A haven for pink unicorns in the middle of Bangkok


unicorn cafe

Enough of those Bangkok cafes with the same menu and frozen drinks. We heard about Unicorn Cafe, a cafe sent from the heavens to satisfy every squealing little girl in us. This is the place to go if you like pink, because you will find pink EVERYWHERE. You can run but you can’t hide. The cafe is so kawaii, we seriously wanted to salute all those disinterested looking boyfriends in the cafe.

Unicorn Cafe - Cuddle Unicorns In Bangkok!
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Unicorn Cafe - Cuddle Unicorns In Bangkok!

unicorn cafe

Cuddle unicorns while taking your Instagram-worthy selfies! Symone and I had too much fun taking selfies at every angle physically possible. The cafe has a whole collection of unicorn plushies lying around, so go ahead, be a #kiasu Singaporean and chope the prettiest couch if you can.

unicorn cafe

Another rather unexpected highlight of the Unicorn Cafe is the food. Sure, you might expect the pastel-coloured dishes to be mediocre at best, but the gloriously sweetened dishes will fill up both your tummy and Instagram feed – with envy. Just sit back and watch your friends and fans go OMG WHERE IS THAT?!

unicorn cafe

Unicorn Cafe is located Silom, around the corner of Chong Nongsi BTS. I would say that it is pretty ulu for the ulu-est cafes we have visited so far, but that makes it even more #hipster right?

unicorn cafe

Here’s what we ordered!


1. Rainbow Crepe Cake – 130 Baht (SGD 5)


rainbow crepe cake unicorn cafe

Between those glorious rainbow layers is some of the best cream ever. Great for people who love to lick cream off cakes, this one is made for you bruh.


2. Unicorn Rainbow Toast – 170 Baht (SGD 6.60)


unicorn rainbow toast unicorn cafe

The rainbow toast was honestly pretty #kawaii. The toast could have been a little more moist, but what are we expecting really. It’s unicorn toast. It couldn’t possibly have been bad.


3. Unicorn Waffle Strawberry and Cream – 170 Baht (SGD 6.60)


waffle strawberry and cream unicorn cafe

Waffle goals right here. We thought that this was the most value for money of all. I mean, that plate was pretty massive and the effort in making heart shaped waffles was impressive. We say, go for this if you have a sweet tooth! Great for sharing.


4. Unicorn Burger – 250 Baht (SGD 9.70)


unicorn burger

Let’s just say this looked VERY DIFFERENT on the menu.


5. Galaxy Frappe – 150 Baht (SGD 5.80)


galaxy frappe unicorn cafe

This was our absolute favourite. It looked helluva jelat but tasted like a surprisingly even-handed cotton candy milkshake. Share this between 4-5 people! Yes, it’s THAT MASSIVE.

unicorn cafe

Get some merchandise here while enjoying your food. They sell everything from cushions, toys to outfits!

Address: Sathorn Soi 8, 44/1 Sathon 8 Alley, Silom, Bang Rak, Bangkok 10500. From BTS Chong Nonsi, take a walk into Silom Soi 7 or Sathorn Soi 8 and you will see the cafe!
Phone: +66 86397 9262
Opening hours: 12pm – 8pm