Soft Serve Ice Cream in Singapore


Soft serve ice cream have shot to popularity along with its cousin, frozen yoghurt. Why these cold desserts are abruptly gaining so much popularity beats me, but one reason might be the rising number of health-conscious people in Singapore. 

Soft serve ice creams are freshly churned, and generally have less milk-fat and more air churned into them during the freezing process as compared to normal ice cream. A yummier, less fattening alternative exists – I guess you can have your cake and eat it. Or in this case, ice cream. Here are 12 of the best soft serve ice creams in Singapore. 


1. Sunday Folks


b2ap3_thumbnail_sunday-folks-gninethree.jpgSource: gninethree

By the folks behind Creamier, everyone has seen this photogenic soft serve on their Instagram at one time or another by now. With flavours like Earl-Grey Lavender, and Sea Salt Gula Melaka, it stands out from the other shops in this list by offering crispy, light waffles and varied flavours instead of the usual vanilla.

Verdict: Most Instagram-Worthy
Location: Chip Bee Gardens #01-52, 44 Jalan Merah Saga, Singapore 278116


2. Tsujiri Tea House


b2ap3_thumbnail_tsujiri.jpegSource: happykobayashi

A 150 year old Tea House from Japan,Tsujiri serves a wide variety of matcha goodies – and green tea soft serve is among them. The soft serve can be paired in many different ways, in a normal cup or cone, or as a parfait or topping on top of a drink. 

The parfait is a delicious mix of azuki beans and green tea soft serve, topped with mochi and peanut shavings. You can choose other toppings like chocolate biscuit sticks, or to add soft serve to your drink. If you want a richer flavoured, asian soft serve, this is the place to go! If you’re a fan of all things matcha, you can check out a list of the best green tea creations here

Verdict: Most varied mix of ingredients
Location: 100 Tras Street, #01-14 Singapore 079027 // 313@Somerset, B3


3. Milkcow


b2ap3_thumbnail_milkcow-lifestyleasia.jpgSource: lifestyleasia

Originating in South Korea, and partially responsible for the soft serve craze there, Milkcow has finally arrived on Singapore’s shores. Made with 100% organic milk from Italian dairy farms and with toppings like organic honeycomb, cotton candy and affogato, Milkcow is pretty much a carbon copy of Honey Creme. Personally not a fan of either, and the spiralling queues are a turn-off, but they’re proof of the deliciousness of the ice cream… Right?

Verdict: New Kid On The Block
Location: 2 Handy Road, The Cathay, #01-03, Singapore 229233




b2ap3_thumbnail_ikea.jpgSource: happymundane

Besides the meatball and chicken wings, the $1 ice cream is one thing you cannot miss out when you go to Ikea. Recently, they’ve changed it so you pay at the counter, get a token, and then let the machine do its magic. The cone is crunchy and different from the normal cones outside, has a slight caramel taste to it. The ice cream is not as milky as places like Milkcow, but the consistency and texture is the same. 

Verdict: Most value for money
Location: 317 Alexandra Road, Singapore 159965 // 60 Tampines North Drive 2, Singapore 528764 


5. Mr Bean


b2ap3_thumbnail_soya-bean-ice-cream.jpgSource: lilfyenlaboratorium

Mr Bean’s soft serve soya bean ice cream is one of my favourites! Not only do I feel like I’m being healthy, (because everyone knows soy is good for you, duh) but they have a version with chocolate fudge sauce. It’s like a guilt-free hot fudge sundae. They’re generous with their servings too. 

Verdict: My favourite
Location: List of outlets here.


6. McDonald’s


b2ap3_thumbnail_macs.JPGSource: spotthefood

McDonald’s soft serve is like the old grandfather who has seen it all. I remember a time when one vanilla cone cost 10 cents, but now at 8 times the price it is still the cheapest soft serve in the list. If you don’t want plain vanilla, they have hot fudge sundaes too! Take note it can get overwhelmingly sweet because the fudge is concentrated at the top, so mixing it around would be a better idea.

Verdict: Quick and cheap soft serve fix
Location:: List of outlets here.


