About Bonusbay



In our modern technological age and increasingly fast paced lifestyle, online shopping has become the next big thing that has swept over the consumer market. Everything can be bought online, from clothes to shoes, mobile phones to laptops, to even food and snacks. It is truly amazing how our everything we need can be purchased with the single click of a mouse. So how best should we take advantage of it?

Enter Bonusbay, the frequent flyer miles of the online shopping world. The more you spend, the more bonuses and rebates you get. Such good deals are hard to come by, but Bonusbay is the one-stop solution for you. Here are 5 interesting facts we learned about them after giving their service a try.


1. How do they work?


Bonusbay collaborates with webstores, who pay Bonusbay a commission every time they make a sale. Bonusbay in turn returns part of this commission back to its customers, similar to how frequent flyer miles work. For example, if you buy a bag from Zalora for $20, Bonusbay gives you back up to 8% of your purchase straight back into your cashback account!


2. Hundreds of participating merchants



With more than 500 participating merchants, you have access to almost anything you want to buy through Bonusbay. From home decor to discount coupons to Zalora to the Apple Store and even Sony Entertainment, you can get almost anything at a discount to save that burning a big hole in your pocket and make your shopping experience a more enjoyable one.  


3. Travel with Bonusbay



Bonusbay has many travel partners that will make your traveling experience better. With partners for flights, hotels and even car hires, the amount of money that you can save may almost be enough for you to pay for another trip for free! 


4. Three Steps for all the shopping you need



The interface of Bonusbay is extremely user friendly and the online shopping experience is simple. There are 3 easy steps – Browse, Shop and Get Free Money!

You first access the shops you want to make your purchases through the bonusbay website. Once you’ve selected your desired shopping website, make your purchases and check out. The money will automatically be added into your cashback account. 


5. Transferring funds to your personal PayPal account


Once your cashback account account reaches S$15, you can check out and get your money transferred to your personal PayPal account. From there you will be able to make more online purchases without feeling as much of a pinch.




Bonusbay is the website to go to for online shopaholics and people searching for a good deal. The ease at which you can shop online nowadays has just been made more enjoyable with an amazing system of cashback rewards. If you’re a regular online shopper, there is no reason why you should not jump on this bandwagon.

Start shopping now and claim a $5 welcome bonus from us!


This post was brought to you by Bonusbay.