Gin & Tonic – The Classic Cocktail


Gin & Tonic is the global cocktail, enjoyed around the world by all at bars, nightclubs, and even at home over simple drinks with friends. This sweet and refreshing classic cocktail is most commonly served and indulged during the warmer months because of its historical connection with warm climates.


Gin & Tonic was first concocted in the early 19th century, when British soldiers in India decided to mix a fifth of gin with lime, water, sugar and quinine. Quinine was a tonic that was used to prevent malaria back in the day and with the strong citrus flavor, greatly improved the taste of the gin. 


Gin & Tonic, Reinvented



Over the years, bartenders have grasped the understanding of flavors for this drink to give it a more personal twist. The Lobby Lounge at Conrad Centennial Singapore reinvents and introduces a series of timeless classic cocktails with a contemporary twist – the “Signature Gin & Tonic Service”. Hosted by top Singaporean bar-tender Peter Chua, they have launched two Gin & Tonic variations, meticulously matched with artisanal tonics and defined with botanicals. 


The first of these two classics is the “Modern G&T”, a mixture of French Gin, topped with artisanal imperial tonic, garnished with lavender and orchids. Served on a stone tray decorated with Orchids and Lemons, the modern G&T was sweet and refreshing, yet elegant in design and presentation. 


The “Traditional G&T” was served with a London dry gin, paired with artisanal Burma tonic, citrus and botanicals. One might wonder how big a difference the tonic makes to G&T, but in our modern day, there are hundred of different tonics that differ in sweetness, zest and strength. The traditional G&T had a stronger taste from the different spices that came with it, like the star anise and cinnamon sticks, that altered its flavor to an extent. 


I personally preferred the modern G&T, as it was sweeter and more refreshing. The spices of the traditional G&T are an acquired taste and it was too strong for my liking. Nevertheless, it would still be a good choice experiencing where and how this traditional classic drink first originated from. 


The Lobby Lounge


This pair of “Signature Gin & Tonics” are available at The Lobby Lounge at the Conrad Centennial Singapore, for just SGD$20 each! 


The Lobby Lounge is a cosy and popular lounge that offers the perfect venue for an evening of classic cocktails or an afternoon high-tea with friends, making it a favorite retreat amongst many business executives and hotel guests.

With an extensive array of light but delicious bar snacks as well as popular buffet sets to go with your classic G&Ts, this is something G&T affectionados will not want to miss out on. 


Getting to The Lobby Lounge


Address: Two Temasek Boulevard, Singapore 038982
Reservations: Call +65 6432 7483 or Email

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