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10 Online Stores To Get Saris & Punjabi Suits For Deepavali Besides Scouring Haniffa & Tekka Centre

Saris & punjabi suits in Singapore

We love any festive occasion that calls for an opportunity to buy new clothes. With Deepavali, getting a new outfit is tradition, and is said to be a form of protection from bad spirits and negativity.

To keep yourself well-protected with good vibes only, here are online stores to get saris and Punjabi suits you can check out instead of scouring around Haniffa and Tekka Centre.

1. Purple Tulsi – Next-day delivery for last-minute outfit shopping

If you’re one to put off shopping for your new outfit to the very last minute, we’ll save you the panic and anxiety of tracking packages and direct you straight to Purple Tulsi.

next day deliveryImage adapted from: Purple Tulsi

The online retailer offers next-day delivery on more than 230 items, including accessories, so you’ll have a complete ensemble posted right to your doorstep. There are also matching Punjabi suits for couples, so even your procrastinating partner will have something new to wear during visits.

Purple Tulsi website

2. Jinders – Includes plus size clothing

plus size punjabi suits
Image adapted from: Jinders

When it comes to plus-size clothing, there always seems to be a compromise. If it’s cute, it’s too small, and if it actually fits, it’s not cute. But not so with Jinders, which specialises in inclusive sizing so everyone can look fashionable on this occasion. You’ll find sizes that run up to 5XL for their stylish kurtas, kurtis, and pant sets.

Jinders website

3. RUMA’S Collection – Full Punjabi & kurta sets at less than $100

We get it – wanting to get an entirely new ensemble on a tight budget is tough. Getting separate pieces for the kurta, pants and dupatta can rack up quite a bill. But for those hoping to stretch their dollar this Deepavali, consider shopping at RUMA’S Collection.

saris-online-singaporeImage adapted from: RUMA’S Collection

Their 2-piece kurta sets with palazzo pants range from $98-$110, while the 3-piece sets with additional dupatta are at a bargain from just $98. As a bonus, there’s free shipping on all items within Singapore too.

RUMA’S Collection website

4. Nimbu – Sustainable Indian wear for kids

Kids grow up so fast. One minute they’re 6 months old, then in a blink of an eye they’re wearing clothes big enough for a 6-year-old. Here’s where Nimbu comes in – you can exchange any item bought from them for store credit. This not only saves you money in the long run, but it is a practice sustainability with outfits your young ones have outgrown.

matching kids setsImage adapted from: Nimbu

Nimbu offers a wide selection of kurta dhotis and lehenga sets for boys and girls 3 years and up. There are even adult sizes for parents who want to twin with their mini-mes. Plus, the outfits are made of pure, breathable cotton, so kids can comfortably run and play in them.

Nimbu website

5. Dakshaini Silks – Ethnic Indian wear for men & women

One of Singapore’s oldest locally grown stores for Indian wear is now online. A pillar of ethnic fashion in Little India, Dakshaini Silks has been selling tailored saris, blouses, Punjabi suits, and Jippa sets since 1992.

saris-online-singaporeImage credit: Dakshaini Silks

Now they’ve taken their brick-and-mortar online, selling the same collections of ready-made and available garments for men and women.

Dakshaini Silk website

6. Pottu Kara Maami – Intricate beading & embroidery on saris

There’s nothing basic about the saris available at Pottu Kara Maami. The beautiful silk saris are embellished in beads and embroidery. The end results are motifs of trees and flowers that seem to pop out from the fabric for that added touch of drama.

saris-online-singaporeImage credit: @zantarian via Instagram

With its fine detailing, these are saris not just to be worn on Deepavali. You’ll want to save them for other important events too, like a wedding or gala event.

Pottu Kara Maami website

7. Mahaniya Co – Modern saris that sell out fast

Stunning barely begins to describe the saris that can be found at Mahniya Co, an online boutique based right across the border from us. Their saris often pair contrasting colours together, and sometimes come ornamented with pom poms and bells.

modern sarisImage credit: @sujithra.mua via Instagram

Needless to say, these whimsical pieces sell out fast, and you’ll need to play ‘fastest fingers first’ to get a hold of a set. If you don’t want to miss out, we recommend following their Instagram page to know when the next collection gets released.

Mahaniya Co website

8. Jansri Sarees – Sustainable outfits made from upcycled saris

Doing the earth some good while also looking good is what Jansri Sarees stands for. All for championing sustainable fashion, the boutique upcycles vintage saris into new blouses and suits for men and women.

saris-online-singaporeImage credit: @jansrisarees via Instagram

The upcycled pieces are therefore, really unique and do sell out quickly when they’re launched. But if you’re holding on to your own saris that you no longer wear, Jansri Sareers also offers tailoring to transform your saris into new outfits that retain their sentimental value.

Jansri Sarees website

9. Nalli Silks – Handwoven saris from Kanchipuram & Pochampally

Nalli Silks might be a familiar name to many as it has stores all over the world in 7 different countries, including 2 in Singapore. They’re known for their handwoven saris that come in a variety of fabrics such as silk, organza, and linen.

saris-online-singaporeImage credit: @nallisilksarees via Instagram

You can shop online for saris on the Nalli Silks website. They have a wide range like traditional Kanchipuram saris that are usually worn on special occasions like weddings and ones printed in an Ikat design from Pochampally, that looks familiar to Indonesian Batik.

Nalli Silks website

10. Ekana Label – Maternity-friendly attire

Expecting mummies won’t have to sit out of treating themselves to new threads for Deepavali when there’s Ekana Label. Instead of having to struggle with wrapping a sari around your heavily-pregnant belly or squeezing into a Punjabi suit, they have modest dresses you can slip on easily. They’re made of the same hand-printed Kalamkari cotton often used for saris.

maternity-friendlyImage adapted from: Ekana Label

They sell traditional saris too, printed with mughal art on the pallu, or the hanging end of the sari, to create a tapestry.

Ekana Label website

(Closed) Ananyas Singapore

We’ve all been there before – buying something online thinking we’d look good in it, only for the actual product to not fit. Thankfully, Ananyas Singapore has the option for fittings at their studio.

studio fittings
Image credit: @azzharphotography

Their Deepavali 2021 collection of vibrantly coloured blouses, saris and Punjabi suits can be viewed right on their Instagram page. But once you know the styles you’re looking for, you can book an appointment for a viewing and try-on at their studio. You’ll be able to confidently purchase your outfit without worrying about it being too big or too small.

(Closed) Aathi Fashion

We can hardly think of anything more embarrassing than showing up at aunty’s house only to find you’re both in matching saris this year. The horror. But picking out a festive outfit from Aathi Fashion is sure to prevent that.

printed patterns Image adapted from: Aathi Fashion

Instead of modest patterns, their saris and suits come decked out in bold prints of kookaburra, deer and organic waves. We’re highly certain no one will show up this lit at any Deepavali gathering.

Where to buy saris & punjabi suits online

For a celebration called the Festival of Lights, it stands without saying that it’s almost a must to also look lit. And with such convenient shopping options, there’ll be more time to spend on the important things, like hanging out with family and friends.

Learn more about celebrating Deepavali in Singapore:

Cover image adapted from: @nallisilksarees via Instagram, Nimbu & Jinders
Originally published on 20th October 2021. Last updated by Shivani Supramani on 20th October 2023.