Highly-rated pre-schools in Singapore

Highly-rated pre-schools in Singapore

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Organic food, weekly nature walks, and ocean-themed sensory rooms – you probably didn’t have these during your time as a kid. But preschools now are pretty on the ball with various education systems to children a good head start in their early years.

For all the mommies and daddies out there, here’s a list of the most popular preschools in Singapore, complete with an explanation on their teaching programmes.

*Some reviews have been edited for length and clarity
**School fees are subject to change.

1. Maple Bear – Canadian-inspired teaching style

Maple Bear - Canadian-inspired teaching style

Maple Bear Bukit Timah
Image credit: Maple Bear

With 22 preschools dotted all around Singapore, Maple Bear merges the Canadian dynamic methodology with locally developed curriculum designed to develop your little tot’s social, emotional, motor, language, and cultural skills.

They are also known for their bilingual immersion programme so if your main focus is to get your child to learn and love both English and Mandarin, this one is for you.

School fees per term: $1690.60 (full day) | $1262.60 (half day) at Orchard branch
Address:  22 locations around Singapore
Telephone: 9777 4866

Review: “I really like that it’s clean and gets ample amounts of sunlight. My children were very attracted to the colourful environment and large play spaces. The principal showed us around and she speaks with such passion and liveliness about early education and caring for the children’s development.” – childlikewonder

2. Mahota Preschool – nature-based curriculum with farming sessions

Mahota Preschool - nature-based curriculum with farming sessions

Image credit: Mahota Preschool

Sometimes, learning is best done outside of the classroom. For a good dose of outdoor activity, enrol your child in Mahota Preschool. The curriculum here is nature based – with farming and cooking sessions, and weekly nature walks for your young one.

Mahota Preschool cooking

Image credit: Mahota Preschool

To complete the health and wellness-based curriculum, the school also has daily health checkups upon arrival, exercise sessions, and healthy organic meals.

Academics wise, Mahota focuses on STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and executes it through hands-on learning.

School fees per month: $1800 (Full day) | $1600 (Half day)
Address: French Road, Blk 808 The Kitchener Complex #03-01, Singapore 200808
Telephone: 6291 1915

3. Little Tykes – Snoezelen Room for mental development

Little Tykes play area

Image credit: Little Tykes

For those living in the West, check out Little Tykes, located in the Integrated International School. The school works on the philosophy of simply letting kids be kids – a typical daily schedule there includes outdoor play, storytelling and a Mandarin class.

Little Tykes play area

Image credit: Little Tykes

The facilities include a fancy Ocean Snoezelen Room, a maritime-inspired sensory room designed to deliver stimuli for mental development using effects like lighting, sound and music.

Unlike most preschools, full day sessions here are 8.30AM to 3PM and half day sessions are 8.30AM to 12.30PM

School fees per term: from $2075 (Full day) |  from $1500 (Half day) for 2 sessions per week
Address: 41 Sunset Way, #01-01 Clementi Arcade, Singapore 597071
Telephone: 6466 4475

4. EtonHouse – more than 20 years of experience in Singapore


EtonHouse Thomson Preschool and Primary School
Image credit: EtonHouse

With a longstanding 20 years in Singapore, international education group EtonHouse has a good rep among locals. The preschool follows the Reggio Emilia approach where children undergo self-directed, experiential learning where the lessons evolve based on student responses.

If you are looking for language programmes other than English and Mandarin, EtonHouse offers 7 different language programs including Malay, Hindi and Spanish.

EtonHouse at Claymore

EtonHouse at Claymore.
Image credit: EtonHouse

A bonus are the pretty interiors that resemble a dream house.

School fees per term: from $6,741 (Full day) | from $6,066.90(Half day) at Thomson Branch
Address:12 locations including Bukit Timah, Thomson and Sentosa
Telephone: 6746 3333

Review: “My son went to Etonhouse. He loved every day spent in the school. The inquiry approach is fantastic. It helped him develop his confidence and encouraged him to ask questions which I feel are the most important traits in pre-school.” – Parentfirst

5. Mindchamps – structured, academic-oriented approach

Mindchamps Bukit Timah

Mindchamps Bukit Timah.
Image credit: MindChamps

With 32 locations spread across our little island, Mindchamps is a name that probably rings a bell with most people. With a structured, academic-focused programme, this system is good for those who want their kids to have a head start in their studies.

