The Gentleman’s Workshop


Whisky has been a drink enjoyed by men for centuries. When you look back at prominent masculine figures, you imagine a picture of a man with cigar in one hand and a glass of the finest scotch in the other. 

We Need A Hero is an all men’s grooming salon that provides an all-rounded grooming experience. From haircuts to wet shaves and even waxing and brow-treatment, they are a one-stop destination for men to kick back and relax in.

Furthermore, they recently launched the Heroes Den, a secret lair at the back of their shop for men to indulge in retail therapy. They host trendy menswear and accessories, replete with tastefully curated style pieces that could turn ordinary men into suave heroes. 


Learning About Whisky at the Order of Heroes



The Order of Heroes program is a short workshop held quarterly to teach men the skills of becoming the true gentleman. We Need A Hero has collaborated with William Grant & Sons’ to put together a tasting for Glenfiddich, one of the authentic pioneers in the single malt category. 


Held in the Heroes Den, this short and intimate workshop has 3 short segments. We started off with some introductory refreshments at the open bar, just basically getting to know one another and about the Glenfiddich brand. It is a great place to network and meet new people over some of the finest whisky. 


Next was the actual whisky tasting session by Glenfiddich Regional Brand Ambassador, Matthew Ferguson Stewart.  Charismatic and informative, Matthew explained to us the intricate details of the production of whisky and the differences between the tastes of whiskies from different years and casks. As an avid whisky drinker myself, this helped me understand how to appreciate, understand and taste whisky more as a whole.


The final segment of this engaging workshop was a short grooming workshop by We Need A Hero Chief Barber, Quester Ng. Finely dressed in his shirt and bowtie with hair neatly groomed to perfection, Quester explained to us (mostly men) the importance of good shaving habits. It was a hands-on experience, a first for me where we swirled our own shaving cream around with the different brushes made of Badger hair. 



This interesting and informative workshop is great for guys and girls alike. For men, just get there to enjoy the whisky and pick up some shaving tips for your daily gains. More and more women nowadays are drinking and appreciating whisky, so ladies, picking up some of these bad boys and shaving tips for your man could really go a long way. 


Getting to We Need A Hero


Date and Venue: 3rd October 2014, Heroes Den
Registration: Click here for the WNAH website or here for their facebook page!

This post was brought to you by WNAH & Glenfiddich.