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royal caribbean singapore to japan

This 12-Night Cruise Takes You From Singapore To Tokyo, From Just $1,318

Royal Caribbean Singapore to Japan

When planning a trip to the land of ramen, most of us immediately Google for cheap flights from Singapore. That’s the only way to get to Japan – right? Not quite. See, there’s a rather interesting alternative transport option available: a cruise.

In case you haven’t heard, Royal Caribbean launched a 12-night cruise from Singapore to Japan last year. These long-distance journeys are pretty rare and if you missed the previous ones, here’s some good news. New sailing dates have just been announced and bookings aren’t too expensive either, considering the amenities on board. 

Tickets start from $1,318 after discount. 

12-night sail on the Spectrum of the Seas, stopping by 5 cities 

12-night cruise from singapore

Whether a retiree or a 9-to-6 staff with extra ALs to spare, turn your heads towards this journey on the Royal Caribbean Spectrum of the Seas – a.k.a. the largest cruise ship in town. They recently launched 2 new sail dates for their Singapore to Tokyo journeys, which will be happening on 19th September and 1st October 2023.

royal caribbean singapore to japan - deck

They say it’s all about the journey and that’s true with this voyage. Instead of a 7-hour flight from Singapore to Tokyo, enjoy the cruise’s amenities and services for 12 whole days.

royal caribbean cruise ship - skypad

On board the Spectrum of the Seas, there’s everything for the kids to the adrenaline junkies. Spend your time exploring a VR bungee trampoline, rock climbing wall, indoor skydiving experience, surf simulator, archery, and bumper car rides – just to name a few.

Not to mention, you’ll have plenty of food options to last you though the >1-week journey, including specialty restaurants.

Mount Insa, Nagasaki
Mount Insa, Nagasaki.
Image credit: @therealdif

Avid explorers can also disembark and explore 5 cities along the way. The cruise that departs on 19th September 2023 will stop by the following destinations:

  • Nha Trang, Vietnam
  • Hong Kong
  • Nagasaki, Japan
  • Kumamoto, Japan
  • Kagoshima, Japan

The 1st October 2023 sail hasn’t been listed on Royal Caribbean’s website at the time of writing, but we hear that the journey will include pit-stops at Hue, Vietnam and Okinawa, Japan. 

royal caribbean - Vinpearl Amusement Park, Nha Trang.
Vinpearl Amusement Park, Nha Trang.
Image credit: @pusheen2401

royal caribbean singapore to japan - hong kong
Hong Kong. 

Once you arrive in the bustling city of Tokyo, wander the ins and outs of the city, or take a day trip to nearby towns before returning to Singapore. Our 2023 guide to Tokyo and Osaka covers the best things to do for a week-long trip to Japan. 

shibuya sky - tokyo
Shibuya Sky, Tokyo.

Travel to Tokyo, Japan via Royal Caribbean’s cruise 

The return of travel’s reign marks the start of many new adventures from a Singapore-to-Thailand vintage train ride to this exciting 12-night cruise. If you need a proper detox from the madness of work, consider this sail for a unique adventure with your pals. 

Prices start from $1,500 for the Interior Rooms but after applying ongoing discounts, this falls to $1,318/person – or $109/night, which is a rather good deal in our books. 

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Cover image adapted from: Chan Brothers, @pusheen2401