7. Come-In Hokkaido (In Meidi-ya)


b2ap3_thumbnail_meidiya.jpgSource: casiachew

If you want a Japanese soft serve, this is the place to come to. They have two flavours, vanilla ($4.80) and melon ($5), which you can order separately or mixed. Personally, the price is steep considering that it’s just ice cream on a cone and there are no toppings whatsoever. But you can feel ice cream is made of fresh high quality milk as it disappears so satisfyingly in your mouth.

Verdict: Hokkaido ice cream lovers will love this
Location: 177 River Valley Rd,, #B1-50, Liang Court, 179030


8. Oyoge! Taiyaki


b2ap3_thumbnail_oyoge-taiyaki.jpgSource: Oyoge! Taiyaki Facebook

More well-known for their mochi taiyaki, the first of its kind worldwide, Oyoge! Taiyaki also serves premium soft serve. The ice cream is freshly made and the flavours offered differs from day to day, so be sure to check out their Facebook page for updates! They have Japanese flavours like Kyoho Grape and Premium Matcha. 

Verdict:  Most Japanese taste
Location: 191 New Bridge Road, S059423


9. Godiva


b2ap3_thumbnail_godiva.jpgSource: nycloveandcupcakes

The most expensive soft serve ice cream in this list, it’s sinfully good. Made from Godiva Belgian Chocolate, it’s dusted with chocolate biscuits and drizzled with chocolate sauce. Chocoholics, go crazy! Take note, the soft serve is only available at the Takashimaya outlet.

Verdict: Most sinful
Location: Basement 2, Takashimaya Department Store, 391 Orchard Road, Singapore 238873


10. Saint Marc Cafe


b2ap3_thumbnail_saint-marc.jpgSource: Saint Marc Cafe Facebook Page

Originating in Tokyo, Saint Marc Cafe is famous for their Choco Cro – a chocolate croissant, in both white and dark variants. Their soft serve comes with a choice of different bases and toppings, and the standout would be the soft serve and danish pastry, called the Little Fuji ($6.30) because it looks similar to the snow capped mountain. 

The pastry is flaky and goes well with the caramel sauce drizzled over, and of course, the hot and cold combination just makes it all the more addictive. They also have Chocolate Banana Split for those who aren’t fans of caramel. The wide variety of parfaits and sundaes look very appetizing, with many different toppings like creme brulee, strawberries and pudding to name a few. 

Verdict: Yummiest combinations
Location: Expanded to 4 different outlets, check out the locations here


11. Danmi Soft


b2ap3_thumbnail_danmi.jpegSource: greatnewplaces

Like Milkcow and Honeycreme, this soft serve place is from Korea. Their menu is slightly limited, without the cotton candy option that so many people seem to love. Of course, favourites like the honeycomb and affogato are present, as well as the pink Himalayan sea salt. 

A bonus would be that it’s not as crowded as Honey Creme, and the prices are much cheaper as well, an original soft serve is $2.90, while the affogato is $4.90. 

Verdict: Good place to try Korean soft serve while avoiding the hype
Location: Suntec City Mall, 3 Temasek Boulevard #03-377, Singapore 038983


12. Honeycomb


b2ap3_thumbnail_honeycomb.jpgSource: danielfooddiary

If you can’t decide which craze you’re more into, froyo or soft serve, Honeycomb will probably make you more confused. Offering both choices in 5 flavours, classic, chocolate, apple & cinnamon, caramel and matcha, what I like is besides the honeycomb, liquid honey in the form of a syringe is also added to the cup.

The syringe is a nice touch and is a novelty that sets it apart from competitors. By the same people who set up Stateland Cafe (famous for Red Velvet Waffles), I look forward to seeing how their new venture fares!

Verdict:Best props 
Location: 30 Bali Lane Singapore Singapore 189866


Verdict’s Out


In general, soft serve is creamier, smoother and lighter. None of the nasty ice crystals to surprise you while you’re enjoying your treat. Of course, the downside is that you have to eat rather quickly, as it melts fast. In a sunny place like Singapore, I’m surprised it’s taken so long for these trends to take hold.


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