 Mindchamps exercise session

School fees per month: $1968.80 (Full day) | $1754.80 (Half day) at Bedok Branch
Address: 32 locations 
Telephone: 6828 2688

Review: “I notice that most of the students in MindChamps are more mature compared to other children in the same age group. Most strangers are surprised by my child’s speech, proactive behaviour and friendly attitude towards strangers.” – JY2011

6. Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse – experiential and investigative learning

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse excerise

Image credit: Kiddiwinkie

Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse is all about experiential learning through outdoor play – one to look out for if you want your kids to get a healthy dose of sun and sweat every day.

With several awards under their belt for their curriculum, they offer unique programmes – like Vitamin C to develop moral values, and Playtinkers which provides hands on activities for children to explore the Sciences and Math.

School fees per term: $1605 (Full day) | $1284 (Half day) at Upper Bukit Timah branch
Address: 8 locations
Telephone:  6463 3465

Review: “I’m absolutely pleased with the lovely environment of the school, the standard of teachers, and the level of care that they provide. We have weekly updates consolidated and sent out by the teachers. They also send out weekly activity schedules beforehand, so that parents know what the children will be going through.” – yc_mw

7. Carpe Diem Preschool – strong bilingual focus

Carpe Diem Preschool

Image credit: Early Childhood Development Agency

Carpe Diem is another one of the most renowned preschools around – especially when it comes to their bilingual curriculum.The kids here are immersed in an environment structured to help them master English and Mandarin.

On top of that, the school has unique learning corners such as a Shakespeare Literacy Corner and Beethoven Music Corner for children to develop in areas beyond academics.

School fees per term: $1551.50 (Full day) | $1102.10 (Half day) at Queenstown branch
Address:  31 locations including Bukit Merah, Tampines and Ang Mo Kio
Telephone: 6468 0368

8. White Lodge – play-centric learning

 White Lodge exercise area

Image credit: White Lodge

White Lodge has all its 8 locations in Singapore sitting on private land with lots of indoor and outdoor space for children to run around in. Play areas here include child-safe climbing frames, trampolines and sand pits.

 White Lodge phoenix park

Image credit: White Lodge

The curriculum is based on a mix of education systems from countries like the United States, Australia and UK. What’s more, they are known for their learning environment that encourages active learning through a hands on approach.

Parents can choose from 2,3 or 5 sessions per week. Full day classes go from 9AM to 2.15PM and half day classes go from 9AM to 1215PM

School fees per term: from $2,275 (Full day) | from $1,400 (Half day) for 2 sessions a week at East Coast branch
Address:  8 locations including Bukit Timah, East coast and Phoenix Park
Telephone: 6255 4230

9. Blue House Infant & Toddlers Atelier – with flexible parent-child play sessions

Blue House Infant & Toddlers Atelier

Image credit: Blue House Atelier

Spacious and brightly lit, Blue House is more than just your regular preschool. Other than the regular classes, the school has Drop In sessions where you can pop by for flexible play sessions with your child.

Blue House Infant & Toddlers Atelier play

Image credit: Infant and Toddler Atelier

Programme wise, Blue House follows the child-directed Reggio Emilia Approach where kids will be trained to be independent learners. Classes includes messy play, drama, and music, and are conducted in both their indoor and outdoor areas.

School fees per term: from $4550 for 2 mornings per week
Address: 2 Turf Club Road, Singapore 287988 | 83 Clemenceau Avenue, #01-35/36 UE Square Office Tower, Singaopore 239920
Telephone:  6734 0824 | 6235 2126

Review: “Nowhere in Singapore have I found an opportunity for my child to play with such a range of materials, which was a fascinating experience for him. We’ve enjoyed classes, drop in sessions and birthday parties guided over the two and half years.” – Rita Grewal

10. House on the Hill – Montessori education in a peaceful space

House on the Hill classroom

Image credit: House on the Hill

Set in a historical conservation building, House On The Hill offers a private, peaceful environment where your kid will undergo the Montessori model of education – essentially self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play.

House on the Hill exterior

Image credit: House on the Hill

The school is affiliated with Nienhuis Montessori, one of the most renowned of its kind in Europe. Like all schools adopting the Montessori model, classes here are mixed aged so your child will be able to play and interact with both older and younger children.

School fees per term: $1712 (Full day) | $1391 (Half day)
Address: 12 Mount Sophia, Singapore 228460
Telephone: 6337 4635 / 6337 3940

Review: “Many people asked me why my son eats vegetables and whole grains. After preschool, his classmates were amazed by his Science knowledge and he always scored between 90-95% in Math. He also never has issues with English and speaks fluently.” – Leon Tan’s Mommy

11. Children’s Cove – with parent involvement opportunities

Children’s Cove classroom

Image credit: Children’s Cove

If you are looking to spend more time with your tots while they are in school, Children’s Cove is for you. There are many opportunities here for you to have quality time with your kids during school time – from day trips to farms to designing a class activity.


