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Photo walls are a great touch to a home – serving as both Pinterest-worthy decor and a gallery of fond memories. If you’re thinking of sprucing up your room but don’t have a printer or photo paper, here are 9 places in Singapore where you can get your photos printed at decent prices.


1. Printwich


Printwich - instax printsImage credit: @smile_always99

Printwich will make your DIY photo wall job easy peasy, with 8 print categories from Mini Squares to Old School Regulars ($10, set of 10). If you’re the sentimental kind to leave notes and captions on your photos, or just have a penchant for recording special dates, Message Card Prints will settle that for $12 (set of 9)

Printwich - message cardsMessage Card Prints
Image credit: @printwich



2. Print for Fun


Print for Fun - jumbo photo stripsImage credit: Print for Fun

If you’re too lazy to piece a collage together, Print for Fun has got you covered. They’ve got Collage Posters (from $22) which come in a frame, and hanging Jumbo Photo Strips (from $25) which basically look like giant photo booth print-outs.

Print for Fun - collage posterCollage poster (from $22)
Image credit: Print for Fun

Their different mediums for prints don’t stop there – with stickers (from $11), metal prints (from $18) that you can hang up or display on a desk, and magnets (from $18) to decorate your fridge with.



3. Photobook


Photobook - square printsImage credit: @xivoontan

On top of the usual photo printing services (from $0.40), Photobook can help print your memories onto posters from just $10. The more pieces you print, the cheaper it is.

Photobook -  photobookImage credit: @photobookww

They’re signature product is of course, their Photobooks (from $33.90) – great as an anniversary gift for your significant other. For something that’ll make a great gift or keepsake, they also have photo pillows (from $39.90) which you can also personalise with quotes.



4. Canvas factory


Canvas Factory Image credit: @pjr_images

Paintings are works of art meant for the canvas but with Canvas Factory, the next masterpiece could be you. The company prints your favourite photos on canvases for as low as $16 for a single panel print. Besides rectangles (from $30.99) and panoramic ($41.49) sizes, they also have collages (from $51.89) and wall displays (from $140.67) – the perfect accessory for a Pinterest-worthy wall.



5. KT Colour


KT Colour - signature printsImage credit: @tifaaani

For the Instax lover who can’t bear to spend at least $1 per photo – all without the guarantee of it coming out the way you want it to be – here’s an alternative. KT colours prints out Instax-like photos from just $0.30 per print, in film sizes of mini, wide, and jumbo.

KT Colour - chromaluxe printsImage credit: Sawgrassink

They also have chromaluxe (HD Metal) prints from $12.40, where images are infused directly into specially coated sheets of aluminium, wood and fiberboard. This is known to be the longest-lasting photo medium in the world – so you’ll get prints that are both vibrant and durable.



6. Milligram


You know you can’t go wrong with Milligram’s Signature Instagram Prints (from $0.80). In various styles like squares, instax minis, instax wides, polaroids and even photostrips, your photos will be printed on Fuji supreme paper, and you can pick either matte or glossy finishing.

Milligram - instax prints Image credit: @angie.sin

For the lazier bunch of us, Milligram also has collage prints (from $1.50) with many different layouts, so you don’t have to arrange your prints together yourself.

Milligram - instax wideImage credit: @jingxuann__



7. Photoblock


PhotoblockImage credit: @photoblocksg

Instead of the usual paper prints, Photoblock creates unique wood prints. These self-standing blocks starting from $24.90 are made to be centrepieces – you can either display them on a table or shelf, or mount them on a wall. Why carve your names on the bark of a tree when you can eternalise it on a wood piece in your home?


Boft Machines


Boft Machines SingaporeBoft machine at Bugis+
Image credit: Boft Singapore

If you simply can’t wait for your prints to be delivered, these Boft printing machines scattered around Singapore will save the day. They allow you to print photos directly from your phone or Instagram account, and you get to choose the photo sizes and layouts too. Prices start from $0.84 – the more you print, the cheaper it gets.\

Boft printsImage credit: @boftsg

1. Tiong bahru plaza
2. Bugis+ Level 2 (opposite Sephora) and Level 5 (escalator entrance)
3. Tampines Mall
4. Century Square
5. TRC 

You can find their locations here.


Places to print photos in Singapore


When you only need prints seasonally and buying a photo printer probably just takes up space at home, these online photo printing services make life easier. Your print-outs for your feature wall or even office cubicle are just a simple upload and click away!

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