SkyHelix Sentosa

Let’s admit it, we’re all suckers for a good view. Other than getting a bird’s eye view of your surroundings on the Singapore Flyer, Marina Bay Sands or one of the many sky-high restaurants in town, you’ll soon be able to climb on board SkyHelix Sentosa, Singapore’s highest open air-panoramic ride. 

Here’s what we know about the attraction, opening on 15th December 2021.

Go on a ride 35M above the ground from $18/adult 

Skyhelix sentosa
Image credit: SkyHelix Sentosa

The anticipation has been high since we all first heard about the SkyHelix Sentosa earlier this year. Previously slated to launch at the start of 2022, the attraction will be opening ahead of schedule in mid-December, just in time for the school holidays and year-end festivities.

skyhelix sentosa
Image credit: Mount Faber Leisure Group

Think of it as a theme park drop tower but without the heart-dropping sensation. SkyHelix Sentosa is a relaxing gondola ride that takes passengers 35M up into the air. Kick back, sip on the complimentary beverage and enjoy the breeze with your feet dangling below ya. Date night in the skies, anyone? 

Each ride lasts 12 minutes, including 2 minutes of ascent and descent and 10 minutes at the peak where the gondola will also slowly rotate.

skyhelix sentosa
Image credit: Mount Faber Leisure Group

The organisers have hinted that the best time to visit is during  sunset, where you’ll be able to catch a stunning sight of the vistas of the surrounding Imbiah area. 

For all those who wish to be among the first to ride the SkyHelix Sentosa, tickets are already up for grabs on Mount Faber Leisure Group at $18/adult and $15/child, with slots available every hour from 10AM-9PM daily. Only riders taller than 1.05M will be allowed on board, so your little ones may have to sit this one out until they’re older.

skyhelix night
Artist impression of the attraction at night
Image credit: Mount Faber Leisure Group

While it may be tempting to jio the whole jingbang, the attraction follows all current safe distancing requirements, meaning you can only book in groups of two for now. The ride will also take only eight passengers out of the maximum capacity of 16 until further notice. 

Fun fact: This is also Sentosa’s first carbon-neutral attraction, with a low annual low carbon footprint that’s estimated to be similar to a flight from Singapore to KL.

Enjoy the sea breeze from up high in SkyHelix Sentosa

skyhelix sentosa - cable cars
Image credit: Mount Faber Leisure Group

Sentosa may already have cable cars but taking us higher is the soon-to-open SkyHelix Sentosa with 360-degree views. Good news is, unlike roller coasters, phones will be allowed on board so prepare to go ham spamming pictures for the ‘gram. Pics or it didn’t happen, right?

SkyHelix Sentosa website 

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Cover image adapted from: Mount Faber Leisure Group