ASOS website

Save money with student card discounts

As adults like to say, the young ones can’t wait to grow up and conquer the world, but once they’ve reached there, all they want is to turn back time and go back to school again. So, before go about with the #toocool4school attitude, remember that you can only flex these student card discounts right now. 

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Cover image adapted from: @ashleyoms, @pokimoonx, MustShareNews