How to know your girlfriend is worth keeping



A friend once told me a few years ago, “A recent survey rated Singaporean women as the most desirable in the world. They speak good English, they are confident, they are fluent.. they are traditional..”

While debatable and subjective (and despite the fact I’ve never found that survey), here are some qualities that could determine she’s a keeper.

1. She knows the best places for food and has a keen sense of direction


Because the short-cut to every man’s heart is through his tummy.

2. If she doesn’t, she turns the bacon you bring home into sammiches


If you repeat this joke to your girlfriend, don’t blame us if she dumps you.

3. She understands your DOTA jokes


She tells you that life without you feels lonely and vulnerable.

4. In fact, she’s your favourite (lane) partner, companion, best friend


5. She knows “Glazer” isn’t an ice-cream topping brand

b2ap3_thumbnail_the-red-devils-till-i-die-ggmu-2.pngAnd that #GGMU doesn’t mean “Good Game, Manchester United”. Although the season that just passed could justify her reason for thinking in such a way.

6. She’s your teacher, and a lifelong learner


She’s knowledgeable in many ways; teaching you things you never knew, helping you grow where you should. At the same time, she acknowledges she doesn’t know everything and is more than happy to learn from you too.

Wait, was that our first serious point on this list? Yes it was. But really, they are all true to some extent!

7. The way she celebrates your birthday are mind blowing


Creating a hero profile and using significant numbers as your hero stats. One-of-a-kind.

8. She has a great sense of humour


9. She’s independent

She respects you enough as a man to prevent you from getting into awkward hand-bag holding situations.





10. She nags you more than your mother

b2ap3_thumbnail_its-not-nagging-nagging-relationships-demotivational-posters-1342389878.jpgBecause nagging is caring.

11. You know you can’t smile without soccer


By soccer I actually mean, her. 🙂

Is your Singaporean girlfriend a keeper?

Hoped you enjoyed the guy’s version of “Is your Singaporean partner a keeper?”! Have any points to add? Let us know in the comments! Also read the girl’s version here – 11 signs to find out if your Singaporean boyfriend is a keeper.

First image credit: Night Owl Cinematics

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