PLAY by KinderPlay at Changi Airport

Adding to the long list of kid-friendly things to do at Changi Airport is PLAY by KinderPlay, a Cartoon Network-themed playground at Terminal 3. Having opened in 2020, it’s one of the newer indoor playgrounds in Singapore, and well worthy of an Eastside expedition with the fam.

From $12/hour, your little one can journey through numerous different play zones themed after beloved characters from Ben 10 and The Powerpuff Girls.

Mega ball pit, bouncy balloon zone & obstacle course

PLAY by KinderPlay is split into several play zones so your kid can take his or her time exploring each section. One of the most eye-catching and popular areas upon entry is the Mega Ball Pit, filled to the brim with multi-coloured balls.

Mega Ball Pit Collage
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PLAY by Kinderplay, PLAY by Kinderplay 

Besides allowing your kiddo to wade around for some sensory fun, the mega ball pit is fitted with rows of slides and a curious “anti-gravitational wind machine”. Jets of air are blasted upwards so when a ball is placed on top, there’ll be a cool levitating effect.

PLAY by KinderPlay - Children Playing With Balls
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PLAY by Kinderplay 

Who doesn’t love the simple and classic game of keeping a balloon afloat for as long as possible? There’s a dedicated balloon zone here where an abundance of regular as well as XXL balloons can be found. Kids can bop them around, toss them in the air, and cheer with glee as the airy orbs bounce from place to place.

PLAY by KinderPlay - Playground
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PLAY by Kinderplay, PLAY by Kinderplay 

A foam carousel with cute little motorcycles allows your kid to go round and round without having to put in coin tokens. Mummy and Daddy, feel free to hop on for the ride. If your child is nimble enough, they can even climb into the centre for more merry-go-round merriment.

Obstacle Course
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PLAY by Kinderplay, PLAY by Kinderplay 

For the ultimate test of your child’s reflexes, bring them over to the Bouncing Minesweeper. The arena has bouncing pads, and the goal is to leap and dodge the rotating bar that’s reminiscent of the one in Mario Kart’s Tick-Tock Clock race track.

Obstacle Courses and Rope Courses
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PLAY by Kinderplay, PLAY by Kinderplay 

The well-decked out Obstacle Course will sharpen your little one’s dexterity, strength, and navigation skills. As a nifty bonus, it’ll also do the job in depleting their battery if they’re particularly hyper, paving the way for a great night’s sleep later on.   

PLAY by KinderPlay - Hammock
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PLAY by Kinderplay, PLAY by Kinderplay 

There are foam hammocks where your ball of energy can lounge around in style when he or she needs to catch a breather. Although it looks like a relaxing affair, the slender design also works their balancing skills and core strength.

PLAY by KinderPlay prices & membership passes

Admission to PLAY by KinderPlay is priced at $14/hour for toddlers below the age of 2 and $25/hour for children aged 2-12 years old during peak sessions. This means Friday to Sunday, school holidays, public holidays, and eve of PH. During non-peak sessions, children aged 2-12 can get a special rate of $21 for 4 hours, while toddlers below 2 are charged $12 for 4 hours.

Make sure to pack socks for everyone heading in, otherwise they’re available onsite for $3/pair.

Play by KinderPlay - Mega Ball Pit
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PLAY by Kinderplay

The price is inclusive of 1 accompanying adult per child, and each additional adult can enter at $6/pax. Keep in mind that additional adults can only join during non-peak sessions, and peak sessions are limited to 1 adult per child for crowd control purposes.

If your child has a ball of a time here and you anticipate many more return trips, get the membership passes for greatest value.

Passes are applicable for unlimited playtime on non-peak days and 2-hour sessions on peak days, with rates starting from 5 visits for $100, valid for 3 months. There are also passes for 10 ($190) and 20 ($360) visits, valid for 6 and 12 months respectively.

For those who swing by so often that it’s practically a second home, you can get unlimited 6- or 12-month passes at $398 and $598 respectively. It grants unlimited access to your child plus 2 adults, meaning you can swing by anytime – peak period or not – and stay as long as you please.

Get tickets to PLAY by KinderPlay here


Address: 65 Airport Boulevard, #B2-14/15/16/17 Changi Airport Terminal 3, Singapore 819663
Opening hours: Mon-Tue & Thu 11am-9pm | Wed 1.30pm-9pm | Fri-Sun 11am-10pm
Contact: 9115 7638 | PLAY by Kinderplay website

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