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This Bangkok Sheep Village Is An Animal Lover’s Dream Come True

Bangkok’s version of an Olden British village


You’ve seen it all in Bangkok’s whimsical themed cafés and restaurants – cats, huskies, and even mythical unicorns are all viable chill-out companions in the Thai capital. Time to add another animal to the list – Sheep!

Brought to life in 2012 to resemble a western-style seaside village, the restaurant pulls out all the stops to impress with conventional Chao Phraya River views and a few cinema-quality sheep which know how to strike a pose of two.

sheep village

Here are a few reasons to enjoy this off-the-beaten-track gem!


Admire the ubiquitous sheep, but no touching!


Within the comfort of their safe enclosure, the camera-shy sheep enjoy life as good as can be. By day, they might seem just as lackadaisical and adorbs as your average sheep.

sheep village in Bangkok

But this picture is solid proof that by night, they become total divas sporting a glitzy pout even Angelina Jolie would be envious of.

sheep farm restaurant

At the moment, there are only two sheep at the farm restaurant as they are revamping the area, making it more capacious for the animals to range around. The cute waddling ducks were missing at the time of our visit but a new batch is just about to hatch, or so we’ve been told.

And, no – here you cannot frisk around with the sheep like you do in other animal cafés!


The ol’ fashioned advertising is still en vogue


sheep farm restaurant

The whole place is an intriguing fusion of visual motifs, embraced from a wide cultural pool – there is even a corner with outmoded Russian adverts!

What really caught our eyes were the old style posters offering amusing but occasionally relevant advice to live by. We’ve chosen to feature some of them for your low-key entertainment, but you should pay a visit and marvel at other proverbial adverts that will put a little titter on your face!


The menu is schizophrenic


Sheep Village restaurant Thai dishes


If authentic Thai dishes are what your taste buds yearn for, this quaint restaurant will not fail to deliver. There are the odd Japanese sushi options, for a change, but everything else on the menu is exclusively Thai – including the language printed.

Unless you’re well versed in Thai, just choose a picture that winks at you, point at it, and hope for the best! Since the place is mainly popular with locals, management has not invested a great deal in staff versed in your language of choice. So pointing and gestures will have to do!

restaurant in Sheep Village, Bangkok



Hang out by the Dutch-inspired windmill


Sheep Village farm and restaurant, windmill

While the river views here might be on the humble side of things, the serene atmosphere offers alternative vistas to skyscrapers and bustling streets. It is a place you come to let your hair down and be one with the nature, aka with less air pollution.

Sheep Village farm and restaurant, atmosphere



In the land of Instagenic sheep


Sheep Village, Bangkok

Source: @taesompob

All in all, spending about 2 hours at the Sheep Village feels as reinvigorating as can be! There are no false pretensions or over-the-top sophistication but the place is so perfectly imbued in nostalgia that you might even want to throw it a second visit.

While it’s not much to roam around, the setup is ample enough. The attention to detail in farmland décor is evident, and one or two hours spent here with a group of friends will definitely provide you with some memorable Instagram memories.

So go forth, and frolic as you wish.

sheep village in Bangkok


Ratings: Food: 7/10
Service: 7/10
Ambience: 7/10
Layout and décors: 8/10
Cleanliness: 7.5/10

Address: 86/1 Charan Sanitwong, the River South Tower, Bangkok

Getting there: The restaurant is rather unknown by most taxi drivers in Bangkok. If you wish to take a taxi straight from your hotel then you need to tell the driver to take you to Yanhee International Hospital, and then walk about 10 minutes using Google map. The nearest MRT Station is Bang Sue from which you need to take a 20 minute ride to the restaurant or Yanhee Hospital.

Opening hours: Daily, from 4 pm to 2 am
Contact: +66 83 8888 765