Image credit: Children’s Cove

Classes here are research-based, where kids learn via exploration and experimentation though both outdoor and indoor classes.

School fees per term: $1350 (Full day) | $1050 (Half day)
Address: 30 Orange Grove Road, #08-01, Singapore 258352 | 58 Jalan Penjara, Singapore 149382
Telephone: 6655 0077

12. LeClare Preschool – with in-house music and arts specialists

LeClare Preschool art atelier

Image credit: LeClare

For those who want their kid to hone their musical and artistic talent, LeClare has all the resources needed. On its grounds are a fully stocked art atelier with easels and pottery tools, as well as a music studio with guitars, pianos and drums. Plus, in-house specialists will be there to facilitate the classes.

LeClare Preschool rooftop playground

Image credit: LeClare

After sessions of creative lessons, the kids will also be able get some physical activity and social interaction at the preschool’s rooftop Adventure Park, a large and private open-air wooden playground.

School fees per term: $1780 (Full day) | $1300 (Half day)
Address: 100 Beach Road, Shaw Tower, #02-07, Singapore 189702
Telephone: 6969 9479 | 8388 7377

Review: “Do not let the fact that they’re in a shopping mall or have a playground in a car park fool you. It has by far one of the best facilities I saw. – Joanna Cook

13. Emile Preschool – with international brain-training resources

Emile Preschool play area

Image credit: Emile Preschool

Emile Preschool was started by local professionals from NTU and NUS. Learning tools here are partly sourced from international education channels like National Geographic Kids and Oxford Reading Trees. They also take brain-training programmes from countries like Germany, Japan and Taiwan to give your child a greater head start to Primary School education.

Emile Preschool organic lunch

Lunches here are both healthy and adorably designed.
Image credit: Emile Preschool

School fees per term: $1760 (Full day) | $1388 (Half day)
Address: 12 New Industrial Road, #01-02 & 01-03, Singapore 536202
Telephone: 6584 3668

Review: “The teachers, principal and founder are very caring and patient. They listen to the parents’ concerns and help the children progress. They also provide a healthy organic diet.” – Valerie Lim

14. Pat’s Schoolhouse – cooking, music, and drama classes

Pat’s Schoolhouse cooking class

Image adapted from: Pat’s Schoolhouse

At Pat’s Schoolhouse, the curriculum focuses on more than just academics with blocks of time set for your child to learn other useful life skills like cooking. Kids will also be able to take a dip into the arts world with drama, music and arts and craft learning experiences.

This 30-year-old school also has developed a unique bilingual programme where classes are done in both English and Mandarin.

Address: 16 locations including Tanglin, Kovan and Lakeside
Telephone: 6781 2288

Review: “My kid attends PSH at Mount Emily and she loves it. The teachers are good and class sizes small. She is clearly fond of her teachers, which speaks volumes about the level of care. I find their curriculum interesting, though not strictly academic – which I don’t have a problem with as I believe in their philosophy of learning through play.” – Dolphine

15. The Caterpillar’s Cove – teaching methods adjusted to suit every child

The Caterpillar’s Cove

Image credit: The Caterpillar’s Cove

At The Caterpillar’s Cove, children are encouraged to develop theories about the natural world through child-directed learning. Teachers here constantly adjust their methods to accommodate the learning of every child.

The Caterpillar’s Cove

Image credit: The Caterpillar’s Cove

The interior of the schools is open-concept, with lots of space for curious children to explore through play.

School fees per term: $1712 (Full day) | $1241.20 (Half day) for Jurong East branch
Address: 80 Jurong East Street 21, #03-02, Singapore 609607 | 535 Clementi Road, Ngee Ann Polytechnic Block 53 Level 3, Singapore 599489 (NP Staff only)
Telephone: 6566 5110 | 6464 5219

Review: “It’s been only 1 week so far but my son has already been learning to be independent. Basic things such as feeding himself, removing his clothes, and getting dressed – all of which we used to do for him – he wants to do all by himself” -Sabrina, interviewed

Popular preschools in Singapore with the best facilities 

Having a little one is no easy feat, so make sure you start getting your planning done early. With word going around that parents are applying for slots in advance, you gotta make sure that you chope these highly coveted spots fast.

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